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Can silicone be refreshed?
What destroys the silicone, environment , skin oils, washing, or just time? I was amazed when Peter said he could get a year or more. The few people that I talked to locally never got more than a couple months on FFM cushions before they replaced them. I seem to be having the same experience. I am just coming up on two months of therapy with this mask and last night was horrible, by the time I got the leaks to stop I had it cinched up much tighter than comfortable! The rubbing doesn't seem to be helping it seal any better. I guess I will give the boiling a try this weekend. I stopped by my DME and picked up a new cushion so if I kill this one all will still be well.

My doc recommended that I try an astringent facial wash, but that has made my face start to peel and turn red. Back to the plain ivory soap and then maybe just use the astringent occasionally.

What are your thoughts on using the CPAP wipes? Is there use a real detriment to the life of the silicone seals? They are sure more convenient when traveling compared to trying to tote my dawn and wash pan along. I know I don't want to just use the hotel sink either.
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Just a reminder? I've been using my machine for many years, and have become much less picky. Plus, being cheap and miserly (no insurance), and also nasal masks and nose pillows can last much longer as the seal is not as complicated as a FFM. I do not wear a FFM night after night (yet). I just got my Quattro Air yesterday (last night,first night) - tough to make it seal in my book. Everyone IS different, but a different mask may make life easier for you?
*I* am not a DOCTOR or any type of Health Care Professional.  My thoughts/suggestions/ideas are strictly only my opinions.

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I always dishwashed my ComfortGel mask parts after a week of use, and never used anything else to clean them. I'd also switch masks weekly and let the clean one sit and dry out for a week. I'd get a year or two of usage.

I'm following the same plan with Swift FX masks with no obvious problems, but I haven't been using them for more than about 6 months yet.

Maybe the various hand dishwashing soaps, etc. have hand softeners, moisturizers, whatever, and they soften the silicone over time. The deep clean with hot water seems to work fine for me.
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Some soaps have petrolium products in them. That will eat silicones in short order.
One thing that does not affect silicones is alcohol! Just use it on the silicone parts of the mask.
If it harms any other parts you'll see it etch (fog) the plastic but I think these days most medical plastics
are immune to alcohol (what is the first thing a health care worker will do with a given item? Right. Wipe it with alcohol)
Wet Ones work great just before bed you wipe down the mask seal and then your face.
(or wash your face with Dawn (NON-concentrated) dish soap. )

The mask will stick to your face all night (unless you sweat a lot)

Your mask & silicone cushions should last for months this way.
eventually physical wear and tear will take its toll and you'll see this when tears start to form.
Then you can ditch it for new hardware!

Hope this helps.


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(10-30-2013, 02:07 PM)britincanada Wrote: Try boiling in water with Bakeing soda for ten mins that should get you a few more mths use

What's the ratio of baking soda to water?
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So what is the consensus on using cpap wipes? I quit using the ones I had purchased for fear that their use was shortening the useful life of my cushion. As I have stated before though, they are very convenient and easy to use and carry especially if you are traveling or really pushed for time. They don't have any alcohol in them, which according to shastzi wouldn't be a problem anyway.

Isn't the original dawn dish soap one that is safe to wash cpap equipment with? It is what my DME provider recommended when they instructed me on the care and cleaning of my equipment so I assumed it was okay.
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If they don't have any alcohol, then what's in these wipes?

Never mind; I found an ingredients list: http://www.resmed.com/uk/assets/document...ow_eng.pdf
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Hi carlquib,
I looked at that list linked in the above post and I didn't see anything harmful in those wipes. A few herbs, some vitamin E and a couple preservatives but I didn't see anything in there that would break down the mask cushions. If you haven't had any trouble with them in the past, I don't see why you can't continue using them.
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