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Can sleep studies be wrong?
(03-03-2016, 06:25 PM)shewhorn Wrote: Too bad these *PAP machines don't have a SMPTE timecode input or output... I could sync the results up with video. Smile

Yeah Smile
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Consider this before you give up on the Therepy
Long term damage to your Brain may take long term therapy to repair:

Conical study: UCLA/VA Sleep Research Labs,New neurons in the adult brain: The role of sleep and consequences of sleep loss University of California, North Hills, CA, USA Big Grinennis McGinty

In the case of the hippocampus, integration of new cells in to the existing neuronal circuitry may be involved in memory processes and the regulation of emotionality. In recent years, various studies have examined how the production of new cells and their development into neurons is affected by sleep and sleep loss. While disruption of sleep for a period shorter than one day appears to have little effect on the basal rate of cell proliferation, prolonged restriction or disruption of sleep may have cumulative effects leading to a major decrease in hippocampal cell proliferation, cell survival and neurogenesis. Importantly, while short sleep deprivation may not affect the basal rate of cell proliferation, one study in rats shows that even mild sleep restriction may interfere with the increase in neurogenesis that normally occurs with hippocampus-dependent learning. Since sleep deprivation also disturbs memory formation, these data suggest that promoting survival, maturation and integration of new cells may be an unexplored mechanism by which sleep supports learning and memory processes. Most methods of sleep deprivation that have been employed affect both non-rapid eye movement (NREM) and rapid eye movement (REM) sleep. Available data favor the hypothesis that decreases in cell proliferation are related to a reduction in REM sleep, whereas decreases in the number of cells that subsequently develop into adult neurons may be related to reductions in both NREM and REM sleep. The mechanisms by which sleep loss affects different aspects of adult neurogenesis are unknown. It has been proposed that adverse effects of sleep disruption may be mediated by stress and glucocorticoids. However, a number of studies clearly show that prolonged sleep loss can inhibit hippocampal neurogenesis independent of adrenal stress hormones. In conclusion, while modest sleep restriction may interfere with the enhancement of neurogenesis associated with learning processes, prolonged sleep disruption may even affect the basal rates of cell proliferation and neurogenesis. These effects of sleep loss may endanger hippocampal integrity, thereby leading to cognitive dysfunction and contributing to the development of mood disorders.
2004-Bon Jovi
it'll take more than a doctor to prescribe a remedy

Observations and recommendations communicated here are the perceptions of the writer and should not be misconstrued as medical advice.
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"The reason I ask... I either feel no different from pre-CPAP treatment after two months of use, or I feel worse"

Exactly the same for me, to the extent that I stopped using CPAP 15 days ago, now I am in the Catch 22 situation where I feel better without CPAP, but if I am unable to provide data indicating that I am using the machine with good results my driving licence will continue to be confiscated.

Having just seen the "expert", his answer to me continuously waking in the early hours of the morning was to go to bed later, and he would arrange an appointment with the nurse to see about a different mask, this I did not believe was an issue as he appeared happy with the data I provided which showed acceptable leak rates.

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I'm not so sure it's about leak rate. Maybe he's thinking a different mask will be more comfortable and thus, you'll get better rest?
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(03-03-2016, 09:41 PM)0rangebear Wrote: Consider this before you give up on the Therepy

Thanks Orangebear... I'm aware of what happens as a result of not breathing so I'm committed to trying absolutely everything I can to get it to work otherwise family history indicates a path towards diabetes type II and weight gain. The info you provided though with regards to repair is interesting, and I'm curios to read more (I'm assuming I can find the original paper in PubMed). I'm already taking Magnesium L Threonate which one of my doctors from MGH is currently studying. In the lab it's been shown to increase production of neurons, and it's also believed that it's one of the few forms of magnesium that can get through the blood/brain barrier so... perhaps that will help (then again there's a good chance it will do nothing).

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