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Can someone comment on my SpO2 levels?
Hi All

I bought a pulse Oximeter that comes with Spo2 Assistant software and i would just like some input on the numbers i got during sleep last night?

See attached full study report for first 3 hours of sleep

Does this look like Apnea>


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Your chart has a few dips in the O2 level a couple of times. Weather that's caused by sleep apnea or a loose connection is anybody's guess. If you want to test for apnea on your own I suggest you order a home sleep testing kit online.
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What Walla Walla said, and also there are other causes for low oxygen saturation not caused by sleep apnea.

Your results for one night look great!  Your O₂ saturation needs to go below 88% and remain there for a few minutes before it would be a concern.  Should that happen, then you would want to note the number of times it dropped so low, and the cumulative or total of all the times it was below 88%.  That's when it's okay to turn on the worry machine.

Hope that helps!
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The first 2 hours look pretty good, the third hour has some desaturations.
If you pull up the Oximetry Report, what does it say beside the SpO2...Index? That tells you how many desaturations per hour. If it is above 5, that is suggestive of sleep apnea.
It looks to me that you could benefit from a test.
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Thanks Guys. I have attached the Oximetry report.

It appears to me the Index is 3.7 if i'm looking at the correct number?

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Yes, that is the number I was referring to.
The test went on for over 9 hrs but was collecting real data for 4.5 so you have a high artifact%.
The Adjusted Index would be the correct number in this case. 7.4
This 'suggests' that you have a very mild case of Sleep Disordered Breathing. You would need a test to confirm.
Why are you investigating? Are you tired or sleepy?
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Thanks Mogy,

No i don't feel tired throughout the day, most of the time i feel like i have had a good rest too. I do snore loud enough though.

I suppose the main thing that led me down this road is when I first started having some sleep disturbances a few months back.

I could be relaxing late at night casually watching some TV on the recliner and I would close my eyes to go to sleep then after a bit i would wake startled sometimes jumping off the couch.

When it happens in bed i could have just fell asleep and i would feel like my leg or arm move and again i would wake up startled shouting out, on occasion i have a dream where i am in a pool and cant get to the top while struggling for air, then again i would wake startled.

These episodes have subsided for the most part, I mentioned it to my GP and he noted more nightmares and Hypnic jerks, he did mention Apnea as a possibility which is why I have been searching it a bit.

Heres another couple of oximetry's i did a couple of months ago.

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