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Can someone help look at my settings and data
I have been using a CPAP since Feb 2016. I still have tiredness in the morning, and sometimes, still take a 30 min nap during the day. I have been diagnosed with low testosterone, which i am getting shots now (since Sept). My Doctor is at the VA and had been told recently from an outside Doctory (Endocrine Doctor) to go get a second opinion from a non VA Sleep Doctor. I am planning on doing this, however, right now I would like to see if I am doing something wrong before getting another Dr.'s appointment.

What I would like to see if someone here can look at my recent data (below) and see if there is anything "out of the ordinary"? I just don't understand the readings at all and hopefully someone has a better knowledge of what I am looking at then myself.

It says I cannot post pictures in this post - so below are the URL's of the JPG images.

-www.dmblogics.com/stats nov - dec.JPG

Thank you in advanced

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first an image assist:

[Image: settings.JPG]

[Image: summary.JPG]

[Image: stats%20nov%20-%20dec.JPG]

[Image: 12_15.JPG]

[Image: 12_16.JPG]

[Image: 12_17.JPG]

[Image: 12_18.JPG]
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Thanks for the reply. I tried that, but the post was saying that there was an error and I cannot post images. I think it was saying I had to have 4 posts and mine was 0 before posting images. Not sure.
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As far as your apnea and CPAP therapy go, it's great. Your AHI is generally less than 1.0 and you seem to be well treated at relatively low pressures. You could stand to sleep a little longer perhaps, but your recent trend is better in that regard.

I also use testosterone cypionate, and self-administer injections weekly. If you are getting injections spaced out at 2-weeks or longer, I would recommend a more frequent administration of smaller doses. I take 0.4 cc weekly and do not do I.M. injections, but instead use a 24 gauge 5/8" needle sub-cutaneous (butt shot). Much less intimidating or painful, and tends to even things out.
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Thank you for the reply Sleeprider. My testosterone therapy is also testosterone Cypionate Injections. My doctor ordered 200mg/ml once every two weeks. I suppose I could go with .5 cc once a week instead. This will still give me the 1 CC that he ordered..... Good thought! Smile
My blood test showed 883 a week after my shot. So I am sure after I inject it must be over 1000. But not sure what the level is just before my next shot. I use 22 gauge intramuscular.

Still tired in the morning - the VA has me tried different types of masks (full mask, nasal mask, nasal pillows and now Philips Respironics Dream Wear). Nothing is really helping too much, however, the nasal pillows stay on all night, as the others I have been taking off in the middle of the night and putting the pillows back on (uncomfortable / irritation of the skin and starts to hurt).

I thought my Leak and Pressure seemed high, but not too sure how to read this data accurately. As of your reply - it doesn't sound like I need more pressure added. I asked the VA doc if maybe I had central sleep apnea and she said my central is low so that's not an option.

I assume by your reply that all my numbers are good and I shouldn't worry about the settings or changing anything?
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You could increase minimum pressure by 1.0 cm, but the results are very good right where you are at. Your starting pressure is 5.0 and your median pressure is 6-7, so the machine catches up pretty quickly. I would do what is comfortable. Sometimes it takes up to 6 months to fully recover the energy from sleep disturbance over a big part of your lifetime.

Similarly, the TRT was no miracle for me, but I'm not quitting soon. I have done that about 2-1/2 years. BTW the needle gauge is 25 (made me look), and only 5/8 in length. I used to get some muscle bruises, and it makes no difference in blood levels. My stays in the 600s. I started at the same dose as you, and ended up with a borderline high hemocrit and RBC. So this is more normal for my age and works for me.

I think chronic fatigue is hard to define, and the solutions are elusive. Staying active and keeping vitamin D up in winter helps. My energy levels are far from what they used to be, and that may be a normal part of getting older too.

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I put my pressure at min 6 instead of 5 for now. I will see if this makes any difference, however, since I run average of 6-7, it most likely will not. Also, I am going to really think about .5 testosterone weekly instead of 1 ml once every 2 weeks. I will send a message to my doctor to see if there are any reasons why I shouldn't do this.

Thanks for the replies.

I appreciate the help and quick replies.
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I think you have the apnea under control either way. You should download SleepyHead because it is much easier to interpret and zoom in on the events. As far as T therapy, I know why I use it, and it's something I was not ready to give up. With biweekly doses, I could tell I was due, and kind of rushed on injection day. Now it's not so noticeable.
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