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Can someone tell me if they saw "this" before or know what is this?
RE: Can someone tell me if they saw "this" before or know what is this?
(04-10-2020, 03:06 PM)sleepyzzz Wrote: thanks for this, i might try it. although i'm not even sure if my problem is apnea or something else. i know that the machine makes it worse and that the nights i was wearing the mask, my AHI was less then 1, but the jerks kept happenign and i kept waking up. 

did you try sleepiong without cpap ? do you sleep worse without?
Actually the first time I went to a sleep lab was because I had only a few attacks per day, making my AHI <1 and having had my 'problem' categorized as psychological. Only after I had O2sats% measures it came out I was below 50% suffocating each time for 3 minutes.
Also each and every sleep study I had produced different AHI values from <1 in others to 100+

I can't sleep without my xPAP, I'll continually start to fall asleep and start having a full apnea and waking up, when I had no xPAP I'd do this all night without any sleep.
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RE: Can someone tell me if they saw "this" before or know what is this?
(04-10-2020, 03:04 PM)sleepyzzz Wrote: hi, thanks for the reply, i posted many charts in my previous posts if you would like to look into them
it is not catathrenia, as i don't wake up from groaning, if you want to "see" what is happening check the youtube video of my sleep endoscopy showing the spasms.

what i know is that, it happens only when i am drifting to sleep, or when i am dreaming. also from the video and the graph, there is no "apnea" before it, i don't know if it "senses" an apnea and hence jerks and wake me up or if it is neurological. 
how would i know if it is respiratory or neurological ? 

also the machine aggravates it, why? is it the pressure on the arytenoids? i don't really understand.

_ it looks a difficult problem, indeed. I have taken a quick look on your other-thread last year charts: there,  first of all, I think I saw lots of unresolved FL's. Yet they may not justify your central problem/question, FL would have to be clear up before anything else in my opinion; see what remains after going through a systematic titration and work out those FL's. Not sure how those FL's are going currently.
_ differentiate neurological/other issue arousals/awakenings from respiratory?: at least in my case (UARS + PLMS/RLS), after 1 year of daily observations, most of the time I think I have been able to discriminate and count them, separately, rather easily, by careful observation (sometime with audio-recording) of MV, FR, and TV mainly. Or at least, it would be rather easy to discriminate what is respiratory effort-driven arousal/awakeming.
_ unfortunately, without details on your current chart, I would not be able to go any further and eventually provide some help.
All the best
I am not a doctor. Nothing that I say here is medical advice
All my posts include only outcomes/learnings from my own/other therapies and medical literature

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RE: Can someone tell me if they saw "this" before or know what is this?
I don't have first hand knowledge of these, but I can get laryngospasms while awake. I don't know if this is related to your condition but I am passing it along in case it is or sparks new thoughts.

I am one of those people who say "I can choke on spit". There is a chunk of people with this - their throat spasms when liquid hits is just right, it can be a swallow of liquid but can also be just a bit of spit. It is about somehow the liquid hitting a specific area of the throat.... which causes a spasm. It can take some time to calm the spasm down (it is not unusual that a concerned friend will freak when it happens as I can start to turn blue, while I am holding up a finger saying give me a minute).

The trick for me to get rid of them is to focus on those muscles and relax them while I work on dragging in slow breaths to get some O2 inside me. The spasms can be shorter (e.g. 15-30 seconds) or longer (maybe 5 minutes for the worst one).

I find that if my throat is swollen (allergies, sick), the spasms can be much worse (more difficult to get under control).

There are medical names that go with this though I have never been to an ENT and gotten a specific diagnosis (I don't know if they could find it by doing a scope or would see something in the structure or would be guessing based on symptoms). If I remember right at least one condition was tied to vocal cords being swollen.

I am wondering if you are having some sensitivity - your throat structures change because you relax/tense the muscles when sleeping, especially REM, and air/spit hits something just right to set off the spasm. That might also explain why cpap can make things worse not better (high pressure air hitting something just right).

Just a thought...
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