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Can't sleep??!!!
I am about 15 yrs w cpap now. Using Resmed s9 for 4 + yrs now. I need help. Last 3 months and particularly last 30 days have been horrible. I can't sleep, feel like I'm gasping, been messing w set ups and now am at a loss. Currently set on auto set, max pressure 18.4, min pressure 13 ramp off, start pressure of 7.4. EPR on full time, RPR level 1

Initial fall asleep just isn't happening. I am up all night and seem to fall asleep about 3am for 3-4 hours. Trying to schedule a new sleep clinic now, have appts w Pulmonologist and cardiologist to try to get to bottom of things but for now I just want to fall asleep. Any ideas? Thx

Not sure what's up, I've been happy for 15 of these 16 yrs w cpap
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Hi, carravan. What sort of AHI numbers have you been getting lately with your CPAP?
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How can I pull the AHI #'s? Thx
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Found the AHI- 3.8 w avg usage 8.1 hrs. Seems way off to me w little sleep
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any reason to suspect COPD? Seems similar to what went on with me.
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Follow through with the Pulmonologist and cardiologist to see if there's anything going on there.
Gasping with a min pressure of 13... Hmmm.
Try sleeping in a more upright position; like a recliner while using CPAP.

I'm not a physician -- there's a small chance of fluid buildup in the lungs when you lie down.
This could be from a cardiac problem; such as a valve or rhythm issue.

Has a physician listened to your lungs recently? Should be done by your GP at every visit.
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Thx folks. Cardio gram on Friday said right heart was a bit enlarged. Cardiologist and Pulmonologist to huddle this week. He wanted to get under good on the sleep apnea
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Hi carravan,
WELCOME! to the forum.!
Good luck to you with getting your problems straightened out,and with getting better sleep.
Hang in there for more responses to your post.
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If you're following all the usual sleep hygiene steps (quiet room, no coffee or alcohol, etc) and the mask or machine isn't the problem, then you may have primary insomnia. It may be due to anxiety or depression. It may be helpful to see a mental health professional.
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(07-10-2016, 05:07 PM)carravan Wrote: Thx folks. Cardio gram on Friday said right heart was a bit enlarged. Cardiologist and Pulmonologist to huddle this week. He wanted to get under good on the sleep apnea

The right side of the heart pumps to the lungs. The right side usually has less workload; and pumps at a peak of around 25mm-Hg. Right side cardiomegaly is suggestive of some pulmonary factor. So, you have the right specialists on the case. They should be able to sort it out.
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