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Cannabis treating central apneas?
RE: Cannabis treating central apneas?
Most evenings, I have some combo of between 2 beer + 0 thc and 4 beer + thc (vape pen).
I should start logging what level of "fun" I had into the oscar notes to see if there is any trend.

For the mask, have you ever tried an F30 ?  Its a hybrid mouth/nasal, sort of like a regular FFM but with the over-nose part missing. I like it because I cant stand pressure on my nose bridge, and it tends to "lift" my nose up to promote nasal breathing.
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RE: Cannabis treating central apneas?
(09-26-2021, 06:55 PM)SarcasticDave94 Wrote: Would this give new meaning to high Apnea?

omg No... 
you didn't.....
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RE: Cannabis treating central apneas?
There are so many replies that I guess I'll answer everything at once so it reduces clutter.

Your observation is interesting Sheepless, though I don't feel it has a part in my situation. My normal bp is around 115/60 and doesn't seem to drop when using weed. 

I already covered the leaks. It's due to the post-surgery swelling which I assume will not be an issue for long. I already have the F30 ffm, but I'm not going to use it since it feels so awful compared to N30i. When using the F30 my leaks were non-existent, but it had absolutely no effect at all on my well being or fatigue. I'm so close to dropping the CPAP treatment completely after not getting any benefits from using it, so until I decide what to do, the nosemask with the leaks seems like a good compromise, as it bothers me a lot less. 

I'm also aware that I'm not getting real apneas while awake, but that is what the machine thinks. So how do I go about figuring out which of my centrals are real and which are not? I find reading Oscar harder than Hebrew. And even if I they are caused by sleep disturbances, I have no idea what to do with the information. Since I had all the same issues with the treatment with the ffm and no leaks as I do now. I already have near perfect sleep hygiene, I live a healthy life - eat healthy, do sports, don't drink alcohol and smoke weed only a few times a a year. What else can I do to reduce sleep disturbances?

I also feel like I get conflicting advice, unless I'm misunderstanding something. On the other thread I was convinced the central apneas are real and I need ASV or Vauto and nothing else can be done about them. Here the consensus seems to be completely different, with the centrals being caused by sleep disturbances and. I'm of course very greatful for any input on what is possibly going wrong with treatment, but I'm at a loss on what to do next.

Overall sure it would be ideal if my leak rate's were contained but it doesn't really matter for me unless it helps with this hellish fatigue that is ruining my life. And in my prior experience it has had no effect. So is there anything based on my data I can do different, that might result in me sleeping better? Or is there any more data I can gather off of which could be made observations on what my issue is? Or should I just drop the treatment and hope I have better luck with the MAD dental appliance once it get's madel, considering my untreated AHI was only 7?

I'm also sorry if I come off cold or hostile, that is not my intent. I'm just bad at conveying my feelings through English since it's not my first language.
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RE: Cannabis treating central apneas?
It might be that in your other thread, OSCAR shows us a large amount of Central Apnea events. I think the CA presented there hadn't diminished with time, or maybe you presented other info that would lead us to say ASV would be a good therapy direction. We did not have that info connecting these entirely separate threads.

With this thread, info and suggestions were very likely taken by info only contained in this thread. The resultant conflicting advice would be due in part to no link between these 2 threads and that the CA presented in each were acting more or less completely opposite. CA are always consistently inconsistent as it is. Even so the whole picture needs presented or conflicts like this will occur again.

With that aside, I don't think your smoking had much if anything to do with the CA decrease. Without a trend of weeks to prove otherwise, I'll call this supposed cause and effect a coincidence only.

Standard OSCAR Chart Order
Mask Primer
Dealing With A DME
Soft Cervical Collar Wiki
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RE: Cannabis treating central apneas?
My anecdotal experience showed no difference in centrals with and without cbd+thc.

I use oils nightly (45mg cbd, 7.5mg thc) to aid in falling asleep and staying asleep and my centrals didn't diminish at all.
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RE: Cannabis treating central apneas?
I don't know re smoking, however I have noticed that on occasions when I take a CBD gummy my AHI numbers drop and are better than on nights that I don't try the CBD. Note I have only used the CBD gummies about 5-6 times so a fairly small sample size.

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