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Caution flags about Dreem company and my Dreem 2 use
Caution flags about Dreem company and my Dreem 2 use
This is not a call for therapy help, but is just a device, software and data dense matter that is off the main trail (Main Forum) of sleep apnea therapy. It begins with a couple of things prospective Dreem buyers may want to review. An example of Dreem 2 use among several OSCAR graphs is shown.

First, a cautionary tale:

WatchPAT price far out of reach, I had been visiting the Dreem site, read its backup research, etc. I didn't bite to buy until on Thursday, October 1, 2351 hrs. Bingo, the price offered for the Dreem 2 (D2) was $299, down from usual $499. Not finding an input box for credit card and address, etc., I accepted the offer immediately in the accompanying CHAT box. Auto CHAT responded I'd get response in 30 minutes, but not so. 

The next day, I received (from an eponymous principal or executive of Dreem) a breezy message saying the offer ended after September. I emailed back to that individual and Dreem's CEO asking for reconsideration, . No reply. (See redacted copy of purchase offer and acceptance below, if interested. My request for reconsideration is only referred to in the header of the copy of the offer and denial I sent back).

What Dreem did, of course, is legal so far as I know and within their rights. But it is the first time a firm I consider and expect to be consumer and service oriented has reneged on a written offer to me, my being mistaken or not. Costco particularly, for example, and many other firms over a lifetime just have not done that. A sheltered life, huh? 

A fellow who has tried all the sleep and other actigraphy devices had a slightly used one for sale and I bought and have used it the past three nights. Last night's example is below.

My beginning to use the Dreem: night or sleep session 3
I knew going in that Dreem would not detect arousals shorter than 2 minutes (Dreem calls those "micro arousals"), but I had hope there would be discernible and useful signals, all taken together, from our OSCAR graphs (including, possibly, oximetry and accelerations), to show why there were sleep stage changes, in one to three steps, from DEEP, REM or LIGHT to WAKE. I do not presently see such indicators but will be looking to see what I can learn.

          Another yellow flag for potential user/buyers:
It may be that my rate adjusting pacemaker (set to a minimum  of 60 bpm) prevents detection of DEEP SLEEP, heart rate variation being needed, possibly, by the algorithm for pattern recognition. I have to hope I do get some DEEP sleep, but my dubious 128 actual-minutes-slept test (12/2015) showed none as DREEM has done so far. But I have lots of long REM periods and LIGHT sleep according to the D2.

          Comments about the example below:
     1. Red and green vertical bars mark times of what I understand to be arousals and a couple of sneezes, respectively, as expanded views of the flow rate (FR) curve show.
     2. I think it is accidental but at about 0700 there could be one indication for the night that an arousal triggered a stage change out of REM.
     3. I don't show stage 4 (DEEP SLEEP) because there was none.
     4. There may be a sleep cycle based regularity in 3 out of the 5 long sleep segments : a higher density of the blue trace during the first half of a the segment than during the last.


What motivates a post like this?
I delayed posting to another thread of mine on UARS related topics as I awaited getting such a device to gain more insight into identifying arousals. To what extent does a given pattern cause awakening? The goal of the thread is to gather member help and present information to develop a practical method and answers that would be useful to those with fragmented sleep, UARS, RERA and such. 

It may be a fool's errand, but it seems to me and others that there is a lot of unused, little mentioned but good information to be seen now in OSCAR-expanded views of our FR curves now. A lot of researchers and the most recent of ResMed's patents (2018) on flow limit (FL) detection matters confirm that. Those sleep analysts whose sleep is still troubled after AHI<1 could use a simple shape and frequency scoring system to objectively assess more quickly whether one or more life changes, of one kind or another or two, has helped their sleep--whether they think so or not, at a moment,  after a few day, week, or months of trial. The standard admonition "adopt good Sleep Hygiene" is apt and great, but for those who have lots of time, few changes to make. It would be good to zero in on a trouble factor and decide whether the urge to get better sleep outweighs foregoing something.

Redacted copy of the Dreem offer, my acceptance and Dreem's withdrawal of the offer (denial):


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RE: Caution flags about Dreem company and my Dreem 2 use
FWIW, I don't see Dreem having done anything wrong here.

It's an online vendor, where offer "acceptance" consists of clicking "buy" on the product page and paying.

I will also mention on measurement quality, one key variable is to ensure you get a good fit, and in turn "signal quality."

You can confirm this with the app realtime, and you can also email Dreem support to ask them to check it for you.
Caveats: I'm just a patient, with no medical training.
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