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Cheap Resmed S8 ResScan card reader or USB adapter?
Cheap Resmed S8 ResScan card reader or USB adapter?

After 9 years of not using my CPAP machine I am now back using the Resmed S8 AutoSet Spirit II I bought back then. Unlike back then I am now feeling the benefit and am not likely to give up.

Whilst I know I will need to replace the S8 in the near future (so no need to suggest this - I know they are much better connected) I am trying to delay the cost whilst it is still working as it has done less than a years work.

Trouble is I also want to know my data without having to go back to inconveniently located CPAP shops, who despite their public intentions really only exist to sell you stuff at inflated prices under the argument of providing complete service (which based on my experience today is not always the case). As Resmed S8 oyingly uses a bespoke memory card (instead of the then standard SD card they finally used for S9), I need either the ResScan Smartcard Reader or the USB adapter.

As I am not sure whether I can even get software downloaded and configured to interact with the S8 data (e.g the admirable sleepyhead seems not compatible back beyond s9)., I am trying to minimise set up cost in case it doesn't work. Does anyone know where I can get my hands on the SmartScan Card Reader or USB adapter cheaply.  Some US suppliers have the reader listed at $56 USD ($80 AUD)+ postage but given its age I would want to make sure they still have stock. One Australian supplier here has a photo of the reader but has labelled it as the SD Card Reader, which given it is $34 AUD I think it probably is just the wrong photo.

Speaking of which - where does ResMed get off selling branded commodity items like $5 SD card readers for $40 making the uninformed think they are somehow special medical items! 

Apologies if I should not have started a new thread for this ... but given we are talking old kit, as every day passes it is getting more obsolete and less available.

Any information grateully received.
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RE: Cheap Resmed S8 ResScan card reader or USB adapter?
Ok, I won’t tell you that your need to replace your S8.....  Smile

You may want to try EBay or Craig’s List.  Also check Supplier #2 as they still sell S8 machines.  
If you call them, they may have or know where to obtain a Smart Card Reader.  

Actually, I don’t really know, but bumping your thread for others to see.

Good Luck!
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RE: Cheap Resmed S8 ResScan card reader or USB adapter?
craiwebb, I wasn't able to find one but I quit looking when I learned that there's almost nothing recorded – I suppose AHI and hours; not sure what else.  If I were to try now to do what you're contemplating, I think I'd begin by searching for another S8.  Heck, if you had to pay $40 for one, you'd have spare parts for your machine.  (Always nice to have a backup PAP or several.)
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RE: Cheap Resmed S8 ResScan card reader or USB adapter?
Thanks OpalRose and ShaunBlake - you don't know if you don't try! Thanks for taking the time.

ShaunBlake - I am not quite sure I follow your argument that another s8 will help me download data off my S8 - I have the card just not the reader - unless of course it came with the optional USB connector or card reader (neither were standard). Have I missed something?
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RE: Cheap Resmed S8 ResScan card reader or USB adapter?
craiwebb, I apologize for confusing you.  My first readings of your post left me with the idea you were considering cobbling together something to download the data, and it seemed that another S8 could be inspired to surrender it's card interface for such a worthy undertaking.  Now that I've re-read your post yet again, I have no idea what gave me that silly notion. Dont-know
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RE: Cheap Resmed S8 ResScan card reader or USB adapter?
You can use a ResLink unit in combination with the S8, it will record essentially the same data as the A10 (theoretically in lower resolution but actually there is no meaningful difference).

I was using that combination for 9 years, and checking the results in ResScan every single day! It is very worthwhile. The ResLink plugs into the back of the S8 using the little card reader slot as a connector. The ResLink has a built-in SmartCard reader (is that the right name? The thin card about 3cm x 4cm). I used to use a SmartCard to XD card adaptor plugged into the ResLink, but unfortunately both Smartcard and XD are long since obolete and replacement cards are hard to find (ResMed loves using obsolete formats!)

You can forget the little card that came with the machine - apart from settings it records no useful data, only a few summary statistics (which I consider misleading and pretty useless). But the ResLink gives the full high-res data (maximum 7 days at a time, then it will overwrite the old data).

Note that you have to buy the ResLink in the same country that the S8 came from, as they have a specific policy of making the ResLink incompatible with CPAP machines from other countries (this policy is illegal - they are legally required to ensure that patients can receive medical treatment anywhere in the world; since a treating apnea specialist from a foreign country - for example, where the patient is travelling or has moved to - might ask the patient to use a ResLink for a few nights to record data, this policy-designated incompatibility blocks such treatment and is therefore illegal).
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RE: Cheap Resmed S8 ResScan card reader or USB adapter?
Is "SmartScan" what ResLink call their little card? Anyway it is not to be confused with the SmartCard format in my post above (which a long long time ago used to be used in early Olympus digital cameras).
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