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Chest/Lung Restriction - Impact on CPAP use?
RE: Chest/Lung Restriction - Impact on CPAP use?
What is comfortable for me is that it keeps my chin up, which means it needs to be tight enough that my chin doesn't just slip down behind it. AND I don't want the back foam part to overlap -- just the velcro flap goes over the velcro target. In my case out of the box the two sides were overlapping by 5 inches, so I knew that's how much I wanted to take out.
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RE: Chest/Lung Restriction - Impact on CPAP use?
I was slow to adopt but fast to adapt the cervical collar once I tried one as recommended here. Can't recommend it enough. You may have to try a couple, but do get the first one. All brands will vary as necks and jaw and chin lines do.

I had been using one, my narrower one, and saw I would still get some obstructive apneas  and too many flow limitations when supine. I found a way to prevent supine sleep and continued wearing the 3.5" until I got my 4" collar. Only lately, after a year with the 4" and the supine block, I decided to quit the supine block for an experiment. Guess what? Numbers and my fewer flow limitations changed little, if any, and I have become free to turn and sleep comfortably in most positions --back issues and a chiropractor broke me of prone sleep years ago.  

Didn't care for the 4" for a while--seemed too high (it just felt different somehow)--then I tried it again and switched to it. The cushion is 21 inches and I must overlap it about an inch--the overlap is no bother as a side and supine sleeper (on a small, thin sponge or buckwheat pillow). Inverted and lying on a flat surface the down curve for the jaw rises about 3/4 inch.

There's quite a variety of collars. I just searched and saw many. This link  shows one most like mine, in being somewhat serpentine. If I needed another, I'd get their 4X20. I don't know what density mine is, but it is firm enough but not rigid. If I stand heels, butt, shoulders and ball of head against the wall, I, like the woman in the pic, see that the bottom of my nose and the main "bore" of my ear are very close to level, and my eyes would look level into our skipper's eyes (same height).  No effort or comfort issues there, just a bit of effort to stand at attention that way again.

Tightness? No. I can easily slip all four fingers in, up to my large kunckles at the palm, between chin and jut of the jaw. In the pic you can see a gap, upward from the collar bone, along the bottom of the collar. That is much as I have, yet all work together to support the head and jaw, keeping airway straight comfortably. 

Letting the jaw go slack (as when awake, of course) I can totally relax and my jaw is held up, but still with some resilience if I open my mouth fairly wide. Forcing my mouth opening widest, my head tilts back slightly. 

To wrap this up, I suggest you find some small container, I just now chose a pressurize shaving cream cylinder 2 x 5 in, and used it as a gauge to measure what my key fitting distance was for my effective fit  without pain. Plastic cover of can to bottom of chin, bottom of can resting firmly on the two bone-knobs where collar bones end with a drop between them straight below my chin. The 5 incher was right on. So for my body a collar 80% as high my 5 inch gauged distance is perfect.
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