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"Chipmunk Cheeks" and Dry Mouth
"Chipmunk Cheeks" and Dry Mouth
After successfully controlling mask (mouth) leaks with my Wisp mask and a cervical collar for 3 years I have developed a problem,  I cannot control the explosive bursts of air from my mouth!  This is very evident when I' trying to go to sleep.  I can only sleep on my right side (really bad leaks since the beginning on my back) because of back and neck problems.  I use an almost flat travel pillow to avoid neck pain.  These leaks (mouth farts) slow down a little when my nose is practically tucked into the pillow, but reoccur during the night if I move my head.  They cannot be contained with clenched teeth and the tongue suction trick.  Because of them my dry mouth is even worse--I was managing that.  Would changing the Flex setting, currently trying A-Flex 2, up from 1, help control this forceful exhale?  I've changed all equipment to new stuff, clean the Wisp daily, tried a little tighter and a little looser to no avail.  I thought I would ask here before trying my DME--a new one I've never met in person.
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RE: "Chipmunk Cheeks" and Dry Mouth
maybe your collar is wearing & becoming less effective?
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RE: "Chipmunk Cheeks" and Dry Mouth
There is the aphorism, "All things are fluid in time."   Or, if it helps to situate my point, "Tempus edax rerum."  Literally, "Time devours everything."

Nothing is as it was.  As we age, things change, muscles get smaller, lose tone, we shrink, and things that used to work and to fit...……………….don't.

If your mask is not the problem, then it's something about you, assuming your machine is in good order also.  

I have to tape.  My younger brother successfully taught himself the tongue suck method, but it hasn't worked for me to date.  So, I use 3M's white  NexCare water-resistant tape that is 2.5 cm wide.  It does a very good job.  Fold over a small tab so that you can quickly and easily grasp it to remove it because it won't stick to your skin where it is folded.

I have no other suggestions because this is what I know and what works for me.
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RE: "Chipmunk Cheeks" and Dry Mouth
as mesenteria says, things change. SideSleeper, I have the lip leak mouth fart occasional chipmunk cheek problem quite a lot without the collar, less so with. not long ago my leaks got worse (with collar) for a few weeks and I never did figure out why or what to do about it. a newer collar didn't make much difference; thought I might have to search for a ffm that works with a full beard. lately they've been settling down though. maybe yours will too. so many variables...

wild guess: if the leaks settle down when you tuck your nose into the pillow, it's a safe assumption that adds pressure to upper and lower jaw to help keep mouth and lips closed. your cheeks and/or mouth in contact with the pillow might do that. that suggests a collar adjustment.

you can also try lowering pressure a bit to try to find that sweet spot between too many events and too many leaks.

unless something significant has changed, like weight, meds, etc., the problem may pass as it has for me.
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RE: "Chipmunk Cheeks" and Dry Mouth
Thanks to those that answered. sheepless, your answer most closely refers to my problem. I have lost weight but over a period of time. I have tried tightening the collar and using a wider one I have--that made it worse. I have used the same pressure for several years--may drop it back a little and see what happens.
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RE: "Chipmunk Cheeks" and Dry Mouth
Taping, even with a FFM to avoid dry mouth.
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