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Chronic cough and sinus congestion
(04-16-2012, 11:04 AM)JumpStart Wrote: Lyndallmaree, for many years I have gotten a runny nose and post nasal drip when I went to bed. Discovered it was the pets (or at least that was what I was told by the allergist) which abound in my home, and was told to keep them from the bedroom. Fat chance - they don't know my pets! Anyway, while the same condition continues, since I went on apap with the hypoallergenic filters it no longer continues throughout the night. Within a very short time on filtered air, it is amazingly ameliorated. Don't know about your other issues, but more frequent filter changes might be of some help. Good luck.

Oh, yes. I also use a humidifier on a fairly high setting.

I've found much the same thing - I used to get fairly congested at night, before starting CPAP. So I was sort of worried about a nasal mask... but it's coming up on 2 years now and it's never been an issue for me... in fact, even on a couple nights where I was a bit congested before bed, I put the mask on anyhow, as an experiment, and the congestion cleared right up.

Go figure. :-)

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(04-16-2012, 06:33 PM)lyndallmaree Wrote: Read all the "Un-stuffing Your Stuffy Nose" posts - they were awesome - thanks.
Glad you've find it helpful and may also like "nasal breathing videos" posted in Commercial Posts forum
Sorry we can't post the link here

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Have you been checked for asthma?

Nasonex never worked long for me, but Patanase does.
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(04-16-2012, 06:33 PM)lyndallmaree Wrote: You guys and gals are sooooo awesome for your quck replies,
I have 2 machines:
-renting a resmed S8 auto spirit (under warranty - needs a service) and I'm led to believe it has all the bells and whistles
-and a Fisher paykel SleepStyle 200 qiven to me for free by the Queensland Department of Health which has NO bells and whistles
Did not know I could monitor my own data until this forummentioned it - will investigate getting necessary software and stuff

I've used NeilMed Sinus Rinse during head colds and major congestion - it works a treat. My sinuses don't like it on a daily basis, so I now only use when I am sick.
Read all the "Un-stuffing Your Stuffy Nose" posts - they were awesome - thanks.
Am waiting to see another ENT (appt in June), last one was a #$%#&.
Am on waiting list to see an Allergist - no appt date as yet.
Not on blood pressure meds but notice my blood pressure starting to creep up slowly (both parents have hypertension)
Comparing initial CT scan in 2010 with one in 2011 after being on CPAP for 12 months-sinuses were soooo much worse, much more swollen and congested!!
Over the counter Antihistamines don't help at all (not sure about prescription ones??), decongestants work for only 2-3 days then no effect, best combination i've had is nasonex and rhincrom 4% sprayed one after the other (a steroid and a mast cell inhibitor)
No pets at home but could work on the dust situation :-)
Have filters onmy machines. What effect does turning the humidifier up have???? its set about 2/3 high?
Yes use my machine 100% sleep time - actually thats not true- its more like 90%
Yes 7 lots of antibiotics for green snot- was not a happy camper. but am clear at ther moment :-)

Thanks for your feedback so far. Am off to investigate software stuff.

I too have a chronic cough and it wears me out. Recently went on an inhaler 2xs a day. It has helped a lot and I cough much less. I knew I had asthma but never felt I needed an inhaler. Maybe an inhaler would help you too. I also get a tickle in my throat and probably from post nasal drip and allergies too. If I think about coughing, I cough. Yes, people look at me like I am contageous too or comment I should see a doc about that cough. I do not have the other issues you have except when I get an upper respiratory infection and then it takes weeks and weeks to get rid of. I had this way before a c-pap. Hope you find a solution.
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