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Chronicles of sharing a roof
I'm still very much a white belt in the martial arts of living together with a significant other (almost 10 mos. married now!) but every day is an experience. Thought I'd highlight the latest one to brighten your day, and to help me cope with being put in the doghouse.

Wednesday is trash day where we live. It's my job to make sure the trash gets taken out. Normal people would take their trash out to the curb on Tuesday night, but in our house, it goes out on the curb Wednesday morning. It's partly because I don't have enough cans for all our bags and the animals get into them, but you see where this is going...

So Wednesday morning comes around and I hear the trash trucks making their rounds. Off comes the CPAP mask, on goes a pair of shorts, and I make for the door post-haste, grabbing the trash from the kitchen to add to the collection pile. The trash goes out and all is good. "Smooth," I think to myself. Fashionably late, yet punctual. Pat on the back.

The night before, my wife had left an "extra" bag of trash, or so I thought, next to the kitchen trash bin. It's been known to happen when she's cleaning around the house and throwing things away. So naturally when I see a black trash bag sitting near the trash bin that is tied and ready to be taken... I take it.

Well apparently, somehow, somewhere along the line, there was a verbal communication that that particular bag had a greater purpose. It was destined for the cleaners.

So I'm down a recently purchased (and tailored) suit, and she's down five of her "favorite" dresses and a jacket.

Yep... just me and the CPAP tonight.

Good news is we saved on the cleaning bill!
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Lol, Good news is we saved on the cleaning bill! I've been married 26 years and all I can say is that's married life versus being single. At least I'm glad I'm not the only on in the world that has these sort of issues. Good luck with next weeks trash.
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Well done Pap!!!

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Yup. Entirely your fault for not realizing that a full trash bag next to the rest of the trash was not itself trash. Don't extend your stay in the dog house by attempting to point this out, however. It doesn't work.

When you get married, there are several important phrases that you need to learn and use often:
Yes, dear.
I'm sorry, dear.
It's my fault, dear.
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(08-09-2013, 01:41 PM)RonWessels Wrote: Don't extend your stay in the dog house by attempting to point this out, however. It doesn't work.

I learned that in a previous experience where I knocked over a glass vase she left on the floor. My argument was that it didn't belong there, but the final verdict was that I need to "open my eyes" when I walk.

I wanted to present my counter-argument that God gave me eyes 5 1/2 ft. above floor level and intended to look forward, not down. My better senses kicked in and I kept the comment to myself.

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I find this thread utterly amusing. My husband has quirks in regards to trash removal. Of course, if a black trash bag full of clothing was sitting next to the "real" trash, it would be trashed. Natch. He cannot see things that are trash which are not in the correct trash spot either. Myopia is what I call it. At least he does take it out, sort of. Usually I make a mad dash around looking for objects that need to be trashed because he can't visualize too well. We've been married since 1979 and I can't remember right now how many years that is. Number is too big, subject too boring. DJ
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