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Clear Airway -RERA and other questions
..thank you all for your answers Thanks 

The problem is I did not have any CA's when I was diagnosed, just OA and Hypo ones. My AHI wasn't bad either, like 6.9 and on the back 12.5 .  I'm having a really hard time recently with this CPAP and not feeling like I'm half awake or waking up a few times at night! Plus, not sure if its related to it but having brain fog and unable to concentrate and basically crashing after a few hours awake again. Like I get that tired that I can literally feel my breathing slowing down and feeling all whoozy, when I lie down it doesnt even take a minute and I'm sleeping.

I had yesterday my 3rd appt with the Sleep People, they told me that everyone has CA's. Like if you would test someone with no Apnea they would show too. Well I disagree as I would have shown then in my test wouldnt I?

So I got the machine for another 2 weeks rental, trial, of course they wanted me to buy one but quite frankly I'm not wanting to fork out $ 2000 for something that at this point I don't even like. 

I have attached a few screenshots again lol. Any suggestions?

Also, is it normal for the Resmed to still trap air in the tube when I wake up and take the tube off my mask? The machine I have has not got Climate either, I couldn't find it neither could the Sleep Lady, its like missing?????

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I agree that a small number of CA events is normal, and not harmful. Your frequancy and pattern of CA is not a concern, and is most likely sleep disruption that may be related to the flow limitations that seem to conicide with those events (not easy to see since FL is cut off in the charts. ) I think you have some positional obstructive apnea issues that would resolve with either higher minimum pressure or a soft cervical collar. I think you'd do better with a minimum pressure of 8.0, and avoid positions that cause airway obstruction. That may be chin-tucking or sleeping on your back. Otherwise, you're doing pretty good. Leaks are okay, and snore is not a problem, however, you need to bring the Flow Limitation chart up so we can see what is going on there, because it is driving your pressure, and has a close relationship with apnea events.
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Yes my sleeping on the back would defs make it worse, and sleeping on my side usually results in leaks but Sad 

I have attached the flow limit chart- what do you think?

Also, I shall try to set the minimum higher, see if that would maybe help and I think I also take the "for her" part off?

I'm just worried as I have a heart condition and sleep apnea most likely is associated with it, as it is a connective tissue problem I'm having, I always snored my entire life, I'm not overweight either so Huh

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o easy on pressure increase. I would not go higher than 8.0, then observe results. This is closer to your current median pressure, so will result in less fluctuation, and may get ahead of the FL. The For-Her algorithm is supposed to be responsive to flow limitation, and I would keep using it. Experimenting with standard mode is fine, and you can trial that to see if it makes a difference. The cluster of OA appears positional to me, and it will be interesting to see if it responds to higher minimum pressure.

Your results seem to be less than 3 AHI normally, so there is nothing urgent about improving the numbers, but a more steady pressure in your therapeutic range should be helpful.
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