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Climateline hose - how long should it last?
I ran into an issue last night.

I have been on CPAP for almost 9 months now. Last night when I put my mask on, it started to make "popping" sounds when I moved my head. My wife said she thought I started knocking on the headboard.

I took the mask (Pilairo) apart and put it back together. Same thing.
I had a new Pilairo still in the package, so I opened it and tried it. Same thing.
(Driving my wife crazy at this point as she is trying to get to sleep.)

I disconnected and reconnected the hose from the mask and the ResMed. Same thing.

So at this point, I'm wondering is something is wrong with the machine. I then remember I have an opened regular hose. So I try to swap that for the Climateline, but doesn't seem to fit. I remove the humidifier completely and attache the hose. That did it!!

So I'm thinking there must be a hole or tear in the ClimateLine hose.

Just wondering is anyone has encountered this before and how long a hose should last.

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You might have to ask your cat or dog. You also need to track how many times you have slame a door or drawer on the hose, or stepped on it.
My first climate line hose was replaced at about 3 years but it was still working fine.
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Good points, but:

- No animals - that I know of!

- I have the hose routed so that it shouldn't get caught anyway or stepped on.

It may be a hole or break near connector on the mask end, I'll have to take a look when I get home. I had recently had the mask hose coming unattached from the ClimateLine hose a few times, so it seemed it had started to stretch or lost some of its grip, but it may be more than that.

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I'm still on my first ClimateLine hose and I've had this machine for 2 or 3 years.
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If you are like me and you have the "front" of the machine facing you, with the hose in the "back", the weakest point is where the hose bends to come toward you are up to where you hang it. I've had one of my latest ones tear there. And the regular hoses, which are super wimpy, rip there too. It's not like I swing from them either! They just turn and come toward the bed, get put under my pillow and that's that.

The original hoses were tough. Heavier and would last forever. These newer ones are lighter and I think they are not as strong. I tried turning my machine around so the hoses were facing me but getting to the humidifier lid was difficult. Turning it around each morning was dangerous (I am a klutz) so I put it back the way I always had it. I'll just buy them out of pocket.
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Popping noises are often water in the hose. It collects in a low spot, and when air bubbles go through, they may a popping noise.

Be sure there's not just water in the hose.

On S9 machines, sometimes water will collect at the back of the humidifier where the hose connects and may be easy to mix.
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Skram-- Like bwexler, I also had my first Climateline for about 2-3 years, and just recently replaced it. It hadn't broken, but I could see the thin, clear portion was wearing and about to tear right near the connection to the humidifier. Unlike Paula, I have the back of the machine facing me in the bed. The hose doesn't need to wrap around or over the machine, but there is nonetheless a fair amount of bending stress on it right near the connector where the hose bends upward (my machine is on the floor next to the bed).
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Interesting info on the Climateline hose. I use one and do have it routed from the back of the humidifier toward the wall then up and over the wood bed frame. I do have a woven cotton "hose cozy" on it (gave my fleece hose cozy to my hubby who does not have a heated hose). I will see what I can about moving the humidifier forward on the night stand so there is less "bend" in the Climateline hose from at humidifier connection point.

Yes, I have a cat and put some of the "no scratch" stuff on the cloth "hose cozy" (NOT the hose) to discourage her from being around the hose. So far, it seems to have worked.
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My first Climateline was leaky out of the package; I went to #2 and it has been okay for 2-3 years. #1 I sealed with self annealing tape and use it for standby.
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I went back to the Climateline hose and so far no more popping.
There were some comments about water in the hose, but I felt it must have been completely dry as it had been disconnected for the day and I had just hooked it up.
However, I had cleaned out the connection point that morning and maybe there was still some water in the connector.

I had tried cleaning it to see if it would help restore some of the friction between it and the mask hose. I've been having issues where it would come apart during the night. It just doesn't fit as tight anymore. So I'm still thinking that it needs replacing, but for a different reason.

- Anyone else run into that issue?

I think I'll replace it for that reason and keep the current one as a backup. I believe my insurance will cover the cost completely, so that's not an issue.
(I'm all about backups now and have a full Pilairo Q mask as a backup - after having been without CPAP for 3 nights due to the nasal pillow having not made it into the case when travelling, and having horrible sleeps for those 3 nights. Taught me that if you end up needing a part on a Friday night, you are pretty much scr*w*d until Monday morning!).
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