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Clone/Sync Sleepyhead data on two computers
It there a quick and dirty way to do this?
Two ideas that might work.

1) Copy the SD card contents to a Dropbox or Google Drive folder and import from the folder. Not true syncing, but it will work for the basic desire to look at SH on more than one computer.

2) WARNING---I don't know if this will work, but it is worth a try in SH 0.9.6 if you're feeling up to being a guinea pig. Under the SleepyHead file menu is an option Change Data Folder. You could try telling both copies of SH to use a Data Folder that is on a shared Dropbox or Google Drive folder. If this works, then changes in one SH ought to show up in the other SH without the need to import the data on both machines. As I said, I've never tried this, and the potential down side is that it will crash both SHs. If that happens, just trash the "shared" SleepyHeadData folder and start over by having each SH create its own SleepyHeadData folder.
Questions about SleepyHead?
See my Guide to SleepyHead
Hmmmm.... interesting idea. The software doesn't seem to allow network folder as an option, which would be optimal. Also I have backups of Sleepyhead and get back in case of data loss. As for change data folder option, I see option to use local machine Google Drive folder as a choice. I may be able to have that folder sync (two way) to the Google Drive in the cloud.

I will play with this idea on my laptop first by installing 9.6 and getting the data from the cloud before I try it on my desktop machine.

I believe I determined a way to do this. It will take more testing before I am sure of the results.

1. First, create a Google Drive cloud account.
2. Then install Google Drive for PC (on your PC)
3. You will use the Google Drive program folder on the PC (found in your user profile folder) to run the Sleepyhead program
4. Drop the Sleepyhead program folder and the backup testing folder (usually found in My Documents) in the local machine Google drive folder.
5. You need only install local copies of Google drive on your computers to get to and execute sleepyhead.exe
6. The Google Drive cloud keeps everything in sync.

Again, I need to test more when downloading daily data from the XPAP's SD card.
I will give that a go when I get time - I have successfully copied data to another SD card and read that SD card in another card reader (the sleep doc looked at the SD card rather strangely as it did not have the resmed sticker on it - he was able to read it).

Otherwise the Google drive or copy the backup of data to your network drive and then copy down. But I suppose the synced google drive on the local PC is a better option...
Let me know what you come up with.....when you get time. Thanks Skypilot....

YES! I have Sleepyhead up and running and remaining in sync on all the computers I use with the Google Drive for PC installed on them.

Warning Make copies first: (Then MOVE, yes MOVE) your Sleepyhead program folder wherever you have it and the SH data folder usually located in "My Documents". I moved mine to the Desktop. Keep them there while testing to restore in case you have a problem.

Then I created a Google Drive account in the Cloud.
Then I installed Google Drive for PC on my home computer. This will create a folder (Google Drive) and will be located in C:\Users\"your user name folder"
Copy both the SH program folder and the SH data folder that you moved to your desktop to the local Google Drive folder in the location I described above. "Allow some time for all files to completely sync to the cloud." (You should to be logged in to your Google account and Google drive.)
Look in the SH program folder located in Google Drive for PC and find sleepyhead.exe and pull a shortcut to your desktop.
Click open the shortcut. A message will popup saying that "no sleepyhead data folder was found. Would you like to use the default location for storing its data?" (See attached URLhttps://drive.google.com/file/d/0B5iQBPZ...sp=sharing for screenshot) Click NO! Direct SH to the local Google Drive folder and select the data folder you dropped there.
Now, when you import your data from the xpap SD card it will be imported to the data folder in the Google Drive for PC folder as well as sync to the Cloud.

If you have another computer such as a laptop when traveling, all you need is a copy of Google Drive for PC on the laptop and all your Sleepyhead data will remain in sync and up to date. No more cutting and pasting and all the confusion keeping your SH program up to date.

This thread is now closed. If you have a question regarding the SleepyHead software package, please go HERE.

To download the SleepyHead software, go here:

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