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Combining data from two SD cards?
Is there a way to copy or append data from one SD card to another SD card? I'm trying out an AirCurve 10 VAuto and I want to add that machine's data onto my original SD card from my S9 Autoset. Is that possible?
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(06-14-2018, 05:13 PM)sleeplover69 Wrote: Is there a way to copy or append data from one SD card to another SD card? I'm trying out an AirCurve 10 VAuto and I want to add that machine's data onto my original SD card from my S9 Autoset. Is that possible?

No it is not, both SD cards can be imported into sleepyhead or Resscan to run combined reports but the data cannot be combined onto one SD card.
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Could you import only specific dates from an SD card onto a sleepyhead profile?
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You could have a separate SD card or folder on your computer and copy and past the days you want to it, than upload to sleepyhead. You could also load all the days to sleepyhead and delete the ones you don't want.
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That's a good question, sleeplover69.  I don't believe there's a way; SH seems to scan all the data files on the SD card, match against what's already loaded (if anything has been), and "fill in the blanks".  That's how it worked when I deleted a day that seemed scrambled and had SH re-import it.  No picking dates, just hit 'Import'

If you have an extra SD card, you might try copying the two SD cards' contents onto your third card.  The extraneous data might not make your PAP upchuck but it would be horrible to discover that it did.

Another point I'm not sure has been considered: one of the tips for using SH is to set up different profiles for each machine that you use as well as a profile for each person.  I suppose you want the convenience of just scanning through each session, yet there might be a need to have the two machines' results distinguished.
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So I have two profiles from two SD cards: the original one from my S9 and one from a bilevel that I'm trying out for a week. The SD card for the bilevel has other people's data on it and I am trying to get only my data from the bilevel's SD card and somehow import it onto my original profile. Either that or somehow be able to merge the bilevel's profile with the original profile.

I tried pulling up my original profile, from there File -> Import Data -> "Would you like to import from this location?" Specify -> selecting folders under 'Datalog' on the bilevel's SD card. Nothing happens. When I tried again, SH would crash.

Is there like no way to somehow copy the files from the dated folders under 'Datalog' on the 2nd SD card and paste them onto the original SD card or somehow import these dated folders into the original profile?
Third card suggestion - Has anyone ever done this before with success?

I thought of another way, which is to create a new profile, upload the bilevel's data first, then upload my original data. But I'd have a lot of days worth of data to delete. Is there a way to batch purge in SH?
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If you go into File->Preferences->Import, you can set the date in the "Do not import data older than" to prevent the data from the previous users from being imported. Each machine has a serial number and setting history. I would create a profile for each machine to be safe.
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I know you can select dates to be excluded. I had to do that when I was given a different machine when mine arrived broken.
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