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Complacent [in skipping treatment]
Complacent [in skipping treatment]
I became complacent. I was full on cheating myself.

I have been using my ASV machine for a couple months, I was used to sleeping with the mask on, I was even able to move to a dreamwear mask! All was going so well, I felt great in the morning and was alert all day! The only problem I was having is only four hours of sleep, but i felt great all day long. So was that a problem?

Here is where my complacency comes in. I caught a nasty cold with nasty congestion chest and head, would seem as I could not breath, I stopped using my therapy, I need to breath I told myself. The cold went away, my chest and head cleared, I was feeling great again and sleeping for seven or eight hours, no ASV or mask- no therapy.

Result? Another bout of A-Fib! That's right, I woke up the other day in A-Fib. I was Treated to 7 hours in the Emergency Room, I have nice burn marks on my chest from the shock used when Cardioverting me, spent lots of money for my little stay in an ED bed, was able to miss a day of work. All so very AWESOME!

I blame myself for not being compliant.

Yes I have learned the lesson here.

I share this just in case others start to feel complacent in their treatment. It was not worth it. We were put on this therapy for a good reason.
"Right wrongs nobody" 
Mountain Charlie McKiernan 
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RE: Complacent
I gave up smoking the same way, scared myself silly with a lung virus that the doctors initially though was a possibly a cancer. Sometimes we need to shake ourselves by the shoulders. Glad you came through with just a couple of love bites.
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RE: Complacent
Hi Robert,
Thank you for posting here with your experience.  I’m sure it will help some that may be contemplating not using their machine for one reason or another.  

It’s easy enough to talk ourselves out of something, but the alternative is seldom good.  
Keep it up and let us know how you are doing.
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RE: Complacent
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RE: Complacent [in skipping treatment]
I thought I would check in on this post and let everyone know that I have indeed become compliant with my therapy. I am able to sleep sound for not more then 5.5 hours but I do feel great!

 I have been jumping through the cpap hoops with another titration study done last week. I was able to sleep for just over four hours during this study which is really good for me, must be used to the Plastic Alien Octopus attached to my face. I will see my sleep specialist next week and at that time will probably take control of my therapy and start working on the minor details of my treatment. I promised my Sleep Doc that I would let her and her team manage things until they were happy, meaning i no longer bother them, I seem to have stumbled upon a good team who has treated me well and answer all my questions (Hard start with this though). 

By just getting used to putting on my mask every night I feel much better, rested and alert. I have been loosing weight (about 2.5 Lbs a day) and am now able to have a safe Hip Replacement in April, this I am now looking forward to as my hip pain is now my biggest threat to a good nights sleep!

I would also like to thank the members of this forum for selflessly helping others who like me struggled going through this journey.

In good health to all.
Shift Worker.

"Right wrongs nobody" 
Mountain Charlie McKiernan 
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RE: Complacent [in skipping treatment]
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RE: Complacent [in skipping treatment]
Shift Worker,

First off, thanks for posting this. Second, thanks for reminding all, including myself, how important the CPAP therapy is when it was prescribed because a medical professional has determined we have a need for treatment. It's not a take it or leave it circumstance. It is, of course, our own individual choice whether we choose to follow or not, but either choice has its consequences and requires ownership of the situation.

I know the above phrase "medical professional" may not seem to always apply, and I'm not attempting to change anybody's mind on that. Some of us, including myself, have dealt with doctors and others involved with our Sleep Apnea treatment that seemed to be lacking either medical or professional as appropriate descriptors. Even so, there was someone most of us finally found that did possess those medical professional attributes, hopefully anyway, and were helpful to our therapy needs. Of course, it never hurts to find a great place such as the Apnea Board where we share pointers we have learned along the way.

Best wishes on your continued successes with CPAP therapy. And thanks again for sharing the experience.


I'm not a doctor in real or fictional life. My posts include opinions based upon user experience regarding CPAP therapy and should not be considered medically professional direction or advice. Even a 1,000 mile trip requires a good first step. My recommended first steps include getting good walking shoes, 1 great cup of coffee, and a good GPS.

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