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Complex Apnea Sufferer - does Z1 make sense?
Hi folks,

I was diagnosed with complex apnea over a year and a half ago. My split between OSA and CSA is about 50/50, which is apparently unusual (I'm 39, and technically obese, but losing 15kg didn't fundamentally change my apnea experience, although it did get a bit better.) I don't require much pressure -- it's 6/10 EPAP/IPAP -- but I tried for two days when I was diagnosed to get used to CPAP and I just couldn't, so I had accepted that I needed BiPAP or VPAP or whatever.

Consequently, I have a Resmed VPAP ST which, after much desperation and difficulty, I got used to; I sleep acceptably under its care. However, I pay a very large amount per month to use this (I am renting it from a local company in Ireland) and it's a very large amount to buy outright (upwards of $3k?) so I started wondering whether there was a workable alternative to my current setup. I find my apnea particularly tiresome when flying, which I do a fair bit for work, because you can't always rely on cabin power, and the first battery I got was DOA. I've also left the machine behind multiple times at airport security when stressed and running for flights etc.

Anyway, I read about the Z1 the other day and I'm wondering if this is a potential way to solve my problems. A CPAP, but with lessening exhalation pressure support? So tiny it could fit in my standard backpack? Is it a possible alternative? Sadly it seems I cannot test one and give it back if I can't get used to it, because of the federal regulations around medical devices. But I don't want to drop $600-$1200 on a solution if I can't use it, even if the eBay resale value is high.

If you were in my position, what would you do?

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This is just my thoughts on what I would do. I am not one to buy anything that has just been put on the market. I want most of the bugs in it to be worked out first. Don't want to buy the first edition of a car that comes out or anything else for that matter.

So, for me, I would wait to buy it until they come out with new versions of any machine. You know your situation best. Even a machine that fits in your backpack can be left behind if running to catch a flight. At least in the US, DME's take back medical equipment all the time (cpap machines). I returned a CPAP Auto to the DME; I don't know what they did with it but it is doubtful they just tossed it.

If you need a humidifier, I don't think there is one for this machine. From what I have been reading, there are very mixed reviews on it right now. YMMV

EDIT: If it were me, as you asked in your post what we would do, I would put that $1200 aside and save up the rest to purchase your own machine instead of renting a machine (are they letting you rent to own?). That won't solve you leaving the machine behind. My only suggestion on that is that you can try to arrive at the airport sooner so you don't have to rush so much and be through security long before your flight takes off. YMMV

What DeepBreathing said. you may not have the right machine for you.
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Agreed that a 1.0 product is not necessarily the best one to try!

I don't mind about the humidifier and not requiring a separate bag would be a big plus, so I'm still potentially interested.
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G'day Niall, welcome to the forum.

If you have 50% central apneas, I wonder if the VPAP-ST is the right machine for you? My understanding is that the -ST is more for people with lung conditions such as COPD rather than apnea. From the Resmed website: This NIV ventilator helps treat non-dependent patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), Obesity Hypoventilation Syndrome (OHS), Neuromuscular Disease (NMD), and other conditions.

I believe you might be better off checking out the VPAP Adapt ASV. The ASV mode suppresses central apneas and supports the airway to minimise hypopneas and obstructive apnea. You might want to talk to your doctor about this. Sadly, the VPAP Adapt is also very expensive.

A straight CPAP or APAP machine like the Z1 will not treat your central apnea. It will take care of the obstructive apneas but that's only tackling half the problem. Apart from this, the early user reviews of the Z1 have been mixed - there's a long thread on this forum.

To overcome your habit of leaving the machine at the airport, you might try some custom luggage. There is a company called EzE Innovations which makes a nifty wheeled case specially fitted out for a CPAP machine. I'd quite like to buy one but I've emailed them twice about sending it to Australia and got no reply. Sad
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Hi niallm,
WELCOME! to the forum.!
Since you have complex apnea, the Z1 is just a straight CPAP machine and will not completely treat your apnea.
Hang in there for more responses to your post and best of luck to you.
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Thanks DeepBreathing -- for whatever reason my AHI rarely goes above 5 with the current machine, so even though it may be optimized for slightly different things, it appears to be keeping it under control. Is the ASV _less_ expensive (although still expensive?)
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(03-10-2014, 11:12 AM)niallm Wrote: Thanks DeepBreathing -- for whatever reason my AHI rarely goes above 5 with the current machine, so even though it may be optimized for slightly different things, it appears to be keeping it under control. Is the ASV _less_ expensive (although still expensive?)

no, the ASV is the most expensive, at least in the US. If you already have a humidifier then you won't have to buy another one. I wonder who prescribed the machine you have and was it based on a sleep study?
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Yeah, full titration and two overnights in the hospital etc. Perhaps I should try to get my hands on the output.
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(03-11-2014, 01:03 AM)niallm Wrote: Yeah, full titration and two overnights in the hospital etc. Perhaps I should try to get my hands on the output.

You should
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Hmm, what's the difference between the VPAP ST and the VPAP Adapt in terms of pressure? Do they both "feel" the same in terms of dropping the exhalation pressure entirely?
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