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Computer geeks?
I have a wonky 'puter.

It won't see the CD drive. It has power. I can open it and close it and it runs when there's a CD in it. But Windoze won't see it.

I've run a virus scan. (AVG)

Running a malware scan (MalwareBytes) and later I'll do Spybot.

Win7, 64bit. My computer is plugged into a surge strip. It is a built computer I've had for, oh, I guess a year and a half.

I'm pretty computer savvy so not a complete idiot. I rarely turn my computer off since I run BOINC. Fridays I turn it off then run scans. So it was on yesterday when the power went off. Again. We came home to find a power company truck down the road. Within a half hour, there were two more. The line from our pole through two other poles was down. A tree had fell just beyond us, taking out the lines on both sides of their pole. Yay.

So power finally came back on about 5hrs later (at one point there were about 6 big big power trucks in front of my house). I did a few things and then had problems with the pulse ox I just got. First I noticed the 'my computer' window did not have the device listed. Then I noticed the CD drive wasn't listed either. I couldn't do much last night because the cable was still out. (but, miraculously, just like always, it was back on less than an hour after I called and they said they'd send someone out between 9am and 2pm and someone had to be home, etc etc)

I've not tried the device again. BUT if I plug a USB drive into the port, it sees it.

I am tempted to open the case, unplug the CD drive. Reboot. Let it sit. Then turn off, plug the CD back in, and boot up. Maybe not seeing it then seeing it would work?

- I've done the 'look for new hardware'.
- I've run a MS FixIt thing (which said it had a problem but couldn't fix it. figures).
- I have the CD for the drive but, duh, how to reinstall it with no drive?
- I've run chkdsk because each boot said I really should. I found the log and it said there were no errors. It said it had done something with the files but no errors.
- The malware scan is still running but nothing found so far.

Will disconnecting then reconnecting the CD drive kick M$Win into seeing the drive?
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Hi, Paula. Several options. First, your post didn't say whether or not you have done a cold boot. If not, do that first, and allow at least 20 seconds before rebooting. If that doesn't encourage your computer to work, I would look in Control Panel, Device Manager, DVD/CD-Rom Drives, and see if that recognizes your CD drive. If so, you might just tell it to update driver. Then, again if no solution, sometimes a driver uninstall and reinstall there will fix the problem, even if it says the device is working properly. I will think further on this (sometimes hard for me :grin: ) if you are unsuccessful. I do think that the power surge you probably experienced is the root issue, but I am suggesting items which do not involve unplugging the drive. That would be my last resort. Let me know.
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edit - oops. i was typing for a while as jumpstart was typing faster. LOL....

honestly its been so long since we've had haerdware problems that i forget what to do. it sounds like a driver issue.

a few ideas:

first try to restore your computer to a date before this happened.

go to device manager by right clicking my computer. see if the device is listed. if it is, click on it and see if it reports ok or other. go to the driver tab and try to reinstll the driver.

as you boot up go into cmos and see if it recognizes the drive also.

other than that try windows repair that should restore windows to default condition.
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Called up my brother. His son has the exact same computer (we had them built at the same time) so he knew the guts of it.

After talking for a while, we decided to start with the basics. He suggested I unplug its cord from the mother board and plug it into another port. Maybe the power outage killed that one.

I just tried it and it worked! The boot up saw the drive, then windoze said it saw it and was installing it. Then, TA DA!

Yes, I had done several hard boots. One I waited 30 minutes 'cause I was getting mad and had to leave the room.

No, the device manager did not list a CD drive at all. That's when I started to really get concerned. A bad driver or whatever I can fix. But I had run out of stuff I knew about!

Then the boot up would hang as it was looking for the drive but that didn't happen until today.

I considered going back to a restore point but I hate those. Something is always not right afterward. But it seems in this case, it wouldn't have worked.
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And thanks you two for the help! I had tried to call bro earlier but he didn't answer. He said he saw the caller i.d. and decided to ignore me. (actually he was wrist deep into the guts of a flow meter and couldn't get to his phone)
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But it still won't see the pulse ox.... Other things in that USB port work. I reinstalled the software from the CD drive. Record is off. Going to go try on the other computer.
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(04-11-2012, 11:16 AM)PaulaO2 Wrote: And thanks you two for the help! I had tried to call bro earlier but he didn't answer. He said he saw the caller i.d. and decided to ignore me. (actually he was wrist deep into the guts of a flow meter and couldn't get to his phone)

I am not sure you needed help. Anyone confident enough to work with the motherboard - even just plugging and unplugging a cord from the easily bent attachment points - is somewhat advanced.

One last thought. I would suggest that you look into your surge strip. Most do not function properly after having been "overloaded" by a large surge, and from what I understand, your port apparently went south after such a surge. That means it came through your surge strip, which may thus have already been affected. Just a thought. Anyway, glad all is working.

Breathing keeps you alive. And PAP helps keep you breathing!
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Paula, don't remember if you have one already or not, but it's probably a good idea to purchase an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) for your computer. Power surges and spikes can bork your PC as you probably know.

I just had a big power surge here at the house yesterday afternoon. Fried the UPS, but I do think the PC was protected being plugged into the UPS. Glad I have only a $50 UPS expense rather than a $500 computer replacement cost (and spending a day restoring all my data). These UPSs have surge protection, plus the ability to run the PC for a few minutes to let you save your work and shut down safely.

Just ordered a replacement UPS: an APC BE550G Back-UPS ES 8 Outlet 550VA0 from Amazon to replace the fried one. $50 with free Super Saver Shipping.

Also, if you're going to go the simple surge protector as JumpStart suggested, make sure you get one that is rated high enough (ratings are measured in Joules)...

I know you're probably aware of all this, but maybe a newbie is reading and can benefit from it.


Apnea Board Administrator


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another thing we have learned is that sometimes thing just lose their connection even though they are still plugged in. sometime just unplugging all the cords to the device and the motherboard and plugging them all back in will do the trick. one time we had a serious problem which i forget. a computer guy said unplug everything. unplug the wires, unseat the memory and other cards and reseat them and plug everything in. it worked.

we build our own comuters from scratch but buy our laptops.
First Diagnosed July 1990

MSgt (E-7) USAF
Retired 1968-1990
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Yes! The excuse I've been waiting for to justify a UPS! (happy dance) Not that it was the cost but more like "Why do you need another gadget?" whine.

I dislike Amazon, though. BestBuy has it for $69. The extra $20 is worth my dignity.

This house is an electrical nightmare but this room (my office) was rewired. We are doing one room at a time. This room had no outlets but now has more than the rest of the house total (except kitchen).
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