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Condensation such a pain
Condensation such a pain
[parts of this thread were copied from our old forum]

polly Wrote:Hi there, new to the boards and from New Zealand. Im starting to get really frustrated with condensation in my mask and hose. I have tried humidifier with water on different heats and also without with different heats and it seems I still get condensation. Does anyone else have any other recommendations? I am sweet right through summer with no heating at all but when it comes to winter it seems to be the time when it happens. I wake up if hose is under the covers as it pulls the mask off my face.

Cheers in advance
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RE: Condensation such a pain
zonk Wrote:Hi polly welcome to forum : what machine do you have ? some machines like the S9 series and some of the Fisher & Paykel comes with heated hose otherwise try to get the Aussie heated hose from supplier # 7 from cpap supplier list on top of the page or you might be able to get it locally which can be used with any machine also a hose sleeve cover might be alright as well . for the hose try to place it over the bedhead board and it might help to place the machine just below the bed level as it might drain any water back into the humidifier .
Good Luck .
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RE: Condensation such a pain
Ltmedic66 Wrote:The 100% solution is to get a heated hose, which should eliminate condensation within the hose. You still might get a small amount of condensation in the mask if the room is cold. Many Fisher & Paykel CPAP and the Resmed S9 series have heated hoses. F&P heated hoses are called are called "Thermosmart" and Resmed is called "Climateline". You might also look into the "Aussie heated hose". I am not familiar with that, but I think that can be added to many humidifiers. There are other systems such as "Sleep Zone" heated hoses. Google CPAP heated hose and you should find a selection of topics.

A secondary choice would be to get or make a "hose snuggie", which is nothing more than fabric wrapped around the hose which helps to keep the air from cooling as it travels downthe hose. Tip: NEVER use a hose wrap if you have a heated hose.

Another thing you might try is keeping the machine on the floor, which should allow the condensation to flow back into the resevoir rather than having it accumulate in the hose.

Finally, you might try raising the room temperature. Water gathers in the hose (this is called rainout) when the room is colder than the air in the hose. Allow me to officially establish that rainout sucks.
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RE: Condensation such a pain
zonk Wrote:Another thing rainout could be also due to higher humidifier setting , turned it down should solve the problem .

TheDuke Wrote:I have found that a thick heavyweight hose cover practically eliminates rainout, and is far more satisfactory than the heated hose arrangement.(Cheaper and less problem from stiff hoses.


Misguided Wrote:The ResMed ClimateLine hose isn't stiff at all. I love the reduced diameter on their hoses too.

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RE: Condensation such a pain
JudgeMental Wrote:Hi Polly and welcome.
Beings that its now winter there, it may cause some "rainout" or condensation problems for some folks. You.ve gotten the best answers possible from the previous posters. Its now a personal choice to see what works best for you.

Possible fixes reviewed..

Bedroom too cold. up the temp in the bedroom
Use a kozy or cover for your hose. I made mine out of flannel w/ rubber bands to hold the ends tight to hose. works perfect

Buy a heated hose

Place the CPAP on floor or at least lower then your head
Run the hose up over the headboard (if possible). still may need to heat it or cover it.
Run the hose up under the covers to your face. (can't stand that one). Feels like a "python" in bed with me. nightmares. may work for you.
Turn the humidifier setting down a notch or so
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RE: Condensation such a pain
polly Wrote:Thanks so much everyone for you awesome advice! I have turned the heat right off now and dont have water in the chambor. Last night I heated the room and it seemed to really help but I dont think we can keep it heated all winter because of the cost of it.

I have tried hose under covers but keep pulling the machine off the stand beside my bed and also didnt find it helped unfortunately. I have tried playing with the heat settings up and down. I think my machine has a heated hose but am not 100% sure. I am going to try make a hose cover. What would be the best material to use for this?

Im just going to go fill in my machine type etc now ;-)

Thanks again so much for your help :-D
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RE: Condensation such a pain
zonk Wrote:The Fisher & Paykel 600 comes with the heated tube and they are the first ones who used the heated tube , you are probably using your machine without the heated hose ( it is not recommended to place the heated tube under bed covers ) it is fairly cheap .
i,m not sure about not having water in the chamber may be other F&P users might chime in .

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RE: Condensation such a pain
archangle Wrote:I believe your machine can use a heated hose, but it can also use an unheated hose. The heated hose should have some visible electrical contacts at the machine end. It's possible you have a non-heated hose on your machine. I assume you would be able to feel some heat when it's turned on, but I've never held one in my hand.

If you set the machine on the floor and arrange your hose such that it slopes downhill all the way back to the machine, the water will flow back into the chamber. You also can't pull the machine off the table this way.
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RE: Condensation such a pain
JudgeMental Wrote:Polly...Not sure what you mean?? Your profile shows..no water & no heat?? that equals= no humidifier// That is one way to stop the condensation or (rainout)..Thats is ok if you don;t want any humidification. In colder weather most folks will want a little or some humidification. You don/t even have to turn on the heater, you can just keep water in the tank and use it in the pass-over mode. That will at least give you some moisture/humidification.

I,d suggest some humidification (maybe on very low or a #1 or 2 setting). You can eazily make a koozy, insulator, or cover for your hose out of some flannel material. Works great & is cheap. Place your CPAP lower then your head or bed level.. Try putting the CPAP on the floor and if at all possible run the hose up over the head board. That should remedy your rain-out or condensation probs..

polly Wrote:Yip my profiel says no water and no heat now because after trying all different levels of heat and water or no water its best without but still getting some condensation
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RE: Condensation such a pain
Ltmedic66 Wrote:polly,

I use the F&P Sleepstyle 604 with the Thermosmart heated hose. I use a high level of humidification and do not get any condensation. I do get some condensation in the short hose that is attached to my mask, but absolutely NONE in the heated hose.

You can use the 600 series with a standard CPAP unheated hose. If you are having rainout, I strongly suspect that you are either using an unheated hose, or your Thermosmart hose might be defective- they do wear out.

It is very easy to tell which hose you have. You will very easily be able to see a copper wire coiled inside the entire length of the Thermosmart hose. It will also have a grey plastic collar that slides down over the connection to the CPAP machine, and you will see to small copper "plugs" inside the sliding collar. A standard hose will not have any of these things. If you google "thermosmart" you can find lots of pictures of the hose. It has a very unique look and you can easily distinguish it from a standard hose.

If you are using a Thermosmart hose, DO NOT use a hose cover or keep it under the blankets. It can overheat and damage the hose. If you are using a standard hose, you can try these those tricks.

The Thermosmart hose is not terribly expensive. You should be able to find one online for around $50 US.

Let me know if you have any other questions- I have become pretty familiar with that little machine.
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