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Condensation such a pain
polly Wrote:hey thanks so much, thi sis so helpful!

My hose is defiantely the heated one but for the last few days I havnt had any heat on. I had been putting it under covers to see if that helped so hope its ok haha.

Last night I left it out form the covers and had no heat or water on, left heating on at home all night and also put machine on the floor. I had almost no condensation so am wrapped. Moight turn heating in the house off tonight as partner was a bit worried about the power bill and see if just having it on the ground is going to help by itself :-)

thanks again so much I relaly appreciate everyones help and will check back again!
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zonk Wrote:If you had no water in the chamber than you should get zero condensation regardless where you place the machine or room temp .

If you are using the heated hose with water in the tank than you should have no rainout , if you still get get rainout than either the humidity setting is not correct or the machine is faulty .

The idea to place the machine lower than the bed is that water can be drain back into the chamber in case of rainout but really it is not necessary to place the machine on the floor as the air at floor level is dusty and most dirty .
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Steven Wrote:
zonk,(time=1310597721) Wrote:The idea to place the machine lower than the bed is that water can be drain back into the chamber in case of rainout but really it is not necessary to place the machine on the floor as the air at floor level is dusty and most dirty .
I also agree that it is NOT necessary to place your CPAP on the floor to avoid rainout. Besides, that position would make it extremely difficult to access your CPAP when you needed to.

All that is necessary is that the CPAP be just a tad lower than your bed. Even that would not be necessary if your heated hose was operating as it should.

If you can not put your CPAP lower than your bed, raising the hose over the headboard would have the same effect since the excess water would drain back into the humidifier.

I gather from your previous posts that you keep your house pretty cold at night.
Because of that, you may need to run your humidifier at a lower temperature also to avoid a drastic contrast.
Besides, if your house is that cold at night the air may not be as dry as you think & therefore the need for too high a temperature at the humidifier would not be necessary.

I run my humidifier only in passover mode (no heat) all of the time & get a sufficient amount of humidity that way.
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archangle Wrote:It's not how low the machine is, it's where the low spots in the hose are. If your hose slopes away from your mask, any condensation in the hose will run away from you and you won't be breathing it. If there's a low spot somewhere in the hose, water can collect there, and even if it doesn't get into your face, you'll get gurgling noises as the air bubbles through.

Putting the hose over the headboard probably works because any tiny water droplets that occur in the last foot or two of hose immediately fall down into your mask and you handle them immediately, instead of them building up and pouring into you all at once. Water that forms in the part of the hose on the other side of the headboard can't get into your mask, although it might collect in a low spot in the hose and make noises.

Do other people with heated hoses still get condensation problems? Does a heated hose feel warm to the touch when it's turned on? Could the hose just not be heating properly?
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polly Wrote:My hose is a heated one and is working but I do get rainout or condensation. Last night I even got it with heated room so I dont know whats going on. ITs starting to get so frustrating especially because Im 36 weeks pregnant!

I might try put water in again tonight and I have lifted the machine off the ground as I get allergies so dont need dusty air being pushed through. Its lower than my head on a little table. I will put water in tonight and try different temps. I rung my cpap advisor person today and she said to try a hose snuggie and knows my hose is heated so Im getting a bit confused about the conflicting info. :-( Sorry getting stressed now lol

polly Wrote:My hose feels warm to touch.
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zonk Wrote:Sorry you still having problems especially with baby on the way since there is no water in the tank what do you mean in condensation ? ( moisture in the mask )
I suggest to read this page 5.4 ThermoSmart Technology in the link provided , it seem there is humidity setting & climate setting and please follow the recommended procedure .
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Steven Wrote:In another thread, someone with a ResMed S9 was also getting excess rainout using her ResMed heated hose.

Turns out she was "manually" adjusting all of the settings instead of letting the heated hose "automatically" control / eliminate the rainout. There were two settings. One which let her control each setting & the "auto" setting where the equipment controlled what ever was necessary to control / eliminate the rainout.

I will admit that I know NOTHING about your specific machine.
Maybe someone who has your machine or knows more about it will jump in.
If not, you may have to refer to the Owner's Manual & look for something about the "automatic" operation of your heated hose.

But from your previous posts, it is pretty obvious that because you keep the house temperature so low, your humidifier will also have to be lowered. You have too much of a contrast between the low house temperature & the high humidifier temperature.

polly Wrote:I defiantely get condensation in hose that comes into mask with no water in chambor whether heat is on or not. :-(

Thanks for your post, even with no heat on at all and no water int he chambor I still get moisture in the hose that comes into my mask.

Where do I find that link?
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archangle Wrote:
polly,(time=1310780247) Wrote:I defiantely get condensation in hose that comes into mask with no water in chambor whether heat is on or not. :-(
If that's true, the condensation must be coming from your own exhaled breath, since there's no water elsewhere in the system. If so, a heated hose is not going to help.

What kind of mask do you have?
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zonk Wrote:Is it moisture in mask/tube what are we talking about ? than i would assume it is what " archangle "suggested must be coming from your own exhaled breath .

zonk Wrote:I thought it could be possible with FF mask but from your profile you are using nasal mask so i.m not sure the other thing there is no point in using heated tube without water may be use the standard hose instead and it could the condensation the result of the warm air goes up and condense into water vapor as it reach " the hose that comes into mask " . Thinking-about

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polly Wrote:Yeah its winter here and we are in NZ so its pretty cold. We only have fire in lounge banked off over night so between 2am and 7am when my partner gets up and cranks the fire back up its pretty cold and this is exactly when I get the condensation.

I use both the nasal and full face depending on if I have a blocked nose or not. Prefer to use the nasal mask :-)
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