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Confused...need advice on sleeping deeply
So I'm having this issue where I feel like I'm not sleeping deeply. It's been going on for a while. I'm sleeping because I dream, and I dream quite vividly, always have. But I wake up and feel like I didn't really sleep (although I know I would feel a lot worse if I hadn't used the machine at all). I just looked at my stats for today, it said I had 0 events per hour, and it also said I only used the machine for 6 hours, when I fell asleep at 3am and woke up at 11am, which would be 8 hours. I did get up twice to pee. I know I should go to bed a little earlier. I have an evening job, I work from 2:30pm to 10:30pm and usually get home about 11pm, and I always end up staying up a little too late.

Two things about me, I have acid reflux disease (I take Nexium for it) and I have been diagnosed with GAD, which I do not take medication for. I also take no sleep medications. I also have issues with masks, I can't seem to find one that's 100% comfortable for me. I currently use a Zest nasal mask, standard size. Sometimes it chafes the bridge of my nose, and presses on my front teeth and hurts my gums. I have it adjusted as loose as possible and those annoyances are minimal. I tried a full face mask once and I really liked it, except that it chafed the bridge of my nose a lot and was painful. During my sleep study when I first got a machine I tried the nasal pillows, those were quite painful and left my nose very sore. When I got the Resmed I was given a newer type of mask that doesn't have a cushion, and that one chafed all around my nose really bad, and I went back to the Zest.

I just really would like to fall into a deep sleep again, and I'm not sure what to do. I really don't want a sleep study again, I hate them. Sad
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Hi, if you're not a mouth breather, the wisp nasal mask is a good choice. It is very light and may not affect the bridge of your nose at all. As far as deep sleep, perhaps your sleeping deeply, but may not be aware that you are. I think that if you are in REM sleep and are dreaming, that's pretty great!
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Well, I don't feel great. I feel like crap. My head hurts. I forgot to add that my other issue is that I have a little face and a little head, I'm only a 5 foot tall person. So I have issues with adjusting the straps and stuff. Like everything is made for big people. Maybe I should look into stuff for kids? Oh and I did go into my settings and adjust the pressure one notch from 8 to 9, but it didn't make much of a difference. The machine says my pressure was up to 8.2 last night.
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You may have a data capable machine. Is it an Autoset or Elite? It doesn't appear you are using the Sleepyhead software. This would give you a much better idea of what might be affecting your sleep and therapy. For the Resmed Airsense 10 you will need to use the newest Testing version here. http://sleepfiles.com/SH/index.html?TestingVersions

Using the software would be helpful to you, and would give us a better idea how to guide you. For mask comfort, the Resmed nasal pillow masks like the Airfit P10 or Mirage FX are much easier to wear without irritation and they seal easier than a nasal mask. The Airfit P10 is especially nice because it is quiet and doesn't have an exhaust stream blowing out.
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Thanks for the link to the software. Do you have a link that explains how to use it? Do I need something special in order for my computer to read the sleep data card from my Resmed? My machine is an Autoset. I still haven't figured out why I'm not sleeping well. I bought a CPAP pillow with a dimple in the middle for neck support, and I used it last night and I hated it. I'm going to buy a new foam neck support pillow because my current one is so old there's no support left, and I think it's definitely affecting my sleep.
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(03-17-2015, 04:41 PM)Sweet72947 Wrote: Do you have a link that explains how to use it? Do I need something special in order for my computer to read the sleep data card from my Resmed?

Howdy Sweet72947... Coffee

RobySue's Beginner's Guide to SleepyHead is here (this is also one of the "stickie" threads at the top of this forum):


If your computer doesn't already have one, you will need an SD-card reader to read the SD memory card that comes out of your CPAP machine. It has a USB connector on the other end to attach to your computer.

You can get them just about anywhere that sells computer stuff. Usually around $10 to $20 or so.
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