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Confusing results with CPAP
I have to make decision next week when my trial period with CPAP machine ends and I have to decide whether to buy a machine or simply stop.

I am 67 years old and suspect that i have had sleep apnea for 30 or more years. After having the tests it turns out that I was having more than 60 AHIs per hour. Since I had been having increasing memory problems, morning and afternoon naps, increasing high blood pressure etc I appeared to be an ideal candidate for CPAP.

So I've been using a ResMed machine now for two weeks. Generally speaking I'm finding it easy to use and generally (but not always) sleep much better with less wakening during the night. My AHIs are now in the 0.2 to 0.8 per hour range which would seem to be good.

So what's the problem? Well, basically I don't feel any better for it. After reading about the terrible things that apnea does to you I had expected to feel rejuvenated, re-energised, improved blood pressure; basically 18 again (well maybe not quite 18). But I have no more energy, still need my naps, blood pressure is actually rising. I feel more like 80 than 18!

So what to do? Is my experience common? Does it get better? Should I persevere?

Your comments would be much appreciated.

Regards David
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Hi DavidGeorge,
So you are 67 years "young". Don't Stop! You have only been using Cpap for two weeks, and that's just not long enough to make a difference. I know that for some, they see and feel instant changes, but not for all of us.

I can tell you that for me the results weren't instant. My AHI numbers were low from the beginning and I adapted to therapy easily enough, but it took a good 6 to 8 months to start to "feel" better.

A lot of us have other health problems before staring Cpap, so you just have to keep working with your Doctor on those issues, but don't let untreated sleep apnea add to those other health issues.

Give it some time and definetly persevere! Smile

We're here to help and answer your questions.

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Welcome to the forum David,

It takes time to become "acclimated" to this therapy. It's kind of like marriage. After 30 days, there's still things about your partner your learning. Ok, so my parent tell me after 65 years there are still things they are learning about each other.

Can you put up any graphs of your sleep sessions. I know, my sleep study revealed my AHI was 127 (yes that's better than 2 per minute on average so I wonder what the High value was). The only things I had were, requiring naps, not having much memory, absolutely no energy and generally feeling like crud.

Like you I received a CPAP; with a fixed pressure setting. While I could tolerate the machine, I still felt like crud. I wasn't being followed by anyone. First, I found software SleepyHead and it revealed my sleep was fragmented, badly. Dr's put me on a different machine BPAP, different mask and different setting.

My sleep is still fragmented, my AHI's are on average less than one. I now generally have enough energy to run for about 6 hrs before needing to nap and under some dire conditions I can push to 10 hrs.

I'm hoping my sleep fragmentation gets better so my run time gets longer, but I'm feeling better so if it doesn't I'm a much happier camper than I was without the therapy.

Get SleepyHead software, post some screen shots here and others much more experienced than I at reading and analyzing the graphs can provide guidance.

I use my graphs as dart board targets! Oh-jeez

Again welcome, sorry to hear you've had to join our little club but ever so thankful for the therapy and this wonderful site where I continually learn.

These new machines that record the data so we can see what's going on (30 years ago they didn't do this and it was all by guess and by golly) are truly nothing less than miraculous!

It takes time.

Best of success and good sleeping to you!

Warning: Eating chocolate may cause your clothes to shrink!
[Image: ry6XtE9.gif] <---- That's ME!
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Hi DavidGeorge,
WELCOME! to the forum.!
I encourage you to stick with your CPAP therapy. I know it can take some getting used to, but over time, it does get better, patience is required.
Two weeks isn't enough time, so just hang in there.
Much success to you as you continue on your CPAP journey.
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if you're sleeping better with it than without it, stick with it. Give it some time and give your body some time to readjust from decades of untreated sleep apnea.
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You have two weeks of use? You probably still have a lot of sleep debt to pay back. When I first started, about a dozen years ago, I remember that it took me about a month before I realized how much extra energy I had.
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Thank you everyone for your comments. Exactly the sort of information I was looking for. icyura10 suggested that I post screen shots, so here goes. (Actually I've printed them to PDF files ... hope that is OK).

Big Problem ... I cant include links to the documents until I've posted 3 more times. I'll be back

Regards David
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(08-31-2016, 05:26 AM)OpalRose Wrote: it took a good 6 to 8 months to start to "feel" better.

Thanks OpalRose ... that's very encouraging

Regards David

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Here are a couple links to help you with a screenshot and what information we need to see.


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