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Only CPAP'ing since May

Wasn't ever aware that I was congested, stuffed up, until I began this process.
Knew i was a mouth breather but never gave it any thought, never questioned it, never made any connection between the two.

Finally had to resort to that nose rinsing at nighttime in order to make it through the night without ripping off the mask, not having been able to breathe

Weather suddenly changed in Toronto a week ago and has gone from summer to feeling as if it is late October much quicker than usual.

Curious since so many here have been dealing with congestion for years, but my congestion has s suddenly gone away, completely!

When I had it, and was nasal rinsing, my right nostril I could get clear very easily but never the left.
It was even harder to get the water to go up and around and back out that particular side so I just assumed I must have a narrower passage there.

But now, since all of a sudden I am completely clear and on both sides, what does that mean?
Have i developed allergies during the summer months and wasn't ever aware of it?

Ive never been allergic to anything that I am aware of and the congestion I had, I can't say when it began for i never noticed but do know I have been a mouth breather all of my life, even in childhood..................I don't have any other symptoms of allergies that i have heard of.

All of a sudden, I don't need to even use that salt rinse---its great! Big Grin

IF NOT allergies, what else can cause such congestion to be so heavy and then clear up as soon as the summer goes away?
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09-18-2014 10:02 PM
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RE: Congestion
You can become allergic to something at any time, even after years of exposure.

But it could be that, since this is your first cool weather experience, that something is normally stirred up, awake, blooming, in the air, or whatever in the warmth but slowed down, dormant, not around in the cool. That could be just about anything. A mold, a mite, a flower, even a fan being turned off.

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09-19-2014 12:51 AM
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RE: Congestion
Its very possible you have Rhinitis, and may have had it for years from your symptoms. Ones nose can be obstructed deep in the nasal cavity and seems the movement of the forced air from your CPAP has cleared it somewhat.

I have been troubled by it for years and take an allergy medicine at night.
09-30-2014 02:56 PM
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RE: Congestion
I have seasonal allergies and this past Summer they were more bothersome than most times. However, now that the humidity is receding and the leaves are falling, my allergies seem to be letting up. My DIL who has asthma also has noticed a lessening of her problems now that Fall season is upon us. Glad you feel better.
10-01-2014 10:12 AM
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RE: Congestion
I suffer from allergies and stuffy nose and have had to go with a full face mask (Mirage Quattro) from day one to get any semblance of proper therapy. Since using the Quattro the only complaint that I have is dry mouth occasionally. I also upgraded to the S9 series and heated hose.. and if I notice that I am a bit stuffy when going to sleep I slap the humidifier in the line and get some warm moisture flowing with the air... completely rids me of the congestion all night. I also use the same if I should get a cold or sniffles and find that it keeps me from coughing with the FFM on. Worth a try. Just don't but your mask in Ontario. We pay $90 - $150 for a Quattro online versus the $350 plus tax they want from DME's in Ontario. What a rip.

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10-01-2014 05:58 PM
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