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Consistent waking up too early
Consistent waking up too early
For five years of CPAP therapy I would consistently get 8.5-9 hours a night on device, with 8-8.5 being actual sleep - I've lived my whole adult life absolutely needing an alarm to wake up on time or I would sleep a bit more.

Up one time to potty was not uncommon, but back to sleep quickly after.

This was on a dreamstation, which was changed out mid-dec 2021 for a resmed airsense 11 autoset

other than water issues due to the annoying keep blowing when you turn it off feature, I didn't feel like I had any hiccups switching machines.

Starting in March I began to wake up early. Sometimes very early. I haven't made it to the alarm more than twice in the past 5 months and I had a sleep rx those nights. GP dabbled with those after problem had been around two months, but nothing was consistent.

I am typically waking 60-90 minutes before alarm, and just don't fall asleep again.

I got a SD card recently so I could look at data. Some nights there is a tiny hash mark when I wake up, sometimes here is nothing at all. 

Please let me know if there are other views that would be helpful in determining if this is apnea/new cpap related.

This is last night:
Another night:
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RE: Consistent waking up too early
I'm sure the experts will chime in on this.   I'm interested in they're comments as well.  I've had the same situation.  I just wake up around 4:30AM after going to sleep around 11PM.  I don't feel too tired, but I don't feel fully rested.
I'm getting through a very stressful situation (divorce).  Are you going through unusual stresses?

Your numbers look great.  The leak rate is absolutely outstanding.

Low AHI and Flow limitations numbers are really good.  Your pressure is really moving around a bit, but unless that's waking you up, it all looks good.

I'm thinking, at least in my case, it's attributable to now getting a real full night's deep sleep...maybe wishful thinking.
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RE: Consistent waking up too early
I am a firm believer that, mostly, most often, your body and mind know when you have had enough sleep.  In earlier times, sleeping close to nine hours sounds close to excessive to me.  I routinely only get between 5.5 and 6.3 hours of honest-to-goodness real sleep. I have no narcoleptic tendencies, although to be honest, I have just had catheter ablation of the pulmonary veins and have gone four weeks with about 4 hrs of sleep.  I could call asleep, head keeling over, as soon as I closed my eyes over the past two weeks.  

You have taken a while on successful, or mostly successful, PAP therapy to get to a point where your body feels it can reduce its arousal and relaxation/recover intervals and you awaken when your body knows you are safe to start another problem-solving-while-conscious cycle.  If you get really sleepy mid-day, say reading near 1400 hrs, or if you go full doze as soon as you watch TV after supper, you are probably not getting enough sleep.  But that's not necessarily so, just a possibility.

Sometimes we're our own worst enemy.  We begin to imagine the worst and fret and dwell and ruminate about our potential ailments or disorders.  I had to overnight at the ICU two weeks ago, a week after my ablation, because my heart was racing and wouldn't stop.  My wife finally demanded that I remove my Samsung Galaxy 4 watch because I kept glance at it wondering what it was going to show me.  Often the BPM were in excess of 145 just lying there.  It was a smart decision, and I couldn't rationally argue that I needed to know what my watchface would tell me every two minutes.  So, I turned it off and she took it home.  Best thing that could have happened.  Well, that and turning off the alarm overhead on the monitor which showed every time I went back into atrial fibrillation.

Practice good night-time hygiene.  No computers or phone after about 2130, earlier if you're normally in bed by about 2200.  No snacking, so not full stomach.  If you can fall asleep within 10 minutes most nights, and don't lie awake in the wee hours for more than 30 minutes, you're probably getting what you need right now.
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RE: Consistent waking up too early
No I am not well rested. I am dragging especially on the 6-6.5 hours nights, very run down.

This is not about falling asleep at bed time, there's been no changes in going to bed routine.

I picked these two charts, because all other nights are very similar to these two on the charts. I'm just curious if anything in there would prompt the waking up.
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RE: Consistent waking up too early
What pressure settings were you using on the DreamStation?   And what kind of results were you getting?  

Respironic machines are a bit slower reacting to Apneas, whereas ResMed will be a little more aggressive.  I wonder if you could be sensitive to the more aggressive algorithm.

Your profile shows you are using the Auto (Standard) setting.  Try the (Soft) setting for a night or two.  It may or may not make a difference.  

Other than that, I don't see anything unusual that would cause you to wake up and the results are very good.
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