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Continuous (daytime) deep breathing/sighing
Any Apnea sufferers have this condition during the day (or had it?)? Symptoms I am having are needing to take a deep breath literally every 5 minutes in order to get that "satisfaction", but then it returns promptly. Sometimes I can't get that feeling, and keep breathing deep until I am lightheaded or my ribs hurt! But it always comes, eventually. This started out of the blue, and after all my doctor visits they put me on a CPAP saying I have severe apnea (and hypopneas). The jury's not quite out yet if my breathing issues are due to this, but did this happen to anyone on this forum?
I've heard it called air hunger. I get it a few times a day, usually when I am concentrating and forget to breathe often or deep enough. What you are describing is far more acute. I doubt this is directly related to your sleep apnea. It sound more like a pulmonary or neurological issue. I would go back to my doctor, or find a new one.
no where as often as you, but I have noticed that I do take deep breaths during the day. For me it just feels good to be able to breathe.

I wonder if you are not exhaling enough and retaining CO2 that is triggering the breathing. Sounds like your O2 is fine- the light headed feeling.

Just a thought, you might try a deep exhale before you inhale and see if that helps. From what I heard we only exchange 50% of the air in our lungs with normal breathing

If you have it "literally every 5 minutes" all day and it continues until your ribs hurt, you should see a doctor right away. That doesn't sound like it's apnea-related. I have similar symptoms once in a while that are probably due to involuntary wakeful hypopneas, and I need a deep breath or two to "catch up." I've had these episodes all my life, long before CPAP. Having them continuously is a different matter. Sometimes anxiety sufferers have this kind of symptom. Best to get it checked out.
Agree, get this checked out. See a Pulmonologist, preferably one who specializes in sleep apnea.
It could be anxiety, but better to get looked at.

Hi sw232562,
WELCOME! to the forum.!
Much success to you with your CPAP therapy and hang in there for more responses to your post.

Yes. I often labor to obtain a full and satisfying breath. I've experienced this sensation infrequently, since childhood. Over the past several months, it has become an increasingly frequent and troubling condition.

Cardio and pulmonary studies were done to determine the cause of steadily diminished strength and shortness of breath. The overnight o2 monitor led to a sleep study, which resulted in my present CPAP treatment.

The CPAP treatment has provided a substantial decrease in apnea episodes (75 AHI to a present 5 AHI), within my first month of use.

Regretfully, the weakness & shortness of breath grow steadily worse, while a stress test and other follow up studies have been dropped.

The inability to get a full and satisfying breath, is a somewhat frightening sensation.
It seems irresponsible for your medical team to drop the followup studies just because you started on CPAP. I would press them to continue investigations. My mother ignored similar symptoms (it is very hard to train good parents!) and just ended up in the ER.
It sounds a bit like asthma, too. Have you talked to those kinds of doctor? If the pulmunary people are satisfied, but you aren't, it may be due to something else. Here, at least, doctors can be so compartmentalized that I have to see a bunch of them.

Hi SW, to me it sounds like something which could be solved by improving your breathing technique. I suffered from the same symptoms a few years ago and a few simple techniques solved it for me. I went to see a breathing therapist but if you have no access to such a person you can google 'pursed lips breathing' as a starter. If you start doing these exercises make sure you pay attention to you posture; sit really upright while doing them. It will take a few weeks of daily effort (both the posture and the technique) but it will pay off. This method restores your natural breathing pattern and eventually will give you the feeling you can take a full deep breath again. Doing them twice a day for 10 mins will lead to results quickly.

Good luck, and if you have any questions about this feel free to ask.

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