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Cpap Illness?
RE: Cpap Illness?
Lots say lyme, lupus, gluten,  I'm thinking pollen and how do you avoid that one?
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RE: Cpap Illness?
those arent allergy symptoms unless your exagerating.
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RE: Cpap Illness?
(01-09-2019, 10:27 AM)linzlea Wrote: I have seen the doctors 6 times with no diagnosis.  Having allergy tests this week.  New cpap and filters, clean more often NOW.. Some use hydrogen peroxide to clean?

NO ticks or rodents.  Roommate got strep.  Looking at Sojren/Lupus/ immune disorders.

Hydrogen peroxide will work great on mask parts, humidifier chamber and the tube. Nothing you can do with the flow generator, although I have used Ozium Spray on a cotton ball and let the machine induct the fumes to clean severely contaminated units. Do not spray into the machine.

Coloradomom is getting at a potential for Lyme's and Hantavirus as potential issues. I was bitten by a deer tick I never noticed and spend a week in a hospital before being diagnosed with Lyme's Meningitis. The bacteria was found in my spinal fluid. This was after all kinds of tests, MRI, CT scans and every specialist from neurologists, to opthamologist. An infectious disease specialist finally diagnosed me after a few days in in quarentine. The problem can hide and be difficult to find. It's important to think back to the source and recall all the symptoms. All of this while your mind is unable to recall such details. Changed my life; hopefully not yours.
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RE: Cpap Illness?
A filthy cabin could harbour lots of bugs, c**k roaches, vermin, ticks and a few other nasties that are creating North through America from the south.
It may be that you have been bitten without noticing it, a tick can bite and spread Lyme Desease without you noticing. There are a lot of soil based things as well, so if you were in bare feet? Also some bugs in water can make you very ill and might not show up in blood tests.
If you used your machine in the cabin, did you use a humidifier, if so where did the water come from?
There are a lot of parasites that will not show up in blood tests. If they are looking for them they might find something, but it is just a chance they find them as it is not what they are looking for.
You may need to go to a specialist doctor if this persists, one that specialises in parasites rather than the normal blood born bugs.
Some of these little monsters are not that common and a normal doctor will not be looking for these.
Ask your doctor if they find nothing wrong to send you to one of these specialists.
Some of these parasites can make you very unwell indeed.
I am not a doctor so don't take my word for it. Some of these parasites can be so rare that a doctor may only have read or watched a film about them, but as most doctors may never see one of these cases, it is worth going to see a specialist, if they don't find it, go see another. I know it can be expensive, but if there is something wrong with you and they can't find it, it may be your only hope.
I would not rule out something living in your cpap or bugs in there if it was that dirty a cabin.
Only you and a specialist doctor will get to the bottom of it.
I am NOT a doctor.  I try to help, but do not take what I say as medical advice.

Every journey, however large or small starts with the first step.

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RE: Cpap Illness?
I had a friend who contacted hantavirus, Very nasty illness, even though you don't see rodents they could have left waste that carried the bug, there are some simular viruses that are rare but not unheard of
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RE: Cpap Illness?
Unless you were looking for signs of rodents the fact that you didn't notice them doesn't mean they weren't there. Rodents are sneaky critters that like dark hidden places and often carry disease. A mouse can fit thru a hole the size of your pinky, most old cabins have mice.
Ticks are also a possibility, even if you didn't notice a bite. If I were you I would investigate what type of tick born illnesses are found in the area you were vacationing in. As Sleep2Snore pointed out water is another consideration. I've been in many old cabins that draw their water from questionable sources (lakes, ponds, rivers, and ditches). If you used the water for anything; drinking, washing, filling your CPAP  machine, or even rinsing you tooth brush investigate where the cabins water came from. I suggest you contact the local health department from the area you were vacationing in, perhaps they can give your doctors guidance on things things should be looking for.

Finally to your question about limiting your exposure to pollen. Because you stated earlier that you replaced the CPAP machine you used in the cabin and that many of your symptoms are not consistent with allergies, I question that allergies are the cause of your issues. If the docs do find allergies are the culprit things we have done to help my son (sleep apnea, allergies, and asthma) may help you.
-dry everything every day (empty the humidifier and dry, and hang the hose)
-wipe the mask with unscented baby wipes daily
-clean mask, hose, and humidifier weekly with mild soap or vinegar
-change the CPAP filters often
-install a room HEPA filtration system

Also if you have allergies don't sleep in dusty old cabins. You can't beat sleeping under the stars, and if the weather doesn't cooperate a tent is always an optionWink
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