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Cpap of the future!
So let's have some fun...

5 years into the future...what do you think a brand new, top of the line cpap will look like?

My guess is with rapid improvement in lithium ion batteries and lower manufacturing costs...on board battery back ups for at least a few hours in case of power outrages, with premiere models capable of going a full night.

Also, wifi connectivity to control and monitor the machine with free apps. The z1 kind of already does this. No more need for sd cards, sleepy head or a pc...

What's your predictions?
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My hope would be that CPAP is on the dustbin of history, and all available machines have an automatic mode. It would also be nice if the consciousness of the sleep docs changed to recognize that APAP has more value than they currently seem to think it does, and that they are willing to at least glance at that data.

Algorithms for better recognition of false positive CA events, more prevalent RERA/UARS tech, maybe even motion detection or infrared cams integrated to tell what sleeping position you are in and when that changes. It could mute false events during a positional change, and maybe for the 1st 10 minutes when you fall asleep and for the last 2 minutes before you take the mask off, because you are not asleep then and it makes zero sense to flag sleep apnea events when you are not asleep.

Not predictions; wishes.
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Nintendo (yes the gaming company) is rumored to be working on a fairly sophistication bed side sensor to monitor quality of sleep. There are so out there now but their sensors are pretty primitive.

Cpaps could add a sensor like that to their machines to record better rera.

Don't hold your breath on apap. Sleep doctors see them as a direct threat to their livelihood. It's not that sleep docs don't provide value, but the stats show you are far better at tweaking is basic OSA by yourself. Every time my doc messes with my machine my events go up and I sleep worse. I've pretty much fired sleep docs for now as long as my Osa is under control, my spo2 is good, and my CA index is low.
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(07-11-2015, 07:54 PM)Cygnus Wrote: ...

Don't hold your breath on apap...

Was there a pun intended in there somewhere?

I agree with your points, and anyone whose livelihood is threatened circles the wagons and fights back, so while that is human nature, it is exactly counterproductive to what might be the best therapy, and hypocritical of those that have taken a Hippocratic Oath.

So in the rare case of a medical issue that is OSA, I agree that the patient has to take back control, and control the destiny of their own therapy.

That is quite ironic in that it would be exceptionally rare to think that was a good idea for most medical diagnoses and courses of treatment. I would not suggest anyone go to WedMD and learn how to take their own appendix out, for instance.

But this is a rare and different sort of issue, and we need these forums and each other (and APAP) to get the best therapy for ourselves. Knowledge is power.
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They cure it so no machine is required.

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I think we only need to look at history to see our future with CPAP. I started in 2008 with a M-series Auto. At that time, having a data capable machine was a big issue in the CPAP community. The cost of a brick and a data-capable machine were close, but DMEs would issue the brick to save a few bucks.

Sound familiar? Over the years, machines have had much better capability to record data on easier to use media like SD cards rather than SmartCards, but the machines are fundamentally the same. CPAP, APAP, BPAP, BPAP ASV and ST were the options then, and now. The manufacturers marketed and sold to DMEs and medical professionals, then and now.

In five years, machines will get some cosmetic improvements, but will continue to be sold through DMEs to insurance subscribers, at the lowest possible cost to achieve medical efficacy. NOTHING significant changes until this business model changes, and the majority of machines are sold directly to end-users with a prescription. Only then will market competition cause manufacturers to incorporate features and amenities wanted by end-users willing to pay for them.

One thing is for certain, there won't be an Airing disposable CPAP in the next five years.
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Blue tooth capability and battery backup power
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(07-11-2015, 06:46 PM)Cygnus Wrote: My guess is with rapid improvement in lithium ion batteries and lower manufacturing costs...on board battery back ups for at least a few hours in case of power outrages, with premiere models capable of going a full night.

Also, wifi connectivity to control and monitor the machine with free apps. The z1 kind of already does this. No more need for sd cards, sleepy head or a pc...

Battery - don't hold your breath. Battery technology isn't improving that rapidly. Even lithium batteries are 3 or 4 decades old and are only advancing slowly.

Also, batteries can't really have the same kind of advances you see in integrated circuits. Basic chemistry says that an atom of a particular metal can only produce a small fixed number of electrons as the battery discharges. X grams of metal Y is only going to be able to produce Z coulombs of current.

As for apps, etc., the medical mafia probably has too much control for this to improve a lot. If anything, expect it to get worse, like all the sheeple buying locked down smart phones and the way the manufacturers are locking down other computers.
Get the free SleepyHead software here.
Useful links.
Click here for information on the main alternative to CPAP.
If it's midnight and a DME tells you it's dark outside, go and check it yourself.
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of course there will be Bluetooth, there are many 20 somethings that have never had a computer. Apps, yes, but will the stock ones display more than a happy face?

position sensor can be in the hose, the sensor follows the mouth-back, left or right sides and angle

micro control of the air flow, have the motor do most of the work and then have a controlled diverter near the mouth piece to fine tune the pressure quickly.

Add patient temperature sensing, because you can Smile

ahh exhale CO2 sensor in the mouth piece.

hand held remote control: on/off, humidity, water tank level, happy face display-no more machine on the night stand

if any manufacturers use these, you owe me
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Here's my short list of stuff that could be improved - perhaps some of it could be done right now (thinking there is no profit motive to do so...)

1. Better hose. Find a material that is supple, fully bendable, more durable, lighter weight, won't kink and is SMOOTH.
2. Better hose connections - preferably quick disconnects. I hate the rubber friction fit things I currently have - horrible.
3. Smaller foot print machines that are just as durable and quiet as the best of the bunch now.
4. Make them visually more appealing; understated, elegant or pretty. I don't want a medical looking device in my bedroom. Maybe they could hire the iPhone design crew.
5. Cheaper. If they can sell a cell phone for $500, a kitchen aid mixer for $200 and laptop for $600 surely they can design and sell an Xpap for something in the same price range. The price gouging and profit margin on these machines is scandalous, and imo, fundamentally runs afoul of the hippocratic oath.
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