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DME oversite
Who can I file a formal complaint with about a DME with, is there a governing body that oversees a DME's operations?
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It really depends on the nature of your complaint. This document should give you an idea of the acceptable practices for DME providers under the Colorado Medical Assistance Program https://www.colorado.gov/pacific/sites/d...00_DME.pdf

In Colorado, the Secretary of State regulates DME through a Medical Services Division http://www.chapinc.org/blog/default.aspx?id=47. This is the procedure for filing a complaint https://www.sos.state.co.us/dme/pages/home.xhtml
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I don't know.
On another note, you should post an update on your previous thread. We are interested to see how your son is doing and we want to help if he is not doing well.
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Thank you so much Sleeprider, once again your incite is greatly appreciated!

I live in a small 2 pony town, both DME's in my town have horrible reputations. After talking to my friends in the medical field I picked the DME I was told was the lessor of 2 evils. 
Things started off bad, it took the DME over 7 weeks to get authorization for my son's CPAP  From there things have gone from bad to worse. My son started CPAP in November and although the DME promises again and again that the supplies are in the mail, so far I have received nothing. My insurance covers medical equipment 100% after our deductible has been met (which it has) but  I have had to resort to paying out of pocket and ordering CPAP supplies off Amazon. The lack of supplies has been irritating, but the main issues are the erroneous billing and complete lack of any type of assistance. I won't bore you with the details, I'm confident I will be able to resolve all the issues eventually.

I imagine the mother of a teenager is not a DME's typical client. A typical client is more likely someone who is elderly, on a fixed income, and in the midst of a health crisis. After my experience with the DME I am left with the feeling that their business model is primarily designed to exploit people when they are most vulnerable and that is deeply upsetting to me.
I have documented all my conversations with the DME and also have documentation that demonstrates they have engaged in fraudulent billing. I will file a complaint with the CO Secretary of State. Thanks once again for your help!
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I hate that suppliers have a bad wrap but they have earned it. There are good ones but the lot has been spoiled by the few.

I encourage you to stay the course with the channels you take to get discipline back to the DME. I hope the state level folks have a procedure that will handle your claims and they actually have measures in place to straighten out a crooked dealer.

I also would suggest you put your own pressure on them if you haven't already. I like to become a thorn in the paw of the uncooperative folks out there. Routine telephone calls. Random drop ins. I find that people are more cooperative eye to eye.

If it's a satellite office of a corporate venture then I would go up the ladder and pest those people too.
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Go get 'em, ColoradoMom!  They are ▒▒▒▒▒▒▒ messing with your son's health and well-being.  That is unconscionable!  (messing with your health and well-being would be offensive, but...)

Please keep us posted!
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