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Dapal's Therapy Thread.
RE: [split] Dapal's Therapy Thread.
Good job on the chart, Dapal. When you post the next one, be sure you are showing the whole time the machine was on and not just the period that shows up in a lighter color on the event graph. To zoom all the way out, you can just hit the down arrow on your keyboard repeatedly, or right-click your mouse repeatedly.

The settings I recommended involved a little less change at first than Bonjour and Sleeprider have recommended, but let me tell you that they are WAY more knowledgeable and experienced than I am, so please do as they suggest!

Also, the next time you post, it'd be good to answer Sleeprider's question about whether you have any heart or daytime breathing issues. I'll add one more related question: how tall are you and how much do you weigh? (If you don't mind sharing the information, that is.)
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RE: [split] Dapal's Therapy Thread.
Here it is last Night with your suggestions:

Again without sleeping pill, I was like practicing yoga in day time for the first 2 hour. I could heard my breath-in louder than last night when I still practiced the techniques from you tube link.
I took a pill forced me to sleep and wake up after 3 hours or so.
Before have this machine, I use sleeping pill for 3,4 days or so then without pill for 1,2 days.. Since having the machine, I used to give up during the night, had to take the pill after struggling . I haven't had any problems with heart or breathing during the day. I went to gym before , not much but could do swimming, walking ... Since We have to deal with Covif, I practice walk at home looking at the lady on you tube -;0. " walk walk, one the left, to the right ..."
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RE: [split] Dapal's Therapy Thread.
I thought I would follow your suggestion first but I just found out this morning I did the later -Wink.
I did update my profile per your thought. I could  insert the you tube link in my post now. I think this guy helped me, at least I found all nice people here in this forum.
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RE: [split] Dapal's Therapy Thread.
dapal, your revised settings with minimum pressure 7.0 and EPR at 3 has eliminated the RERA events and reduced your flow limitation from 95th percentile of 0.31 down to 0.04. Your events have moved from obstructive to some centrals, but AHI is about the same. In general the low level of central events should be less disruptive to your sleep than the obstructive events. I think you should continue with these settings for a couple days, and then we can look at EPR 2 and see if that works better. To me this looks like an improvement in comfort.
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RE: [split] Dapal's Therapy Thread.
Nice results! As you continue with these settings over the next few days, try to notice whether you feel you're sleeping better and feeling more rested -- or not. How you feel is an important variable.

Looking forward to learning how it goes.
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RE: [split] Dapal's Therapy Thread.
@sleeprider @Bonjour @Dormeo
Thanks all. I slept well last Saturday without a pill but forget to place my sd card in Machine. Bigwink.
Here was my chart of Sunday, had to take a pill though. Seems to me if I could not fall in sleep in the first 40 minute or so then I was struggled.

Here is my chart. 
I hope I am getting in right track. I forgot to tell that I'm wearing a chin strap , not a n officially one but bought @ Amazon.
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RE: [split] Dapal's Therapy Thread.
Dapal, I'm glad you had a good night on Saturday. While your AHI went up on Sunday, I'm inclined to discount the events in the final segment; I suspect you were in and out of sleep, with the CAs being what we sometimes call sleep-wake junk (SWJ). When we're awake, or partially awake, we naturally breathe less regularly than we do asleep, and it is common to pause in breathing. Ten seconds of pausing or more and you'll see a CA flag. You can notice the pauses during the day, e.g., when you're concentrating or exerting yourself.

Your flow limitations have essentially disappeared at this point, which is excellent. I think it's worth sticking with these settings longer, to see whether the CAs abate, but I would defer to Bonjour or Sleeprider, who may prefer to see you drop the EPR to 2.
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RE: [split] Dapal's Therapy Thread.
I did not sleep good at all. wake up at 3 Am hearing noise sound from my breath in and out. Had to take a pill again and sleep without the machine. Thanks for encourage me.
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RE: [split] Dapal's Therapy Thread.
You continue to do well with these settings, Dapal, but I'm sorry you had another rocky night.

I notice that at around the time you said you woke up, you had an increase in your leak rate. Do you think you were perhaps breathing through your mouth?

If leaks are below the Large Leak threshold, they aren't by themselves anything to worry about. But they are definitely something to address if they might be causing you to wake up.
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RE: [split] Dapal's Therapy Thread.
My sleep cycle for the last 6 month or so before I had the machine.
- sleep well with ambient ( actually under generic name Zolpidem 10 mg ) 4,5 days which 
I just broke the pill half, using twice. 
- then trying sleep without a pill till i could not sleep , usually after 1,2 days.

Without a pill I used to wake up after 3 hours. Well I did not know what had happened but I recall that I might be effect since we had Covid Pandemic. Doing some research I stopped practicing 4-7-8 breathing techniques which explained breath-in count to 4, hold breath count to 7, breath out to 8 by mouth  Laugh-a-lot.

I already bought a chin strap but it might be not working.  Abuse I woke up but still feel like dry mouth though. I also keep practicing breath in and out by nose only.

I will keep experience and note what was going on daily like what did I eat how many red wine I drink Oh-jeez.
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