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Dapal's Therapy Thread.
RE: Dapal's Therapy Thread.
Here is my latest charts with lower AHI
Without a pill feeling good
I was subscribed a new pill for trying. This pill as explained by my family doctor that might help cool down my nerve caused by foot injury long time ago. Here is last night chart with new  pill:
And here the zoom in where CA appeared around 5 AM

I hope experts would give me some suggestions for trying. I was denied by my supplier that my insurance won't be cover the Bilevel machine. If I wanted to try as suggesting by my doctor, had to pay out of my pocket.
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RE: Dapal's Therapy Thread.
Dapal, it's wonderful to hear that you're sleeping through the night without the Ambien! And it looks like central apneas are much less frequent, which probably reflects sounder sleep.

The zoomed in view of that one CA shows you had some flow limitation followed by an arousal, followed by shallower breathing and then the CA. Basically, the FL caused the arousal, and the arousal caused the CA. As long as this happens just occasionally, it's of no consequence. We all have some arousals during the night, where we wake up a little bit and then fall back asleep.

I would suggest that you now try increasing the EPR to 3. That might help a little with the FLs. Keep an eye out for increases in CAs; if that happens, drop the EPR back down to 2.

I'm not too surprised your insurance won't cover a bi-level. Once your AHI is under 5, they consider you successfully treated -- even if you're not sleeping well.
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RE: Dapal's Therapy Thread.
I will try your suggestion of epr 3. Last night sleep without pill ,seeing on left panel snore is 0 but on right showing snores graph. FLow limit was increased.also seeing RERA 0.19 thats not seen before

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RE: Dapal's Therapy Thread.
The "maximum" value is in many cases actually a 99% value, which appears to be true for Snores.

The RERA is nothing to worry about. An algorithm in the machine flags situations that appear to show Respiratory Effort Related Arousal -- meaning a little wake-up that was preceded by a bit of restriction in your airway.

I'll be interested to learn how things went with the EPR of 3.
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RE: Dapal's Therapy Thread.
I personally think your numbers are very good. Instead of worrying about numbers I would concentrate on how you feel.  If you are feeling well, then the little fluctuation in number does not matter...
Apnea (80-100%) 10 seconds, Hypopnea (50-80%) 10 seconds, Flow Limits (0-50%) not timed  Cervical Collar - Dealing w DME - Chart Organizing
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RE: Dapal's Therapy Thread.
Here it is with EPR 3. Thanks
How could I f12 of showing the details on left panel included all things instead I had to screen shot twice to show?
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RE: Dapal's Therapy Thread.
they want to see the statistics below the ahi banner. the settings & session info below might be nice to see but not important enough for 2 screenshots.
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RE: Dapal's Therapy Thread.
Dapal, the EPR of 3 did help with the flow limitations. You had a little flurry of centrals right before you stopped the machine the first time -- you were probably partly awake, and they are nothing to worry about.

Could you rearrange the graphs so we see just these in one screenshot:

Flow rate
Flow limitations

You can squash the graphs a little by grabbing the gray horizontal bar that separates them.

It'd be helpful if you could also say how you feel. It seems you are doing well without your Ambien, and sleeping for longer chunks of time. Are you feeling better during the day?
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RE: Dapal's Therapy Thread.
Had to set 100% ( wee set 150 % for bigger display) showing what we wanted to see from AHI to EPR setting on lrft panel. Here is the perfect chart. 
So my sleep cycle was 3 hour , wake up, arouse 2,3 hour or so..Hope someday I could sleep longer cycle. I am feeling just like before, not so tired but be able to do things I love to do .
Thanks all.
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RE: Dapal's Therapy Thread.
Dapal, I think you've got your settings right where they will work best for you. You're having a few centrals at the beginning and end of your sleep period, but you can just ignore those. Your flow limitations are down, and you're not seeing obstructive apneas or hypopneas.

I also am noticing that your breathing is deeper. (Your tidal volume and minute ventilation numbers are up and they now look good for someone of your height/weight.)

You seem to be having good results using the full face mask. And you are not using ambien any more, which is very good.

I know you're still not feeling rested enough. It could be that you just need to give this some more time. Your settings are finally right for you, you're off ambien, and you're working on your sleep habits. With a little luck, you'll find yourself sleeping in longer and more restful chunks.

How are you doing with sleep habits? (Same bedtime every night, no screens before bedtime, limited alcohol consumption, etc.)

I'm also wondering whether you are one of those people who tends to sleep in two periods during the night. Some historians think that this was a common pattern for our ancestors: "first sleep" and "second sleep." If you are, maybe part of what will help you is to put aside enough time so you can have a period of wakefulness (e.g., one hour) between two periods of sleep. Ideally, this period of wakefulness could be pleasant, a time for meditation, perhaps.

But what I really hope is that within a few weeks you will see more nights when you get in a good chunk of sleep and feel more rested during the day.
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