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Dapal's Therapy Thread.
RE: Dapal's Therapy Thread.
I uploaded the wrong one.
Here it is 2 result with perfect font size setting show every thing we wanted ( I am still learning -Wink )
The first 3 hour sleep show 0.48 AHI
The 2nd sleep cycle show 0 AHI that I don't understand.
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RE: Dapal's Therapy Thread.
Wow, those are nice-looking data! The 0.0 is for the first sleep (from 9:30 to 12:30), and the other chart shows the whole night.

Did you sleep most of the time during each of those two segments?
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RE: Dapal's Therapy Thread.
Good news dapal!

Keep it up!
Compliant for over 30 years

I'm just a cpap user like you. I don't give medical advice. I hope to learn from you, and share my experiences with you. 
Seek the advice of a physician before seeking treatment for medical conditions including sleep apnea. Sleep-well

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RE: Dapal's Therapy Thread.
(09-28-2020, 05:14 PM)Dormeo Wrote: Wow, those are nice-looking data!  The 0.0 is for the first sleep (from 9:30 to 12:30), and the other chart shows the whole night.

Did you sleep most of the time during each of those two segments?
I thought i would answer you the day after but I was tired: Yesterday I did not sleep most of the time once I woke up. That monday night is better, be able to sleep some but feeling well no pill.

Here is the tuesday night, start without ambien sleep from 11 pm till 1:30Am. look and feel good
 then... practice yoga  on bed not sleep at all. 
Had to use ambien after wake up to get some rest during the day. I took hall pill at 9 AM  Huh

Last night had to use new medicine Doctor subscribed. I was explained that this medicine would help cool my nerve: Gabapentin help me sleep about 3 hour ,i wake up but go back to sleep easy make it 8 hour sleep as label say.
@Sleeprider, Bonjour...
I hope experts in this forum could give some thought of what do you think? By the way I will keep doing take pill, then no pill next day or so ...
Thanks all.
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RE: Dapal's Therapy Thread.
Sounds like the gabapentin is working well for you. You'll be taking that pill every day, right? Just the ambien less regularly?

I'm so glad you got a good night's sleep last night. I think you should stick with your current settings, but I would always defer to Sleeprider and Bonjour.
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RE: Dapal's Therapy Thread.
I used that pill just twice and stopped, reading from Google that would bad for breathing.
Haven't used pills for 4 days ; Here is my latest charts
Could you or some one explain of mask leaking? I know that was the time i feel it sound leaked. I had to move up or down my full face mask Airfit F20 ( SMALL ) up or down back to sleep.
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RE: Dapal's Therapy Thread.
Therapy looks excellent and the leaks are not that bad. It looks like you might be moving and the mask gets displaced a bit, but other than the fact that is probably disruptive to your sleep, everything looks good.
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RE: Dapal's Therapy Thread.
Your leak rate is not bad at all. There is a line you can put on the leak chart to help you see how bad the leak rate is. I’ll not at a computer so I cannot give you the exact wiring but here goes. Put your mouse over the left part of the leak chart (where the word leak rate). Press the right mouse button, go down to the dotted line and choose max leak threshold (or something like that). I think it is the last option.

A lot of small events (flow limitations) disrupt sleep so we do want to keep them down and they increase with leaks

Now you should see the line. Everything below that line the machine SHOULD be able to take care of the event. That does not mean the leak does not matter but not real critical.
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RE: Dapal's Therapy Thread.
Wow, you slept almost 7 hours without a break and with no ambien -- that's terrific!

You might want to talk with your doctor about the gabapentin. My googling suggests that breathing problems are quite rare. Your doctor could talk with you about your own risk factors, if any, for impaired breathing with gabapentin.

Meanwhile, I hope you can continue to sleep without the ambien, and I really hope you can have even longer periods of sleep without periods of wakefulness.
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RE: Dapal's Therapy Thread.
Hello all.
I come back, have some thought of my therapy.
As you might know reading my sleep report that I have :
- AHI ~18/hour
- Oxygen level ( that I don't quite understand if my level is better than POTUS  Smile show ~70%

I had foot surgery in the past because of an accident. They put a piece of metal  ( made by plastic or metal i dun know sized 1 x 6 '' ) to save my foot. It's been more than 14 years and I am OK with that, sleeping with or without pill; but waking up a lots since last year. I discussed sleep problems with my doctor and was suggested seeing sleep experts. I finally get a ResMed Auto Sense Machine after go through a sleep study myself: Pick up machine, hook up by my self at home.. bring back.. : called it a virtually sleep study if you wanted. Now-a-day every things is virtually, isn't it?  I only comeback to discuss with a nurse last month and asked for a Bi level  replacement but my supplier refused, asking more notes from doctor. What can I do while my record taped by Sleep Doctor that I am making good process therapy. Enough long intro?  Rolleyes

I changed to Full Face Mask Airfit F20 S from Airfit N30i ( have different size S, SM, M ) that make my mouth dry. My sleep therapy pressure is 8.2/12 EPR 3 help me sleep with or without a pill .  I still woke up after the first 2-3 hours, fixing my full face mask out of its position every hour or so. 

I decided to change back to Nasal Mask last night using SM size, wearing 3'' soft collar as usual . 

Here is the result of first 1-2 hour with Nasal Mask, wake up because my mouth was dried like Sahara desert  Laugh-a-lot    

I changed back to Full Face Mask, sleep but wake up every hour or so to fix my mask leaking.

What surprise me is my flow limit showing 0 , and the machine is not smart enough to show Nasal Mask or Full Face Mask even though i change the setting after changing mask. What's an "old guy" like me to monkey around with new tech, computer stuffs lolll ). I am 65.

By look at AHI i swear  that the number is just showing you are Awake Hope Index lolll.

Oh well that was my story. Could some one give me advises of pressure setting, other things needed. I even order XyliMelts and used it last night after changing to Full Face mask. I tried lots of things suggested by reading this forum, didn't I? , not eat Smelt fish yet  Dielaughing

Thank you for reading this. Have nice day and hang in here. You will sleep well some day.
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