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Data on sd card question
detailed data is only kept for so many days. when you overwrite you lose the detailed data that is older than that amount of days (7 I think). go back and look at the first day you downloaded your info and see if you have detailed data in there then you will know what happened when you chose overwrite.

Can anyone else confirm this for me? I know there is a post somewhere on the forum about overwriting or discarding but I didn't have time to look for it.

EDIT: Info I found on this subject.

If you had a nap yesterday afternoon and you looked at your data after the nap, this is what you get -- only the nap data -- not a hint of last night's mask sessions:

Again, repeating, you can't just overwrite because all flow data for this patient except for the last 8 days on your ResScan database will be destroyed. That would suck. What's the workaround?

MY COMMENT: Delete the session and then download and select discard every time you download.
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It would seam to me that the overwrite is telling u that this info has been downloaded but doesn't know there is new info. Therefor rewrite to get the new info plus the old info that's on the card.
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I did that before answering with my previous post. The detail is still there for the beginning of the month.

No issue.

...and if you look at the message carefully when it asks about overwrite, it seems imply that only the partial session will be overwritten with the full (multiple) session information.

I am basing the above on what it DID, not on what someone told me or what I expected.

My guess is that skip is only to make the loading faster -- overwrite is to fill in missing data.

Once the detail isn't kept by the machine (after 7 days) likely it doesn't go back and remove it even if told to overwrite (actually it doesn't even ask about that probably.)
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well im running windows 8.1 and I didn't lock it so I lost everything ? how do I put the stuff I have on the pc and then put back all stuff I have on the software to the card not sure I understand the post #3

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(02-18-2014, 07:43 PM)kerm007 Wrote: well im running windows 8.1 and I didn't lock it so I lost everything ? how do I put the stuff I have on the pc and then put back all stuff I have on the software to the card not sure I understand the post #3

My apology, I cannot explain it any better than what I wrote in posts #3 and #15

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(02-18-2014, 07:43 PM)kerm007 Wrote: how do I put the stuff I have on the pc and then put back all stuff I have on the software to the card not sure I understand the post #3


Not sure if you can do that but if you can, I think it is complicated. I have seen posts about it somewhere on the forum but not sure where.

What zonk is saying is that you may have lost detailed data but when you put your sd card back in the machine, it is going to give you compliance data. in post #3 he was posting how long what type of data is stored.

does this help?
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I'll try...

Three types of data:
1) 365 days Compliance and therapy summary and statistic data
2) 30 days Detailed data
3) 7 days High resolution flow data

S9 Escape and S9 Escape Auto only support #1 above. The S9 AutoSet and S9 Elite support all three types of data.

#1 is stored internally on the machine, and on the SD card. If the SD card is reformatted, this data will be rewritten back to the SD Card. DMEs typically want this data as proof for insurance billing purposes.

#2 and #3 are only written to the SD card -- it is not stored internally on the machine at all. This is why if you intend to keep this data, you need to load it onto your PC at least every 7 days to retain all the "high resolution flow data". SleepHead only looks at #3 and is the source of the pretty graphs in that software package (and what members on this board like to study).

Primary care doctors and DME's likely only care about #1. Sleep doctors might look at the data for #2/#3 (if you pay them) -- but would probably have you come in to do a sleep-study where they get much more advanced data from their own machines.
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Not looked through the 3 pages of posts but if I repeat stuff, that's my excuse.

ResMed S9s keep everything on the card for 7 days. On day 8, some data from Day 1 is dumped and Day 8 takes it's place. What is lost on Day 8 is the Flow Rate, inspiration time, and expiration time. On Day 30, all data but compliance data is dumped from Day 1. This continues until Day 365 where Day 1 is dropped altogether.

When you load the data into ResScan on Day 8, you will see the numbers for Day 1 (AHI and a few other things) but you cannot see them in the detail data tab.

If you download the data for Day 1 - 7 then the next week download Day 8 - 14 and you choose Overwrite, I am fairly certain you lose the detailed data of Day 1-7 because that is all that is on the card. I am trying to test that theory but have run into some difficulties because I'm on the wrong 'puter.
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ok great If I want to inport from card to the software I should lock it then ?
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(02-19-2014, 09:30 PM)kerm007 Wrote: ok great If I want to inport from card to the software I should lock it then ?

Yes, lock the SD card before using it in your PC.
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