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Day 1-2 Great! Day 3-4 Not and Sleepyhead
OK, so I felt great after the first two nights. Didn't register with ResMed until the 2nd night. AHI went from 70 something to 12.

Night 3, I felt more restless during my sleep and less rested when I awoke. AHI 29.

Night 4, I felt better than day 3, and was pretty well awake at 7:00 a.m., unheard of for me. But then I looked at my AHI and it was 21. Am trying not to be disappointed because I imagine that it takes a while for numbers to get consistent and then they'll go down. Must remember that 21 and even 29 are roughly a 2/3 decrease.

Re: Sleepyhead. The reports look great, but when I unzip the file on my PC, I don't see anything that remotely resembles run.exe. Don't know what I'm doing wrong. But, I'm thinking that until things do stabilize somewhat, and the numbers start going down consistently, I'll just obsess over all that info, and make it worse. So, am considering holding off until I've got a little more adjusting under my belt.

Am I thinking correctly?

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(05-14-2015, 04:09 PM)cbrfoltz Wrote: Re: Sleepyhead. The reports look great, but when I unzip the file on my PC, I don't see anything that remotely resembles run.exe. Don't know what I'm doing wrong.

Assuming you are using windows...

There is no Run. You just extract it and run one of the EXE's in the folder you extracted.

More info: https://sleep.tnet.com/resources/sleepyh...erediditgo

[size=x-small]Current Settings PS 4.0 over 10.6-18.0 (cmH2O) BiLevel Auto
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I will try that, but I didn't see any exe's once I unzipped it.

But two things I am thinking. Night one, I wore the CPAP and watched TV for a while before I went to bed, possibly night 2 as well. Can't remember for certain on night 2.

The other is that if I get up at night to go to the bathroom, coming back in at 4 seems really low. My range is 4-11. I can figure out how to lower the ramp time, it's 45 minutes which I think is way too long. Would it be bad to bump that 4 up to a 5 for my start of ramping? After I went to the bathroom one time last night, it was so frustrating at 4 that I changed the ramp time to 5 minutes and I think I must have fallen asleep again right away.

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OK, I had done the right thing. I tried both of those and got an error message that some file was missing. So, I looked further in the post and came up with something that I needed to download from Microsoft. I clicked on the link and there were 3 options, so I downloaded all 3. Deleted the first download of Sleepyhead, and then downloaded it again. This time I got a message that I was missing a certain file. I looked in the list and it was there. I clicked on it, and nothing.
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Don't know what I did differently, except that I opened it another way, and it worked. So, now I'm on sleepyhead. Just have to see what happens tonight and am hoping my AHI goes lower.

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So, I don't know if you have gotten the clinician's manual available to you for free here, but when you find out how to change the ramp ----

Most suggest you start at or above 6 cmH2O and ramp for a minimal time (5 to 15 minutes is usually offered). [if you ramp at all]


ps. obviously I am ok with start pressure of 5 since my setting is 5-13. Smile
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Hi CB. Yes! You got Sleepyhead running. Now you can share with us what your actual event experience is. How many OA's vs CA's vs Hypops. That sort of thing.

It also sounds as if your machine may be set up with a fixed pressure of 11, and a ramp of 4 to 11. Definitely raise the starting ramp pressure some. My preferred setting for it is "off." But at least bring it up to 6 or 8. Your pressure likely needs adjusted upwards too. But I'd like to know what your actual apnea events are before suggesting that to you.

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If you right click on the sleepyhead .exe file you can create a shortcut and/or send to desktop so you have a desktop shortcut.

In my opinion, if you are at AHI of 20+, you need to shut off the ramp and bring the pressure up a bit. Slow with the pressure.
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When I unzip the sleepyhead files the one I run is called SleepyHead-OpenGL and it works fine for me.

I have been on my machine for about a month now and over the last three nights I feel I have actually slept better than the previous 3 1/2 weeks. Although when I look at my AHI it has gone from 12 to 18 to almost 20 last night. Not sure why and hopefully when I see my doctor again on the 29th she can give me some ideas. I totally shut ramp off on my machine because I feel my pressure is too low to begin with so I don't need a lower pressure to start with (my pressure range is 4-9).
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Well, I DID have sleepyhead up and going, and then when I went to put the SD card in the next day, I couldn't make it come up at all, and I couldn't find it anywhere. I'm thinking of just putting it on my Mac instead.

After the two frustrating nights, I had two better nights the last two nights. AHI of 14, and then 13 last night. Also, I did not get out of bed to go to the bathroom at all last night! That is a major victory. Only having my MyAir report, it said I removed my mask 2x which I did not. But, my mask didn't fit correctly last night, and I kept having to fiddle with it in the middle of the night.

Watched the video on mask fitting for my mask from ResMed, and got it fitting much better. It looks like my strategy of reading while I have the CPAP going before I go to sleep is working much better for me.

The one thing that I did notice when I saw my report was that the major out of whack breathing period of events lasted about 30-45 minutes and occurred after I'd been sleeping about an hour and a half. Then I woke up, took my mask off and went to the bathroom. After that I slept pretty well the rest of the night with AHI more in the 8-13 range. So, it wasn't happening while I was falling asleep. That's from my memory. Now I can't pull the machine back up.

I'm still pretty excited overall, and think I'm on the right track for establishing a pattern that I can follow for consistent sleeping habits and results!


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