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Daytime fatigue stories!
Alright, so after my sleep study a couple weeks ago I came in at an AHI of 107 and oxygen saturation as low as 59%.

A couple weeks ago I was in my bosses office have a face-to-face and fell asleep as he was talking. He said, "Am I boring you?"
That sucked.

Our control room is really dark where I work so I often stand to not fall asleep. I sometimes stand up and lean against a credenza in the room and fall asleep standing up. A co-worker recently took a 2 minute video of me passed out standing up.

Always have to be talking to someone while I drive or I'd crash.

So anyone else fall asleep during the day at the worst time before treatment?

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Can't say I have, but I can tell you that both my wife and daughter like me much better this way
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Welcome to the forum jessamnda!

Falling asleep like you do is dangerous and needs to be fixed!

Sounds like you will really benefit from xpap therapy! Your numbers are high. Good luck and keep us posted on your progress!
APNEABOARD - A great place to be if you're a hosehead!! Rolleyes

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Like you I've fallen asleep at work more than once, but always in those interminable after-lunch meetings my former boss liked to have. More worrying I used to struggle to stay awake while driving to the office. A couple of times I had to pull over and have a nap.

Luckily that's all behind me now.
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Wow, jessamnda, that's gotta be the best (worst?) story that will be told here. I regularly fall asleep while sitting at the table, during or after lunch, with my head propped up on my elbows. I am alone during the day, and it gets really quiet. I wake up with my arms and hands asleep and tingling. Fortunately, the worst consequence would be having my face splash down into my soup. I tried CPAP, but had to stop due to a problem with wheezing, and won't be starting up again until well after an upcoming surgery. I'm still so tired all the time.
"Perseverance, secret of all triumphs."
Victor Hugo
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Hi jessamnda,

welcome to the forum.

I have had times when I dozed during the day as well before CPAP therapy. World of difference after.

Now that you have been diagnosed, use the time before next appointment to study up a little on types of machines, types of masks, and how to talk to the Doctor, Insurance, and DME to get what you need.

Knowledge is power in this initial transition to ensure you get a machine that will provide the data you need to manage your therapy.

With a data capable machine you will have the info you need to get the most from your CPAP therapy. There are some really sharp people here who love interpreting the data and providing helpful feedback so you can make informed decisions on tweaks you will make in between doc appointments to keep improving.

Armed with a data capable machine, the next challenge for most people seems to be finding the optimum mask fit to nail pesky air leaks so you can get consistently restful sleep. It might take a few different ones before you settle on the right one.

You will get benefits of better sleep along the way, hopefully from day one if you are one of the lucky ones (I was). But you can anticipate a period of experimenting with step-wise refinements until you find the sweet spot where the right mask, the right fit, the right sleeping position, the right number of hours sleep, the right machine settings all come together.

So that's a preview of the way ahead. It's a lot of new stuff to digest but know that you have found a great place to get help.

Here are a few links to get you started.


Hope your followup appointment is already scheduled and that you are days not weeks from getting some real help.

You are going to feel a LOT better and before long one day you will be amazed to look back and realize how impaired you were. It's probably more than you know, but it sounds like your coworkers and your boss have given you some hints already.

Most of us have been there and I'm here to tell you to be encouraged that you are about to turn a corner and it gets better.

Ask lots of questions and take charge of your therapy. This is a generous community of helpful people who know the head fog you are fighting through every day.

Saldus Miegas
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(07-22-2016, 04:46 PM)jessamnda Wrote: Always have to be talking to someone while I drive or I'd crash.

So anyone else fall asleep during the day at the worst time before treatment?

You seriously need to STOP DRIVING... NOW.

This is the result of my accident, and I'm not a person who ever fell asleep in the daytime, or while driving (I'm a professional driver), or at any other time when I wasn't supposed to be sleeping.

Luckily my accident was at a very low speed, in a quiet back street, and nobody was killed or injured.... you may not be as lucky as I was.

I'm currently medically suspended from driving (automatic licence suspension for unexplained MVA here in Australia), my latest results of my CPAP compliance tests should see me fully reinstated next month with my professional driver status back in place... albeit with a conditional annual check for compliance to using a CPAP machine.

Don't risk killing yourself, or others, in a crash that could have been avoided.

[Image: 20160303_164310_zps6xdcaioy.jpg]
[Image: 20160303_164250_zpsadlvezpe.jpg]
The bus was a write off.
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I have had micro-sleeps when driving. When it was pointed out to me I was not happy. Before cpap I would pull off the roadway and sleep. I am even more careful now, with the cpap.

How many time did an Angel control my truck, way too many. Thank God for sending them.Thanks

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Sleepy whilst driving, OUCH, I remember how that was. I would fall asleep at the traffic lights, waiting for a change from red to green. That happened a couple of times and I saw my doc as soon as I could, and she packed me off to a sleep specialist for assessment. I've been in treatment now for almost 10 years, and have to have a semi regular check for compliance. I just get it done when I'm told to. I also have other medical issues (diabetes, COPD, oh joy!) and no longer work which is probably as well, since I needed to drive for my job. If I don't have a good sleep, I just don't get in the car. Easy. If I do, I still don't trust myself to be safe after lunch because I still need a nanna nap in the afternoon, which often turns into a full-on sleep. The thing is, if I don't lie down when I get tired, I am *gone*. Its not quite narcolepsy (though really, I should get checked for that) but very close to it. I go into what I call the zombie-zone, and once that happens... I'm done.
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I used to fall asleep in meetings, when getting haircut, anytime my attention was not strongly directed at some activity. Used to slap my own face hard while driving. Never got in an accident from it. Grace.
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Practising during the day can help you to keep it at night

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