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Defeated by doctor
RE: Defeated by doctor
Hang in there, even though your machine is not capable of providing detailed data you can still make small changes to your settings and watch what effect it has on how you feel and your AHI. I know that your AHI is considered good but I feel better when mine is lower. It will take time but can be done.

Best of luck,

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RE: Defeated by doctor
Does your sleep doctor also dispense the machine you have? I'm developing an not very favorable impression of him and just assume he's the type that would issues the less expensive option to increase his personal margin.

Honestly, I think the doctor (duck) is the problem. I work with my primary care physician to manage my sleep disordered breathing and find he is a lot more interested in ensuring my well being than most specialists. With an AHI of 2.6, I would try slowly increasing CPAP pressure to see if that number can be reduced and if that makes you feel better. It's pretty easy to change pressure, and you can always return to 8 cm.
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RE: Defeated by doctor
Thanks, Dave.  I will be looking for a doc of a different species, human and pleasant would be a start.
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RE: Defeated by doctor
Thanks, Sleeprider. I actually know how to change pressure (learned from someone on here).  I will be happy to try that.

This, um, doctor waved his hand when I asked about a machine during a previous visit. He said he doesn't want to be bothered with that.  I got the machine from a DME that didn't provide an SD card.  But the DME will send me bar charts when I ask. 

It's a ResMed Air Sense 10.  I ordered a different kind of mask online and paid for it because I got a headache thinking about dealing with the DME.
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RE: Defeated by doctor
Tess: Just to clarify: The SD card used in a CPAP machine is the same type used in cameras.
In fact, when my ResMed card started acting up; I just put in one from Amazon.

About the thyroid. Some blood panels just check Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH). TSH tells the thyroid to produce T3 and T4. TSH can be high normal; and T4 can be low. So, ask for T4 and/or T3.

The bad news is: Your machine is a "brick" -- it does not produce the type of detailed data that would be very useful. I quote from a post I made -- information I ripped off from member DeepBreathing:

(04-10-2016, 01:59 PM)justMongo Wrote: There are 4 versions of the ResMed AirSense 10. If you have the CPAP version, then you truly have a brick; and no detailed data can be extracted from it.
Here's a description of the 4 ResMed AirSense 10's that I stole from a post by DeepBreathing:
Airsense 10 CPAP - http://www.resmed.com/au/en/healthcare-p...-cpap.html The bottom of the range. Single fixed pressure which provides compliance, AHI and leak data reporting. I wouldn't recommend this machine as it puts some stringent limits on how you can manage your therapy.

Airsense 10 Elite - http://www.resmed.com/au/en/healthcare-p...elite.html Still a fixed pressure machine, but with full data reporting. This is important to troubleshoot and fine tune your therapy.

Airsense 10 Autoset - http://www.resmed.com/au/en/healthcare-p...toset.html This is almost as good as it gets for obstructive apnea treatment. You can set a maximum and minimum pressure and the machine will adjust itself within that range to optimise your treatment. Fully data capable.

Airsense 10 Autoset for Her http://www.resmed.com/au/en/healthcare-p...r-her.html In a fetching shade of lilac Smile This machine has additional algorithms designed to better suit the female physiology. It also has even better data reporting than the straight Autoset. There's no reason a male can't use this machine - just so long as you don't mind the girly appearance.

Apart from the "for Her" all these machines look exactly the same but the model name is printed under the Airsense 10 label at the bottom right corner of the machine body. The two Autoset machines can be used as either variable pressure or fixed pressure - even if you don't need variable pressure now you might in future. Being auto-titrating they also perform a mini-sleep test every night seeking for an optimum pressure range. This has the advantage of keeping the pressure no higher than needed, which can be a distinct comfort factor.

Admin Note:
JustMongo passed away in August 2017
Click HERE to read his Memorial Thread

~ Rest in Peace ~
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RE: Defeated by doctor
I started cpap 1 1/2 years ago and every month I feel better that the month before. Just last month I took another jump in feeling better. And, I didn't feel that bad at the beginning so I thought.
CPAP is a journey like “The Wizard of Oz”. It’s a long slow journey. You will face many problems and pick up many friends along the way. Just because you reach the poppies, it doesn’t mean you are in Kansas. 
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RE: Defeated by doctor
You've had 41+ days of treatment?

Your AHI is good, I don't know what it was before CPAP. Your body has years of sleep debt to pay back and you are still getting used to the treatment. Give it time. It took me a few months to get the energy I thought I would have.
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RE: Defeated by doctor
(08-07-2017, 06:03 PM)Tess Wrote: It does make me feel better, AlanE.  When I got home, I ate a pint of ice cream. Smile

Now I'm hungry... Dielaughing

Using FlashAir W-03 SD card in machine. Access through wifi with FlashPAP or Sleep Master utilities.

I wanted to learn Binary so I enrolled in Binary 101. I seemed to have missed the first four courses. Big Grinnie

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RE: Defeated by doctor
Tess - I'm sorry your doctor was not pleasant to you at your appointment. I can remember that I had a doctor like that too and he once told me that if I persisted in NOT losing weight as he prescribed, he didn't want to see me anymore. Needless to say I started looking for a new doctor.

Those of us who have had a long time without treatment for sleep apnea seem to take a while in paying back the sleep debt. It took me about 6 months before I could say "I slept pretty good last night." Don't give up, you can do it too.
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RE: Defeated by doctor
Tess, any chance that, with whatever insurance you have, you could get a better machine?  They last 5 years or so and you are still early in the process, it may be worth putting up with nagging your DME for a better (data capable) one.  What machine was required on your prescription?  You should have a copy of it.  If not, please get one.  You have a right to your medical records.  Tell him that, numbers aside, you don't feel better.  Now is the time.

I second the comments about it taking awhile; it's a process.  I've had days here and there where AHI is under 1 and have noticeably felt better.  With more data you'll know more, and the Forum will be able to review it.  

I'm on month seven and am just going to try a cervical collar.   Review your whole sleep environment - pillows, air, sleep positions, etc. 
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