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Devilbiss Intellipap2/Blue and Sleepyhead

Having been recently diagnosed with sleep apnoea (AHI of 72 on what I thought was a good night)and facing a long wait to get a machine on the NHS, took the plunge and bought a machine myself.

I bought a Devilbiss Intellipap2Blue machine and humidifier. it was a toss up between the Devilbiss and the Dreamstation but the Devilbiss was cheaper.....

However, as I'm not yet on the sleep clinic's list yet (1st appointment is in January) I'm having to sort out things like pressure ranges myself.

Unfortunately, I'm struggling to get sleepyhead to read the data from my machine. It just crashes.

Has anyone had any luck getting Sleepyhead to work with the new DV6x range of machines?

On the plus side I have been able to cook up so "homebrew" software to view some of the data and it appears the new DV6x machines record the last 50 hors of flow data at 25 samples a second as well as pressure and other data at 30 samples a minute. So I can see my breaths and the pressure throughout the night.

Where I struggle is decoding other info like events, leak rates etc.

If anyone has any insight into the data structure of the new machines it would be a huge help.
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G'day SleepyBee, welcome to Apnea Board.

I think you may be out of luck getting SleepyHead to read the data from your machine. This was discussed here: http://www.apneaboard.com/forums/Thread-...SleepyHead

It looks like you've been able to get waveform data with your homebrew software, so already ahead of the game.
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Hi SleepyBee,
WELCOME! to the forum.!
Good luck to you with your CPAp therapy, hang in there for more responses to your post.

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OK, so I have managed to extract flow and pressure info as well as various other data.

Some data appears to be event information, they are at irregular intervals and contain 2 timestamps sometimes the same timestamp (I assume for a point event like a pressure change) and some that refer to a start and end point.

Some data appear to be some sort of minute by minute summary of the session, the timestamps are at regular 1 minute intervals. I have identified the average pressure as well as the upper and lower pressure limits in the data.

Finally there appears to be a "session" file that has what I assume are things like AHI/CAI, leak percentage, usage time etc.

I am struggling with identifying what each bit of data means. Some are clearly flags as their value is always one of two (or sometimes 3) values. Some appear to be values for something. This is compounded by the fact the data might be represented as a single 8bit or as a 16bit or possibly even a 32bit value.

What I need is a bit of help.......Smile

First. Does anyone have the Smartlink 3.0 software for their DV6X machine. Obviously I can't have a copy (copyright etc etc) but I assume a screen grab of what the Smartlink software pulls from a data file would be "fair use". With that information and the data file it came from I have a chance to be able to "reverse lookup" the values in the files.

Secondly, If I can post some screen shots maybe those wiser in the ways of CPAP than I will be able to identify what some of the values and flags might be. At the moment I'm not sure how to interpret the flow and pressure data so I'm not sure what the event flags and minute data might be saying.

PS, can I post more than 200kb? My screen shots come out around 500k and shrinking them makes them harder to read

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SleepyBee, you need to link your images in from Imgur or another site, or you will always bump up on the size limits for forum attachments. You can post full-size images from another hosting site. http://www.apneaboard.com/wiki/index.php...pnea_Board

The image you posted is a flow waveform, and it appears to have breath by breath detail. This waveform was not available in the DV5X machines, and Sleepyhead noted "no waveform data". So the data of the DV6X is clearly upgraded significantly. This might be interesting to JediMark, the author of Sleepyhead https://www.facebook.com/groups/sleepyheadcpap/ .
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there's definitely loads of data from the DV6X machines.

the breath detail is at 25 samples a second in 16bit resolution.

the pressure data appears to be pressure setpoint at 30 samples a minute. with a dozen or so bytes of info as well.

I'm looking into what the licence issues for me releasing the viewer for others to use. if nothing else the flow and pressure data are useful.

If I can't decode the flags in the file I could look into implementing my own snore, AHI and CAI detection to give an indication of sleep quality.
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Any chance of sharing your code?

What language did you develop it in?

I am wanting to trial the DV6x as well, but have been using the ResMed S9 on trial, and REALLY REALLY like the SleepyHead software for a quick look at what happened during the night.

I now know why so many others say that they would not consider a machine that was not data capable with SleepyHead.
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Did you get to the top of the NHS list? What machine did they give you?
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Hey all,
I will post some screen screen shots tomorrow from Smartlink. It really shows alot of data.
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(02-22-2017, 09:05 PM)analog Wrote: Hey all,
I will post some screen screen shots tomorrow from Smartlink. It really shows alot of data.

Tomorrow never comes... May I be pushy and ask nicely for the screenshots? Big Grin

(some of us do not have machines compatible (yet) with SleepyHead. It would be great to get DV64 compatibility!)
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