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[Diagnosis] Am I reading this right?
Okay. Next question:

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AARG! Having trouble putting my images in, I lost the message!! Sorry. Hope you can still figure all out!

Okay. Next question:
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I don't know how you are reading that, so I have no idea if you are right. Grin

An AHI of 2.3 consisting of 2.0 of Central Apnea and 0.3 Hypopnea. The CA is not a concern at that level and early in the treatment.

Your leak level is excellent.
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It appears confusing at first glance. Let's define some terms.
AHI = the sum of AI + HI (Apnea Index + Hypopnea Index).
The AI can be broken down into two indices: the CAI and the OAI (Central Apnea Index and Obstructive Apnea Index.) The AI = the sum of CAI + OAI.

We see an AHI of 2.3; and an AI of 2.0 -- that means the HI is 2.3 - 2.0 = 0.3
The CAI is 2.0; ergo, the AI is composed of 100% central apneas (because the Obstructive Apnea Index is zero).
OAI = AI - CAI = 2.0 - 2.0 = 0

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Wow. I'm amazed at what great answers you guys can give... Without really even seeing the questions!! What you are saying is what I hypothesized, with my only remaining questions at this point being: Are all "indexes" actually averages of how many events you have per hour? Can I really be having 2 Central apneas PER HOUR?!

Then, are there changes that my therapist or I can make to my machine to adapt it to the nearly 7000 foot altitude where I'm living?? Possibly my high number of centrals can be reduced by a simple adjustment??

Thanks again!
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That is not a high number of centrals and may be affected by altitude. It is worth discussing with your therapist. Reducing your EPR setting might also help.

I had quite a few when I first started and they gradually went away. I would not feel concerned at this point. Also, how are you sleeping? Unlike in a sleep lab, the machine can't tell if you are actually asleep. So holding your breath while rolling over, adjusting the sheets, listening to the machine etc could get scored as a central or obstructive event, even though it is not.

Finally, AHI is a rather rough measure. Kind of like buying pants in feet instead of inches. It is a yardstick, nothing more.
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Thanks! What you say about activities -when not actually sleeping- possibly causing false positives/event scoring is interesting. I'm a very "light" sleeper and do all of these!!

My machine lets me choose "type" of EPR ( I'm on "Full Time") and then "level" ( I'm at 2) What do you suggest I might try changing to help against high altitude?
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Reducing the EPR from 2 to 1 may reduce the CA. It might also make it uncomfortable for you to exhale. This is not related to altitude, or not directly. Reducing this reduces CO2 washout which can be a cause of machine induced central apnea. If you are comfortable at 1, you might want to later experiment with it off.

I live at sea level and have no experience with altitude. I will direct you to these two threads

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