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[Diagnosis] Are there any APAP Machines that record SLEEP HOURS
There are numerous DIY projects available that allow you to monitor your brain waves and store them on your mobile device or PC. Combine one of these with a little (famous last words) software and it should not be hard to recognize sleep patterns. Combine all that with Sleepyhead and you would have what you want. I expect a Raspberry PI or an Aurdino would be sufficient to do the processing and you then wouldn't need to have a PC involved.

The biggest concern in this would be for safety, since it would be tempting to avoid batteries and plug in a power pack into a wall socket which is an almost absolute NO-NO because of the possibility of a short in the power supply running 120AC (in the US) through your brain, which would be unpleasant to put it mildly.

I will do some googling and get back if I find anyone that has already done all the heavy lifting to build it. Price should be around $100 for all the parts.
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I made a post earlier in this tread about having low confidence in the data. I was frustrated over what I know now is Sleep wake junk. I have used a sleep AP on my smart phone and a heart rate monitor on my wrist. Then compared the data form these devices to the flow rate data in sleepy head and I have identified the sleep pattern in the flow rate data that tells me when I am a sleep. The hard part is my smartphone AP only work s well if a wear a shirt with a pocket over my hard and sleep on my bake without rolling over. I still cant identify rem sleep, although I have period when my hear rate drop significantly in my sleep.

Once you learn how to factor out the sleep wake time from the actual sleep time. You will know your actual sleep time
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I find the breaths per minute graph helpful. I can see (on the graph) my breathing slowing down and when it levels off I was likely asleep. And when it later jumps around for awhile I was dreaming (if I wake up while it is jumping around I remember the dream). So looking at that graph seems to give me a pretty good indication of how my night went. I find it easier to interpret than the flow graph so far as when I am sleeping, dreaming, or awake.
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This is not an APAP machine to record sleep, but the ResMed S+ is supposed to be able to do it remotely, even down to classifying sleep stages. One does wonder if it is as good as suggested, why ResMed doesn't use the algorithms in their apnoea machines, where surely the breath cycle part of things would be more accurate that what could be achieved by an external device, though the external device can in addition measure movement.

Nevertheless I am just about to try one out and will report in a few weeks how it goes (As an Aussie, I also have to complete work-arounds to be able to download "App store USA only" software)

Some of the ResMed blurb FYI
"“The S+ measures movements using ultra low power radio waves (less than 1/10 of Bluetooth®) …........

A major component of the S+ system is our patent-protected SleepSensor that lets it monitor your sleep without actually touching you. No mattress strips. No wristbands. Just a nightstand monitor that can accurately record your breathing and movement. Proprietary software performs a variety of signal analysis tasks including respiration analysis and sleep quality measurement.

The S+ technology’s ability to accurately measure sleep patterns has been published in 10 scientific papers, and has been tested and proven against expert manually scored patient sleep data gathered in several accredited sleep laboratories.

Monitors the four stages of your sleep (sleep onset, light sleep, deep sleep and REM) and whenever your sleep is interrupted

Creates a personalized sleep chart comparing your sleep against an ideal night’s sleep for your age and gender”"
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Whoa, at $83 for prime members at Amazon this is hard to compete with if it works. I may have to get one just to test it. Their claims are pretty solid, I expect they are not going to damage their reputation if it doesn't work. I like their guarantee to increase sleep time in 30 days or money back. hmmm. Now to get that data out of the iPhone and into a data file.

I can't post a link yet (too noob) but just go to ResMed, or google or Amazon and search for ResMed S+

EDIT: Okay, I couldn't pass on this, the implication was the $50 off was a limited time so I bought one and will have it Tuesday and will see how it works and if there is anyway to get the time stamped data out of it! Worse case, copy it by hand into a spreadsheet daily...
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