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[Diagnosis] CPAP, Airsense 10 Elite 37028 autoset BRAND NEW by RESMED
CPAP, Airsense 10 Elite 37028 autoset BRAND NEW by RESMED
        Hi There People
I live in New Zealand and undertook a home sleep study as part of an employment scheme. Heard nothing for 3 months and suddenly was told i had severe sleep apnea AHI38 with cheyne stokes episodes. I have had 6 coronary bypass grafts and I am 67 yrs old. The Organisation involved wanted me to subscribe to their treatment plan at a cost of $110 per month. My doctor sent me to the public hospital and they prescribed me a new F&p sleepstyle machine set at 9.5. I had to go back every month for 3 months for checking but all they are concerned with is hourly use for what they call compliance. Because I used the machine every day they decided I was a good boy and now only have to come back every 12 months for the machine to be serviced and to check compliance. There is no other follow up. The F&P machine is new, Quiet but it gives no information. I have borrowed a Resmed machine that seems to provide a vast amount of data that the amazing people on this forum can use for diagnostic purposes. 
I dont think my treatment is optimised and wonder if I can prevail upon the experts among you to assist.
I will have to stop using the Resmed APAP machine that provides this data but I am hoping you can assist with advise for the settings for the F&P CPAP machine from the data from the Resmed.
Not very knowledgeable but keen.
I think I have arranged the screenshot as recommended
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RE: CPAP, Airsense 10 Elite 37028 autoset BRAND NEW by RESMED
Follow this link for information on how to organise your graphs we don’t need mask pressure it will give a bit more room for the others.


The most useful charts for diagnostic purposes are:

Event Flags
Flow Rate
Leak Rate
Flow Limit (Resmed Only. Respironics includes Flow Limitation in Events)
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RE: CPAP, Airsense 10 Elite 37028 autoset BRAND NEW by RESMED
G'day Tourdriver. Welcome to Apnea Board.

Jaswilliams has given you some advice on the way to format the chart - we need to see it pretty much as in the link he gave. You've given us too much stuff so it's hard to read.

Anyhow, $110 / month for how long? What does that actually buy you? And for how long are you committed? It might be a good deal, but it might be a dreadful one. I see the retail cost of a F&P Freestyle is NZ$1800 for the fixed pressure model and NZ$2100 for the auto. This is at Sleep Well Clinic. Eden Sleep have the Resmed Airsense 10 Autoset for NZ$1950. Eden Sleep also have a number of monthly payment plans (75 - 115 / month depending on the package). It pays to do your homework.

These prices are a fair bit higher than the same machines in Australia (eg Supplier #36) and quite a lot higher than the United States. Depending on a whole range of factors, you might be better staying with your current plan, purchasing a machine locally, or look at importing one from Australia or New Zealand.

As for the type of machine, the Resmed Airsense 10 Autoset is the most popular on this forum. Most people find it comfortable and effective and it's supported by OSCAR. The Freestyle is (I believe) made in NZ and is supposed to be a pretty good machine. But at this time we don't have OSCAR support for it. You really do need a machine which will give you proper data reporting in order to optimise your therapy. It sounds like the doctor's not terribly interested, so you need to manage this yourself.
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RE: CPAP, Airsense 10 Elite 37028 autoset BRAND NEW by RESMED
    Hi all
The $115 is for 3 years and I end up with a sleepstyle. My current one is fully funded at no cost and no ongoing costs.
Have attached last nights data from the Resmed.
Thanking you in anticipation
John Harvey
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RE: CPAP, Airsense 10 Elite 37028 autoset BRAND NEW by RESMED
That Sleepstyle comes with a pretty high $4,140 pricetag. Whichever currency this is under, this would be about as expensive as a replacement ASV. For me, this is a no sale.


Standard OSCAR Chart Order
Mask Primer
Dealing With A DME
Soft Cervical Collar Wiki
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RE: CPAP, Airsense 10 Elite 37028 autoset BRAND NEW by RESMED
So the retail price is NZ$1800 and the easy payment plan will end up costing you $4,140 if Dave's arithmetic is correct. You don't need to be Steven Hawking to do the maths on that. (And it relates also to those easy pay plans I mentioned in my earlier post).

Looking at the chart from the Resmed, you can already see it's doing a reasonable job and it hasn't been optimised yet. You can also see that it's spending a fair bit of time up around 13 cmH2O, so that is where your fixed pressure Sleepstyle would be set. Checking your first post, I see that it is set at 9.5 so to optimise the therapy you might want to bump the pressure up from 9.5 to about 13. Normally we say to set the minimum pressure to the median determined by the machine but in your case you can see your sleep is really in two phases - a mid-low pressure until 3:00am then a high pressure period. Likewise there is a transition at 4:20. This is either a change in sleep phase or a change in position (eg rolling onto your back). This is one reason that auto machines are so much better than fixed pressure for most patients - they adjust to your needs through the night.  The other thing I see is that you have persistent flow limitations which are probably impeding the efficiency of your breathing.

So what to do now? Obviously the $110/month deal is a bummer.

You currently have a fixed pressure machine at no cost, which is hard to better. However, it's not the best machine for you. I think the options I'd consider in your place would be along these lines:
  1. If cost was no object I'd buy a brand new Resmed Airsense 10 Autoset
  2. Alternatively look at importing a Resmed from Australia or the US. Be aware of all the potential pitfalls.
  3. Consider a second-hand Resmed, possibly from Supplier #2, or else on Gumtree.
  4. See if you can get your Freestyle upgraded to a Freestyle auto or (even better) a Resmed Autoset under your current scheme. Complain that you can't handle the sustained high pressure and an auto machine would be much more comfortable and improve your compliance.
  5. Stick with what you got, knowing that the treatment is approximately right.

If you go with the Resmed you can use Oscar for detailed monitoring and analysis. If you stick with F&P, get hold of their phone or web apps which will give you some basic data that could be used as a rough guide to adjust your settings.
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