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[Diagnosis] Got the bad news today.
RE: Got the bad news today.
Try wearing it while watching tv. That way you start getting used to it. There are great benifets to pap. My blood sugars went down , blood preasue wentdown too, and how muchbetter i feel. Have patiencel good will come. Good luck
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RE: Got the bad news today.
No. Here is bad news. Cousin was put into nursing home to prep her for surgery. Do to her sleep postion change. Ie bed pillows what ever she died of sleep apnea they weren't aware of. Point is knowing you have sleep apnea is good if you have the chance to treat it. What else can I say.
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RE: Got the bad news today.
I agree with others. This is GOOD news! You've had it all this time, so it's great that it has finally been discovered! That's how I've viewed it for myself.

I, too, was adamant that I would not be sleeping with a mask. But I felt SO amazingly stellar after my titrated sleep study, I wanted to keep feeling that way.

Dreamwear was my 1st mask. It was approachable and not scary to me. After several months I tried the P10, and love it even more than the Dreamwear.
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RE: Got the bad news today.
The night I did the sleep study was terrible. I had wires, cords, telemetry, and stuff all over the place. After they situated a full face mask, they actually expected me to sleep! I was soooo claustrophobic. I woke up one time before midnight and pressed the panic button. It took several minutes (which seemed like hours) for the tech to respond. By that time I was sitting on the edge of the bed still fitted with what seemed like a hundred pounds of gadgets. I wanted to claw the mask off my face.

After getting my machine home, it got better. I strapped on my face during the day in my recliner to get used to wearing it. After a few days it was OK. 

Now. I cannot sleep without the machine. I snore so bad my throat hurts after a few minutes!

My Apnea score was 84 the night of the test. Much better now, almost always well below 5.

Ahhhh, sleep....

It will get better.

Sleep is worth the effort.
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RE: Got the bad news today.

So far I have not managed to fall asleep at the beginning of the night in my last several attempts. The air is too warm and humid, even with the humidifier turned off.

I have managed to fall back to sleep after putting it on in the middle of the night...but I rarely stay asleep more than a few hours....
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RE: Got the bad news today.
Drop some ice cubes into the humidifier dish.
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RE: Got the bad news today.
most of the time I run mine dry with the temperature turned as far down as possible and humidity to off. I used to put ice cubes into the chamber with the same settings.

Almost 3 years now and many nights a month I find myself reaching up to make sure the mask is on and the air is blowing out the vent holes.

I would not want to go back trying to sleep without it
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RE: Got the bad news today.
If you can get airflow through your nose, try a nasal pillow type mask.  I cannot use a full face mask because it keeps me in a constant state of almost freaking out.  I lay awake fighting panic with every bit of self control that I can muster. I totally gave up trying to wear a CPAP and it sat on a self unused for about 6 years.  

However I had a new sleep study done about a year ago,  and found that even though I am a mouth breather by day, I am able to use a nasal pillow type with good results.  I am currently using a Dreamwear with gel cushions and like it alot.  I have found out that if the Dreamwear mask is noisy, feels like it is leaking, or I can hear each breath I take, it is just not tweeked to the proper fit.  

If you absolutely require a full face mask, try a hybrid such as Amara View or the new Dreamwear full face mask.  Those styles cause much less feelings of being "confined" that the older type of full face masks.  

Most places that fit masks will let you try one for awhile and return it if doesn't work for you.  So, keep trying until you get one that works for you.  

I also replace my ancient CPAP with a new AutoPap, the ResMed AirSense 10 Autoset which I like  alot.   It would be a good one to choose.
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