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[Diagnosis] Hi, new here- Question Please
IMASURVIVOR: Just checking in now and will go look and read your PM ;-)


Still not fully set up. Once i am, I will be here more often but right now I am at the aggravating stage with trying to get the right gear and the annoying details once must attend to in order to get it all done.

So, I sent an email to the company about wanting to get away from the ESCAPE to the S9 Auto Set
Here is the reply that I received.

I am going to phone the doctor tomorrow and see if he can help me to get the S9 by providing another prescription if necessary, but if by reading this, something stands out to any of you that you feel might be of help to me when speaking to him, that i am not seeing, feel free to please point it out

"Hello Shelagh,
For S9 Auto-Set it should be special prescription from doctor (not CPAP ,it should be for APAP ).
S9 Escape has a Data Memory Card (SD card recording all data and you can upload any time).
http://www.resmed.com/us/service_and_sup...nc=dealers "

If I am unable to get a different machine, then I haven't any recourse as my health insurance pays for this one, than I will just have to still with the ESCAPE ;-(
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It appears that your DME is trying to feed you a line of ....! Contact your doctor and have him write the script for the S9 Autoset, that should eliminate the DME from second-guessing what you want. Chances are the DME has a lot of Escapes on hand that they are trying to unload.

In any event, do not except an Escape if the Autoset is what you want. You can always find another DME if necessary.

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The sleep lab told me that unless your pressure needs are high enough, usually Auto machines are not prescribed because they are more expensive. My pressure is 10 and when the respiration therapist visited with me he said the cut off is up to pressure 9 and I just made it in with an Auto machine. I sensed he was aware that was my preference even though I had never spoken with him. I did quiz the technician the night before extensively about the difference of the machines and my preference. I wanted to make it clear to them knowing that I was going to be seeing the therapist at 6 am the next morning and receiving a machine. I think it is why he told me what the limit was and that I had just made it getting the auto machine.

I have seen others on here write that the CPAP and APAP are under the same code number for insurance though. I think it was good I made my preference known and pushed on it. Especially if eventually they determine to put me on an auto setting, it saves a lot of aggravation jumping through the hoops to get it prescribed.
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(12-16-2013, 02:54 PM)ImaSurvivor Wrote: I have seen others on here write that the CPAP and APAP are under the same code number for insurance though.
CPAP machines from the bottom end to the top end with all the bells and whistles comes under the same insurance billing code E0601

If you happen to be in US and insured, your insurance pay the same amount for any machine comes under the billing code E0601, otherwise if not insured or happen to be in Australia (suppliers #2 and #10 ship to Australia) run here:

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Unfortunately I may not have any choice but to accept this one. The doctor was away for several weeks and I meant to call him today but got to busy and only have 30 days to exchange it, which falls on Tuesday.
Unless i can get him to do it on Monday i may be stuck......Not sure if i can just tell them I am going to return it and go somewhere else and prompt them into giving me what i want but i suspect since i have already used it I can't return it.

I am in Toronto, Canada, so not sure what the billing procedures are here.

Me50_ I am under the impression that this was a completely new machine.........but then again, I would not be surprised to find out differently but not sure where I would be checking to see if this is the case ( will re-read your post for a hint of this )

Ok so where do I check to see how many hours it has been used? ;-)
( thanks )
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(12-20-2013, 06:16 PM)ShelaghDB Wrote: I am in Toronto, Canada, so not sure what the billing procedures are here.

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Thank you very much ZONK.

The lot of you are all definitely very much on the ball it would appear Smile

In my case at present, I am on disability so 100% is being paid.

As stated, I have until the 24th which his Tuesday, Xmas eve so I will be trying to get ahold of the doctor now he's back on Monday, which doesn't leave me much time at all, in order that he then supply them with a updated prescription for this device, providing he is not a part owner of the place or some such thing.
( I have very little faith in all of them at the moment)

I was told by my dentist 2 months ago that I appeared to have the very early signs of Oral Mouth Cancer due to discolouration inside somewhere but was told not to worry, that it was so early in the game if so and luckily for me, they had a woman in their office who I could have a consultation with , which would only cost me $100 and we could take it from there.
I chose not to pay the $100 as i was immediately suspicious and have since had one Oral Surgeon and 3 Dentists that run a clinic in a major Toronto hospital here and not one could see any colour change ;-)

And the Respirologist i went to pushed this particular place i went to so, who knows...if he's a part owner, or gets anything from sending patients their way, etc!

In any event, IF i am unable to get ahold of him or have him fax it through to this place before Tuesday closing, I was told I only had 30 days in which to exchange anything but as he was on holiday, it was a really bad bit of timing.

The point being IF given 30 days to exchange masks, etc, I doubt I have any option open to me other than an exchange.
I dont imagine i can return it to them and just say I am not happy and will be going to another clinic since I have already used a machine/mask/etc.
If i could I would do that but i imagine I am stuck with them..........

Different perhaps if I were paying 100% of the cost myself.............

Its great that i have had all of you to speak to for I really did feel that this was all a scam before........and this issue with the machine would have pushed me further into that line of thinking but with the husband not getting his machine........he is pretty well ready to pass all together on it convincing himself that it is and again its only from forcing him to read your comments here he's willing to give it a chance.
In his case though its not severe...........

Anyhow, I shall see what can be done but I doubt much if i can't get to the doctor in time to do this by Tuesday.....and if he's busy Monday before the holiday he may not be in any mood to bother chaining the prescription by fax to that office but time will tell first thing Monday morning..

Thanks again for ALL your help and hopefully soon I will be able to help someone else in return starting here on the forum for you have all helped me immensely with plenty of information!!!
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what did your original prescription say? I wouldn't try to call the doc on Monday. I would truck right on over to the office (I know how inconvenient that can be, especially just before Christmas and if the office isn't really close) and get the prescription in hand and take it to the DME. So often, people say their fax doesn't work or some other excuse. Just my 2 cents worth.
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(12-20-2013, 07:54 PM)me50 Wrote: what did your original prescription say? I wouldn't try to call the doc on Monday. I would truck right on over to the office (I know how inconvenient that can be, especially just before Christmas and if the office isn't really close) and get the prescription in hand and take it to the DME. So often, people say their fax doesn't work or some other excuse. Just my 2 cents worth.

Afraid off hand I haven't any idea what it originally said.

I know that the doctor wasn't going to push the prescription on me which i thought odd but since i insisted, he did.

Both the hubby and I had had a sleep test already but he wanted us to do a second one for we both slept on our backs all night and he said they were supposed to wake us up and turn us on our sides for a proper test so he did not feel that test was accurate.
But he also knew listening to me why my weight gain will most likely fall under the temporary category and had good reason to believe me so he wasn't sure that I would need this if I dropped the weight soon.
I told him that i wanted to try it because the dry mouth was causing problems for my teeth all of a sudden and although i was dealing with it through my dentist, I didn't want this to be an ongoing problem and felt that the machine might contribute to better dental health if it could help me to breathe through my nose instead.

Although he said mine was severe apnea and asked me if anyone in my family had had heart attacks, which they haven't, I just got the impression he wasn't convinced we either needed it or would use it but since i was adamant that i wanted to give it a go he said ok.

In my case he prescribed right away but he wanted me to use it for about 2 weeks and then have another sleep test but use the machine at the test to see how that worked, which in retrospect really doesn't make any sense to me so perhaps i got part of that wrong. I do know in the hubbys situation his was not severe at all so he didn't prescribe and just wants to wait until he does another sleep test to see if he really needs it.
I guess that was what he wanted with me, to see if with a better test result I would need it as well.

Beyond that i haven't a clue what it said.........

Yes, I think you might be right and I should march right on over there on Monday and be sure I get the right prescription IF as you guys say that there is THAT much of a difference in these machines that it really is worth my while doing so.
If all works out, perhaps I will FINALLY have it all set up by Tuesday.
Once I am, then we need to book another sleep study and do it again but I am just waiting until I have all the right equipment first......

This is the doctor I dealt with and so far i haven't seen anything about him thats been negative

Dr Arthur Vanek
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have the doc write on the prescription exactly what machine you want and to include dispense as written. Look at the prescription before you leave to make sure it is correct and that it includes all supplies.

About your sleep study. You can sleep on your side during the sleep study if you choose to but all of my sleep studies I was told they wanted me to sleep on my back to see what pressure I would need if I should sleep on my back. I don't know for sure that doing a sleep study just on the back is wrong. Hopefully others will be able to help you with that more. Let us know how Monday goes.
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