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[Diagnosis] Just Diagnosed, getting my CPAP next week
Looks like pressure induced CAs above 11 to me. Maybe a range of 8-11 might be worth trying?
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Zero CAs on my sleep study. They mostly coincide with the higher pressure. I'm gonna wait until I'm sleeping through the night with it before I adjust pressure settings.
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That may be a catch 22
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I put it up to 7-16 last night, and my DME therapist sent me an angry email the next day saying she was setting it back and not to do it again, and that a doctor's order was required. So I emailed my doctor, who sent a note to my DME and now I'm 8-16. Roundabout but whatever works.
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Pretty funny. I have no problem involving the doctor, but the idea that the DME therapist playing cop is a hoot.

I suspect the data you posted the other day will quickly improve. New users often have CA from distrupted sleep until they get accustomed to the therapy. Also, your starting pressure of 4.0 was not doing you any favors. Best of luck as you continue.
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Sleeprider is right, it takes some time to adjust to the therapy so patience is key. It's a feedback loop, make a change, look at data for a week and see what impact it had, then repeat the process. You'll get there with some time.

Curious is the doctor a sleep apnea doc or some other general practitioner or something?

I ask because my doc who is an internal medicine guy didn't know as much about OSA treatment as I did, and I ended up writing my own prescription which he rubber stamped that basically gave me free reign to do as I saw fit. I get the sense that non sleep docs generally don't know enough to effectively prescribe pressures, which is why they defer to sleep labs. But, if a pressure is not working, either one has to talk the doc into letting you adjust it (or have free reign as in my case), or defer you back to the sleep lab to get the pressures fixed.

I think it was a combination of things that convinced him to let me do my own thing, one was he realized I knew more than he did and the other he was tired of me repeatedly hounding him to get pressure issues resolved. The options were back to the sleep lab which does not provide the same quantity of data as you get night after night at home on a data capable machine, or back to the sleep lab for a new titration. I convinced him to let me do things my way, and glad he realized what was in my best interest. :-)

Knowledge is a weapon!
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She's a neurologist, specializing in sleep disorders.

My internist didn't even *consider* sleep apnea. I had to set up the specialist appointment myself. Yay for PPOs.
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So can you avoid the whole DME cop thing and work directly with your doc in getting your machine dialed in?
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Possibly. I can ask at my next appointment. I don't mind going through the doctor for now if it's always less than 24 hours to make a change.

Last night I didn't fall asleep until 2. The nasal pillows felt loose, so I tightened the headgear slightly. This made it too difficult to breathe through the mask and I would stop breathing as soon as I started to fall asleep. This happened several times and the machine picked these up as Hypopneas/Centrals. Once I realized it was too tight I loosened my straps and fell asleep quickly.

The good news is that even though I'm getting less sleep due to the adjustment, it's of much better quality, so I don't wake up feeling like I only slept 4 hours.
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Feeling better is definitely a big step in the right direction!
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