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[Diagnosis] My short story so far. (Multiple Questions)
RE: My short story so far. (Multiple Questions)
OK, so the pressure of 12 was probably the 90th percentile (ie it was at or below that pressure for 90 per cent of the night). I don't have any documentation for the S8, but you might want to check the manual to see if I'm correct. What happens in auto mode is that the machine will start at the minimum pressure. If it detects an apnea, hypopnea or precursor (such as snoring or flow restriction) it will bump the pressure up to prevent a further occurrence. After a while it reduces pressure in gradual stages back to the minimum.

As for feeling like a brand new man - for most people this is a gradual process. You've probably had apnea for a long time, and it will take a while to overcome the accumulated burden on your body. Don't expect instant results, but there will be a gradual improvement and you'll feel much better. Whether this takes weeks or months depends very much on the individual - there is no simple answer.
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RE: My short story so far. (Multiple Questions)
(01-30-2019, 03:12 AM)Smileyman Wrote: ...
How long before people feel like a "brand new man". I have only used it one night but cant say the tiredness is gone.

That will be very much an individual thing.  We all behave differently under PAP therapy, as successful as it may be.  Some report a never-ending brain fog once they see that their PAP is dialed-in and apparently right for them.  Some experience periodic daytime sleepiness, particularly in front of the TV (my hand is up...never used to happen to me until I started PAP). 

You may never feel 'vindicated', relieved, improved...whatever.  A few say it was like night and day.  I hope for the best for you.
Serial Tapist
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RE: My short story so far. (Multiple Questions)
About the "brand new man" question:

There are very many CPAP users who have no serious problems after the initial phase of getting used to the machine and the mask. In those cases, it's so much worth the effort and inconvenience that it's difficult to describe. The corny old cliché "a new lease on life" comes to mind. It is, in fact, rejuvenating: it gives you your energy back. I'm talking about the cases where it does work properly and everything is normal. There are zillions of happy pappers Out There. I'm one of 'em, and I can testify. Hallelujah! I'm saved. Maybe not born again, but certainly breathing properly again.

There is another subset of sleep-apnea sufferers who try CPAP but who can't adjust to it for physiological reasons, for instance aerophagia (swallowing air). In a lot of those cases, the problems can be corrected with machine adjustments and mask changes, based on the data.

There is a third subset of folks who try it but who can't adjust to it for psychological reasons: maybe claustrophobia, maybe fear of masks, or some anxiety that prevents sleep when using the machine & mask. I guess in some cases that's treatable by a psychiatrist; I don't know.

For anyone who doesn't know which of those three categories he or she is in, it's definitely worth a try! It takes a while, some number of weeks at least, and you shouldn't expect dramatic results right away. First you need to get the machine and mask set up correctly and tuned for your particular case. Then you need to get used to it as part of your nightly routine. Once you are into that phase of being accustomed to it, you need to settle down and wait, while using the machine during every sleeping hour. Just a few hours per night won't do it. It has to be used during 100% of sleeping time, with the correct machine settings for your case and a comfortable mask. Otherwise you'll get impatient, and you'll say "This is all a load of nonsense" and stop using it, and there goes your big chance at better sleep.

So the most important advice is: Don't give up too easily. Give it a lot of time to work its magic.
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