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[Diagnosis] New Member Sleep Study Results: AHI 102!
New Member Sleep Study Results: AHI 102!
Just got my home sleep study results today and I’m a bit stunned. AHI of 102…

I’m in my 30s and have lived most of my life tired. I’m tired almost every single day. 

I’ve always snored; however, my snoring has gotten so bad over the past 5+ years that I sleep separate from my wife in the guest room. She says she’s willing to deal with it or wear ear plugs, but I’m self conscious and seem to wake up even more frequently or stay awake between events longer trying not to bother her. 

I’ve put off doing a sleep study for one dumb reason or another: too busy, what if it turns out normal and I just can’t ever sleep well, etc. Well, it’s been affecting my life drastically over the past several years and enough was enough. 

I’m glad to finally have some data to back up how I feel, but damn! Is 102 really as bad as it sounds?

MY Dr said he put in an expedited request, however, the receptionist he told who was putting in the prescription/order replied; “Ok…I’ll tryyyyy”; which doesn’t leave me very optimistic. He also mentioned that it could take up to a couple of months to get a CPAP due to supply chain yada yada yada. 

Ive got a lot to read, but I wanted to introduce myself. I’ve been on many forums and some are all about the, “search newb” replies, but this is my first medical-related forum, so maybe the atmosphere is more chill. I’ll try not to bother you guys anyway with searchable answers. I would appreciate any replies with explicit warnings, very important do-not-miss-type info and things like that while I get started researching what you have to offer. 

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RE: New Member Sleep Study Results: AHI 102!
@Gathermewool -- you've come to a good place. There are many helpful and knowledgeable people here who can assist you in using your cpap machine and optimizing your therapy.

I was diagnosed 7 years ago in a lab sleep study with an AHI of 44 -- not as high as your sleep study result, but severe nonetheless.  With the generous assistance of the experts on this forum I now sleep well and don't disturb my wife sleeping beside me.

Good luck!
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RE: New Member Sleep Study Results: AHI 102!
102....Wow. My AHI was 41.7...and my doc put in an 'expedited' request as well, but he cautioned that it could take a couple months...and he gave me info on how to bug the DME to not forget that I'm waiting for a needed device.

I also took the step of renting an identical unit with the script. I used HSA funds to cover the initial cost (about $275 including the first month's rent of $50). That way, I get my unit on Tuesday, and will just shell out $50/month until my DME unit arrives. I don't want to wait 2 months, risk a bad medical event or lose more sleep until then. I'll be downloading all my data, and just swap the SD card to the new unit. If you can afford it, I'd recommend renting util your insurance / DME unit arrives.
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RE: New Member Sleep Study Results: AHI 102!

Hang in there, your on the right track now. Spend some time reading about the preferred machine and the free software (Oscar).   And keep all questions in this one thread so people can look at your history when you start posting charts.
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RE: New Member Sleep Study Results: AHI 102!
Thanks for the quick replies and welcome!

I’m getting a little heated, because I specifically asked doc if I could in any way get my hands on a device sooner, even if at greater expense or maybe if I could be reimbursed. He obviously said no, that I had to wait for the script to be filled.The front desk lady said not to bug the company L&P until after a month without word. 

How would I go about renting a device? 

Dummy me, I also forgot to ask for the data they had from the sleep study. I’ll ask for that and an actual copy of the Rx if that’s not too much to ask.
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RE: New Member Sleep Study Results: AHI 102!
It depends on the legal requirements, not least of which would be insurances and liability, but I understand that many jurisdictions require a prescription in order for the 'sufferer' to have a device to use.  It could be that, if you show a Durable Medical Equipment (DME) supplier/retailer your prescription, they might spot you a suitable device for the interim if you agree to purchase from them.  Personally, with that AHI of yours, it's as good as gold.  Too-funny  But, if you can find out who locally sells/rents PAP devices, you might get a sympathetic response, especially if you can pay.
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RE: New Member Sleep Study Results: AHI 102!
I may not be rich, but my HSA is maxed out every single year. At least for the near term Ive got plenty of money for things like this stashed away.
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RE: New Member Sleep Study Results: AHI 102!
Also, my questions regarding which company I might buy from weren’t really answered by the doc. He said he’d submit my Rx and I’d receive a call. Is it prudent to call around myself with Rx in hand or let things play out?
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RE: New Member Sleep Study Results: AHI 102!
You need a copy of your test results and your prescription for your own records, and it is your right, under the HIPPA regulations, to get those documents, perhaps with a modest cost.

Once you have your copy, you can go anywhere you want to go.
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RE: New Member Sleep Study Results: AHI 102!
Are you on Medicare?
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