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[Diagnosis] Newly Diagnosed Yesterday (still sinking in)

I did an overnight sleep study in 2004. My apnea was so bad that although I woke up often as part of the study I still felt more rested than I had in a long time. I received my first machine and embraced CPAP therapy. I was able to adapt within a few nights. Lack of proper sleep was far worse than the mask or machine. Both have come a long way. There are plenty of choices for machines and masks. I personally use nasal pillows as they are the most comfortable for me. Heated humidification is a must for me. I get dried out without it. Hang in there, the benefits are worth the effort to adapt to it. Sleep-well
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Welcome...I was recently diagnosed also, and was horribly depressed and had very high anxiety at the thought of having apnea and also using the machine...but i've been using it faithfully for over 2 weeks now and even if i wake up, feel anxious, have a mask leak, or any other scenario...ANY sleep I get on the machine is WAY better than any sleep I got without! Try to look at it as a positive experience, and how lucky we are to be able to have the technology to be treated. Good luck to you!
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I was diagnosed and started on my machine about three weeks ago. I went for a titration study and woke up feeling the best I had in ages. My husband said I don't move when I sleep now. My headaches have dramatically subsided, my energy level is much better and I don't feel a brain fog now. I think it is a lto like anything in life - you can make up your mind to make it work. I can honestly say I do not notice mine at all now. I am fortunate to have a fantastic sleep center and DME that helped me find a combination that worked for me.
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I felt the same 15 days ago and I am still in late 30's! I just posted my experience of last 10+ days using Air Sense 10! It has changed my life - I didn't even knew what I was missing and was always blaming work stress. Putting CPAP sounds scary but it is not that bad. After the first day, I was so excited that I told my wife that I don't know how can I live without it. As many folks pointed out, It is better to know early to avoid all the bigger issues later on
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You're not going to be able to imagine this yet, but if you stick it out, and I'm confident that you will, there will come a point at which you really don't want to sleep without that machine. I look forward to that cool blast of filtered air every time I go to bed, no kidding. It actually puts me to sleep now. The funny thing is that I didn't get treatment for so many years exactly because I couldn't imagine sleeping with something strapped to my face. I laugh about this now. Good luck with your treatment, having a positive attitude about it will make it much easier.
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Welcome, Gregory!!

You're on the right path by asking questions and seeking information on your OSA. This forum has been an excellent resource and wealth of knowledge for me.

I resisted getting a sleep study at first; I was diagnosed at 35 but only stayed with therapy for 6 months. Very little support and lack of knowledge, I gave up on it at that time. Last year, at 39 years old, after being hospitalized for severe pneumonia and diagnosed with other health issues, I finally realized I needed to address my OSA in order to improve my health and daily life. Now a year later on therapy (along with some weight loss), I feel so much more refreshed, health issues have improved and I'm able to enjoy my life more.

Good luck to you and your journey!

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7 Nights of Usage over...

Slowly getting used to the mask - have made 2 little adjustments that helped (#1 I changed the EPR from 2 to 3 myself - that little change did make a HUGE difference) and #2 been wearing just the nasal mask itself an hour each afternoon while I work. 

Last night was the best night yet. Woke up just once or twice. Still takes a bit to go back to sleep as I have to find that "comfortable" position to get rested again.

BUT... WOW.. what a difference. For the 4th day in a row I am awake before 6 am. I mean AWAKE. I have been married for 11 years and my wife cannot believe I am up so early. Normally I wake up at this time and then go back to bed to stay for a couple more hours drifting in and out of sleep as still tired. Now, nope.. I am up. I never even realized I had this issue (OSA I Mean) but after just 7 nights I can tell a BIG difference.

Thanks to everyone for support. My 95% pressure is running at only about 6.8 and I am averaging only .1 to .5 AHI a night these last 3 nights now that more used to having it on and sleeping a little better. 

Have a wonderful week everyone! Just wanted to update on my progress (and excited about it)
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Welcome to the forum gregoryjames, you came to the right place. It would be difficult for me to add anything to the advice and information you have received so we'll leave it at that. As someone using CPAP for 16 years after being diagnosed at 67 I can say that an early diagnosis like yours would have had many advantages for me. Good luck with your treatment.

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That's a great update Greg! Glad you are starting to get more comfortable with the machine! It truly is a life changer.

I would echo what others have said - I am in my mid-30s, and in reasonably good shape, and was furious when I was diagnosed. Truth is, it changes your life, and I am thrilled to have been diagnosed while I am younger so I can avoid any major issues down the road.

Welcome to the board!
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Fantastic results. Sounds like you got the auto and self-titrated successfully.
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