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[Diagnosis] Nyquil effects on sleep study-Help
I recently had a sleep study and I was afraid I would not be able to sleep so I took Nyquil to help. My study revealed a total of 190 arousals with 71 obstructive apneas, 7 central and 2 mixed. Now I'm wondering if Nyquil affected my study? Does anyone know how this medication might have affected this study?
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That indicates very severe apnea. Even if the Nyquil affected your apnea, the diagnosis is correct because normal people don't react like that. If you search the site, you'll find alcohol has a negligible to slight affect on most of our apnea when we use the CPAPs. You clearly have OSA, and it doesn't affect the next step which is to either titrate your pressure or issue an Auto CPAP for self-titration.
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Medication can affect your sleep, and thus your sleep study - in particular medications that have a depressant or relaxing effect. Nyquil combines an antihistamine with some alcohol (the equivalent of about 1/4 of a shot) and pain reliever to help achieve this effect and allow you to sleep through your cold symptoms.

With that said, I don't believe that Nyquil would have relaxed you to the point of being solely responsible for your 71 OA's. It may have swayed the results slightly but not significantly. Now, if you had combined the Nyquil with lots of alcoholic beverages or other drugs, I would be more suspicious. But, it sounds to me like you have a positive diagnosis for sleep apnea.
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I agree with Sleeprider. Note also that Nyquil also contains antihistamines that such as Doxylamine or Diphenhydramine that are sedative.
If the study showed a large number of central apneas, then one might possibly say Nyquil was a factor. With such a large number of Obstructive Apneas (OA), you need to be on PAP.

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Or maybe we should ask, how much Nyquil? Rolleyes

My answer might be different if you polished off the bottle.
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(01-08-2016, 06:29 PM)Sleeprider Wrote: Or maybe we should ask, how much Nyquil? Rolleyes

My answer might be different if you polished off the bottle.

I only took one Nyquil, I don't drink or take any drugs. Thanks for your help.
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I only took one Nyquil, I don't drink or take any drugs. Thanks for your help.
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Just having a little fun with you Vanessa. So what's next? Any questions?
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I will sleep tonight for the first time with the device and I'm sure I will have questions. I guess I was hoping that maybe I didn't have sleep apnea.
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I think most of us go through a bit of denial once it hits home that we're going to be sleeping with a mask, but you might find that it's easier than you think. I was literally used to my device after a couple of nights and felt so much better during the day that I never looked back.

And when/if you encounter difficulty, you will learn how to make your therapy comfortable and troubleshoot problems on your own with the help of this board. Most of the folks here are a great help. Whatever you do, just don't give up on it!
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