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[Diagnosis] Sleep Study - Need your help!
Sleep Study - Need your help!
Hey! I'm new here and I am so excited that I found this forum and this community. I would like you to help me, I'd be very grateful.
 I have problems with sleep and anxiety as long as I can remember, I wake up multiple times during the night without reason, just to change my body position.
Sometimes I can't just feel asleep because of anxiety. My doctor told me that I might have sleep apnea because I am tired and exhausted all the time, he referred me to sleep study.
I did it yesterday, but I think I didn't sleep for longer than 2 hours! I couldn't feel asleep due to anxiety and it all was very uncomfortable as well.
In the morning the doctor came to see me, I told him instantly "doctor, I didn't sleep much that night" he laughed and said "I know", and added "But I have good news, I don't think that you have sleep apnea, you have some shallowings of breath (I don't know if that's a good word), your lowest saturation was 92, average 96. We talked for a while but he told me not to worry much.

To be honest, I don't know how long did I sleep for. I think that no longer than 2 hours, maybe less. Is it enough to diagnose sleep apnea? Can you have a look at the photos of my sleep study? please. How it looks? I don't know how to interpret it. What surprised me was that they didn't notice any snoring, but I snore very much at night. I did translate some words from this sleep study for you, I know how it looks, sorry.

Thank you all!

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RE: Sleep Study - Need your help!

I give you credit for translating.

Is there anyway to get a cleaner picture of the middle attachment. I think the arousals are there.

All the attachments seem to be cut off a bit. can you get more complete pictures. Especially the 3rd image.

Your study was for a few hours. You got some sleep and some rem sleep. The doctor can get some info from this

Where the first page is messy I think there at least one hypopnea of just over 10 second. Lots of arousals and some leg movement.

Did you take medication before the the study that could stay in the body

Others may know more about the cycles of sleep.

There are many sleep disorders. Obstructive sleep apnea (OA) is only one type of sleep apnea. You do not have that. Nor central apnea.

I do not know what you have, some kind of arousal disorder. The doctor can give you a better answer then me. Maybe Upper Airway Resistance Syndrome (UARS), do not know the exact parameters, which seem to be evolving and more recognized by doctors. The 92 % oxygen you mentioned, (but I could not find) the many arousals and low AHI. There was some leg movement how much did that increase arousals?

There seems to be less arousals on your right side, not sure if that was because of the sleep you were in.
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RE: Sleep Study - Need your help!
Thank you so much keepsmiling! I really appreciate that you replied to my topic.  I have two more photos they should be okay!  I'm wondering about my sleep study because I am sure I didn't sleep for longer than two hours, maybe less.. maybe 1,5 or 1 hour. I really couldn't sleep that night, racing thoughts, stress, uncomfortable position, a lot of cables..     .. and really sorry for my english, I am trying writing as understandable as I can.

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RE: Sleep Study - Need your help!
Your welcome,

Your English is better then my Polish.

The two night studies are not the same.

If you look at the graph in your first post. You will see

http://www.apneaboard.com/wiki/index.php/Definitions has them in Polish.

W - awake
R - REM sleep,

These are different stages of sleep. I remember seeing R last on graphs. REM is the deepest sleep

As long as you are not at W you are sleeping. Look up sleep stages. Each stage is important and need different times in it. That is all I know.
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RE: Sleep Study - Need your help!
So there is something wrong with these results? I got four pages of information from my doc, and nothing else.

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RE: Sleep Study - Need your help!
The sleep study seems alright, just a little hard to read from a picture of it.
Im not an expert on reading them but someone may come along who is more experienced.

Looks like you had one Hypopnea (shallowing) for the whole night. No other apnea related events were noted.
No snoring was indicated.
Lots of awakenings, some from leg movement.
SpO2 and HR looked normal.

Looks like you spent a good deal of time asleep, 546 minutes ( 9:06 ) in different sleep stages.
The whole test lasted roughly 10.5 hours.

You mentioned Anxiety, are you currently taking any medications for it?
Any problems with PLM or RLS? Are you taking medications for either?
Many medications can have a profound effect on your sleep.
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RE: Sleep Study - Need your help!
Hey Jeff! Thank you so much you replied  Rolleyes     To be honest, it's not possible that I slept for 9 hours, really, most of the night I was awake, watching my telephone because I couldn't sleep, was too stressed.. In the morning I was so tired a lot lot more than when I slept for 5 or 6 hours at home.    It's very surprising that I didn't snore at night because usually I snore a lot to the point I wake up hearing it, but the pillow in the hospital was much higher than one I usually sleep on.    One guy told me that I slept for 148 minutes, I don't know where he did read it.
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