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[Diagnosis] Sleep study for review
Sleep study for review

I just requested my sleep study from earlier this year (attached) and am just now looking into why I keep having these dramatic centralized sleep apnea conditions at the onset of falling asleep for about a week or two every 4 months or so. During these times my breathing feels weak even during the day. At night I feel like I'm fainting at the onset of falling asleep then it keeps me up with my mind running and scared to try going back to sleep. At the peak of these issues I may not sleep much for 1 or 2 nights because it gets so bad and happens all night where as the rest of the nights around this time only happens 3 or so times before I fall asleep without issue. During these 2-3 weeks I also have a hard time napping in my car at lunch because my breathing keeps stopping while I'm dozing off and I have to keep telling myself to take a breath which wakens me up more.

Are there any signs of centralized sleep apnea in my attached sleep study? 

The study says I have normal sleep apnea and mild sleep apnea when I sleep on my back. I didn't have the CSA issues the night of this study so I was feeling a little disappointed that they probably weren't going to see what I was going through. I am scheduled to see my Pulmonary doctor in a month to go over my test. My test seems pretty mild to me and I don't normally have sleeping issues except for a handful of weeks/times during the year when i might wake up gasping or feel like I'm fainting with these CSA episodes. I don't sleep on my back anymore so I haven't had any waking up gasping since the beginning of this year. I'm thinking with such mild sleep apnea that a cpap machine may not be worth my time and hassle. I will discuss further with my doctor. I need to figure out these CSA issues that seem to come and go through the year along with why I have chronic palpitations and why my oxygen level seems to be so low now.

I seem to be going through this CSA phase currently and also have worse agitating chronic palpitations all day more so than usual. I'm also having mild pains in my chest/heart during the day. I noticed my oximeter % is lower the last couple of nights while I'm trying to fall asleep. I normally stick around 95% which goes up to 97% but the last couple of nights I've been sticking around 94% which goes down to 93% and sometimes 92% but will also go up to 96% for a little and infrequently 97%. My pulse oximeter does not record. This is just what I see while wearing it at night when I go to bed before I fall asleep.

Other diagnoses:
Palpitations are PVC's (benign) 400 palpitations in 24 hrs (about every 3 minutes)
I also have RBBB - right bundle branch block - signaling to heart

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RE: Sleep study for review
I'm still very new to this, but I think even I can read that there are no apneas of any kind in this titration study. Not central, not obstructive. Not even any hypopneas. I don't know if the PAP prevented any OSAs or hypopneas. Doesn't mean you never have central apneas, but there are zero AFIK I can see in this study. And that pretty much exhausts what I know as a non-medical, new to PAP poster.

BTW, I'd say you should take down your attached PDF and redact the personal info from it, including patient and doctor names, contact info, addresses etc.
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RE: Sleep study for review
From the sleep study report, there appears to be no evidence of Central Sleep Apnea.

Since you experienced no Apneas or Hypopneas, but only RERA’s, you have an RDI reading of 1.7.

RDI: (Respiratory Disturbance Index) number of Apneas, Hypopneas and RERAs per hour of sleep.

RERA(Respiratory Effort Related Arousals)

Just my opinion, Cpap therapy may help with the RERA’s. If you have insurance coverage, then pursue getting started on this. If no insurance, there are other ways to purchase either a slightly used machine or an open box new machine. Check out Supplier #2.
Apnea Board Administrator

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Optimizing therapy

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RE: Sleep study for review
Hi Tim,
There are 2 different type of sleep studies. The first type will determine whether you have sleep apnea, and also tests for other SBDs(Sleep Disordered Breathing).
The second type is a Titration Study which determines the pressure required for a CPAP machine to control your sleep apnea.
The test you posted is a Titration Study. In this study it does mention the original study.
Neither of the studies indicate Central Sleep Apnea.
You have a mild case of OSA. AHI of 7, which is just above the cutoff AHI of 5.
The CPAP controls you mild apnea with a low pressure.
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